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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 7

PASTOR—–Bro Sydney, Are you telling ~the truth? God is giving you this chance to bare it all and come to him again. He is a merciful God. He will wash you and make you his again. There is another opportunity for heaven’s mercy. Son, please search your heart, ARE YOU~ TELLING THE TRUTH?

SYDNEY———– of course daddy. I am telling the truth. We were at light house Christian centre for the praise night sir.

PASTOR——–(smiled) listen to me son, ~the same spirit that worked in the days of ANANIAS & SAPPHIRE still exists even in this present time. Please my son, search your heart, are you sure? Even as I speak to you now, I feel the~ presence of grace, forgiveness and divine mercy. God loves you. Are you telling the truth?

SYDNEY———-(Scared at this point. He thought of his position in church, people who look up to him, and so on) YES SIR, I’m sure.

PASTOR—— OK. It’s OK. You can go.

SYDNEY——– Thank you sir ( he was almost at the door when it struck his mind that pastor might go to his area to ask for the church, he came back) sir, I forgot to tell you that the church has moved from that place to their permanent site.

PASTOR———Oh really? and where is that?

SYDNEY——–I can’t remember sir. In fact that’s the reason for the praise night.

PASTOR ———— hmm, it’s OK. God be praised.

Sydney left the pastor’s house feeling like a hero.

SYDNEY—————OMG that was close. I need to call my baby girl. Jeeeez what was the name of that church I called again? Kai, oh God, what is this naaaaa? Name wet ah just call now? Light what again oooooooooooo. Hey!!! Light Christian centre YESSSSSSS

(Instead of light house Christian center. He started calling ESther. Meanwhile, Esther is with her dad and her dad was with her phone.

Esther told her dad that the name of the church is GRACE ASSEMBLY. SYDNEY’S call kept coming in. Pastor picked the call & placed the call on speaker out.

SYDNEY——-Hey baby, how you doing?

ESTHER——(sounding cold) I’m fine.

SYDNEY——You sure?


SYDNEY——- OK. See baby, I was at your place today, your old man called me. Are you aware?

ESTHER—– No I wasn’t.

SYDNEY——- OK. In case your old man ask the church we attended the praise night tell him LIGHT CHRISTIAN CENTRE. We will scale through together. Baby are you OK? Why so cold? Where are you? Or do you need me? Can we see tonight? I’ve missed your touch baby. Baby what naaaa, talk to me. Are you still angry with me about UCHECHI? Hello, hello, ( the call dropped)

Pastor broke into tears. Esther was crying on her knees.

At the hospital, the worse just happened. UCHECHI COULDN’T MAKE IT.


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