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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 8

The news of uchechi’s death spread like wild fire. Unknown to anyone, uchechi was pregnant for elder David.

Elder David’s has no child. Their marriage is 15years already. Uncle elder could no longer wait. They found out all these through her phone.

Uchechi’s family was threatening war.

Pastor chigozie, esther’s dad was in his house one afternoon when the police came.

PASTOR——welcome officers

Police—–thank you. Sir, is this the residence of one Esther Winifred chigozie?

PASTOR——yes. She’s my daughter.

POLICE——she is under arrest for the murder of one miss uchechi comfort ulo.

PASTOR——-Jesus. Uchechi, dead? Uchechi, dead. Ha!!!!! God. (With his hands on his head) I’m finished. (He called out his daughter) Esther! Esther!!

ESTHER——–(from her room) yes dad. (She came out to the sitting room and saw policemen.)

POLICE——Are you Esther Winifred chigozie?

ESTHER——–(to her dad) daddy please what is going on here?.

PASTOR——(crying) my friend answer the officers and stop asking questions.

ESTHER—– yes I am.

POLICE——-You are under arrest for the murder of one miss uchechi comfort ulo. You are to remain silent because what ever you say will be used against you in the court of law. (She was handcuffed)

ESTHER———Dad, please don’t let them take me please. Oh my God. Uchechi dead? I didn’t kill uchechi. Daddy please, daddy I’m sorry, please daddy.

People where busy recording and snapping. Pastor’s wife NGOZI drove in and saw the police vehicle and her daughter inside.
NGOZI——— what is going on here? Jesus!!!! Where are you taking my daughter to? What did she do? Somebody talk to me (crying)

Pastor came out when he heard his wife’s voice.

NGOZI———- Honey, honey what’s happening? Where are they taking our daughter to? What did she do? Honey please don’t let them take our daughter, don’t let them take our only child.

PASTOR——- Honey, there is nothing I can do. My hands are tied. Uchechi died yesterday.

NGOZI——–Jesus!!!!! So? Was she the one who killed her? Uchechi slipped and fell. Was that not what we were told? Pastor chigozie, don’t let them take my daughter o, my only child. Ah!!!!!! never.(she went lay down on the floor at the front of the police van) you will have to run me over o. You people should kill me first.

The police men took her up, she was struggling with the police. The eventually over powered her and the vehicle drove off. People were just videoing the whole incident.

NGOZI——- CHIM OOOOOOOO(crying) ah!!!!! Chigozie, you are a disappointment. You allowed them take our only child. Weakling, that’s what you are. Are you the only pastor? You could not cover up?
My daughter did not not kill anybody ooooooooo. Chigozie come outside oooo. If anything happens to my daughter, I will not forgive you.

The police made way to Sydney’s house. Sydney had packed his things. He was waiting for his partner in crime to bring the money they have been stealing from the choir so they can share.

Sydney saw the police and took to his heel. The policemen ran after him. He was about jumping into a bus when the policeman shot him on the leg. He too was arrested.

Angry mob matched to the church. Friends and families of uchechi gathered angry mob to go and burn down the church. There was chaos. The community leaders came out to stop them and plead with them not to take laws into their hands. They ended up breaking the windows.

Elder David was behind Esther’s arrest. She killed his unborn child and the mum. He was going to marry her. While the Church leaders were working on how to release Esther, elder David was destroying their efforts.

Weeks ran into months. It was discovered that Esther is pregnant.

Bro ugo resurfaced from nobody knows where.

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