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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 9 [Completed]

Bro ugo’s sudden appearance doubled Sydney’s problems. Ugo narrated how he was kept in an uncompleted building. He woke up in the house one Mr adeola who told him he has been sleeping since three days. They found him in his uncompleted house. He was in another state.

It took time before he regained his memory. The man in question is a medical doctor. Mr adeola took very good care of him. In fact, his ordeal was blessing in disguise. Ugo has been jobless after graduating. He got a job in doctor adeola’s hospital. According to him, he has been looking for a GOD-FEARING LAB TECHNICIAN.

Ugo came home to expose Rufus. Rufus who was on the run was finally arrested and narrated how Sydney called him and told him what to do. He also narrated how Sydney sleeps with girls and extorts money from them before signing them in as choristers. Men pay heavily too. Some Elders share from the money. Deaconess maria has been sleeping with Sydney. In fact, Rufus opened plenty can of worms. He was in charge of counting offerings and tithe. He brings return for the elders that put him there. What an abomination in the house of God.

Pastor chigozie was blinded with material things. He left almost everything in the care of committee, elders, and so called church leaders. He knew the truth but could not implement it because of negligence to ministry duties. By the time his eyes were open, a lot had gone bad, the church of God has been messed up already.

Esther’s case was in court. Murder case. It was said she smashed the bottle on her head out of self defence. She showed the mark of the bite uchechi gave her. She was sentenced to 15years imprisonment. Because she was pregnant, hard labour wasn’t attached to it.

Sydney and Rufus were sentenced for10 years as well. The scandal was so much for pastor chigozie. He decided to sell off all he had and relocate to Ghana to start a new life there. His wife rufused.

NGOZI——–im not going anywhere with you o. How about our daughter? Who would check on her? I have to be very close. You can sell off everything not this house please until my grand child is born. Please.

Pastor chigozie went alone to Ghana and started all over again. He remembered the likes of bro martin, bro ugo, sister Lilian and her brothers. He spoke to them about joining him to start all over again.

They all agreed except bro ugo because of his job. They all lived with him and started the church in his sitting room. Pastor chigozie fasted and prayed for months for God’s mercy.

Esther gave birth to a baby boy.
God had mercy on pastor chigozie
His ministry started growing again.

This time, he won’t take chances
Sister Lilian heads the choir
Bro martins heads the youth
Chukwudi heads the prayer warrior team.
Henry heads the evangelical team.

These are fire brands.

Dearly beloved, GOd is not a man that we should toy with. He is a merciful God and also a consuming fire.




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