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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 6

Martins screamed in shock

MARTINS—Jesus!!!! Sydney, oh my God!!! You smashed his phone. Sydney, you smashed his phone.

SYDNEY——he provoked the lion in me. I will do worse if he doesn’t mind his business.

MARTINS—— Jesus!!! Eheeee!!!! I can’t believe this.

Ugo left without a word. He was heading to the pastor’s house, he was told he has gone to the office. Ugo met bro Rufus, a choir member.

RUFUS—– Bro ugo, good afternoon.

UGO—– good afternoon brother, how are you?

RUFUS—— I’m fine. Is everything OK?

UGO—– Yes bro, (smiling) everything is fine. I came to see daddy but he’s gone to the office.

BRO RUFUS—– but you look worried.

UGO——– I said I’m fine. Everything is fine.

BRO RUFUS——– but my spirit is telling me all is not well. What is the matter?

UGO——-your spirit is telling you all is not well, with you I guess?

BRO RUFUS——Excuse me?

UGO——-Excuse you? Because it is very obvious. I keep telling you all is well and you keep asking if it is well. What do you want to hear?

BRO RUFUS—- ~-(looked side ways) I can see you are very stubborn. I know how to deal with stubborn people like you. ( he took out a handkerchief and threw it at his face~ . Ugo threw ~the handkerchief away. He wanted to speak back at Rufus but was loosing consciousness. Rufus walked him to his car) idiot, you want to go and report to pastor~ and spoil business for us. Next time you learn to mind your businesspe(He zoomed off)

Meanwhile at the hospital, uchechi’s case is beginning to be critical. It will only take GOd’s grace for her to survive. Uchechi’s aunty whom she lived with was threatening fire and brime stone. Join us to read more of these from unlimited story platform fresh stories Kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room through ohene ish on+233544142683.
Martins could not reach ugo. He called the pastor to know if he was at the church, was told he wasn’t. A message came into martins phone. The message read thus…………….

“Pastor must not know about ~Sydney and Esther’s involvement in uchechi’s case. If you must tell, uchechi sloped and fell when she and Esther were arguing. If you can’t say this, you can’t say any other thing. U~ go the stubborn fly has followed the corpse to the grave”.

MARTINS ———This is bro Sydney. _Jesus!!! What’s this world turning into? How can a child of God be doing this? And what does he mean by ugo the stubborn fly? God what is going on? What has the chur_ ch turned into. Hmm, I know what to do. (He forwarded the message to pastor. Pastor got the message and called the number.


MARTINS——- Hello sir. Good evening sir.

PASTOR—-God bless you. Please I got a message from this number. Please can I know who you are and please explain what this message means.

MARTINS——–sir someone sent that message to me. My name is martins. I was at bro Sydney’s house on the day of the incident sir.

PASTOR—–HMMMMMM please tell me, what exactly happened?

Martins narrated all that happened to pastor. H e broke into tears.

PASTOR ——-(CRYING) Hmmm, I’m short of words. This is a big scandal. My own daughter? How then can GOd answer when we pray? How then will his presence be with us? When evil and abomination lurks around. (Takes a deep breath) thank you so much son for this. Don’t worry I will tackle this with wisdom. You are safe . thanks and God bless.

That evening, pastor collected Esther’s phone and asked her to remain in her room till further notice. That same evening, he called bro Sydney to see him at home at once. Sydney came 30mins later.

PASTOR—–Sydney how are you?

SYDNEY—– Daddy I’M fine sir.

PASTOR—-Good. Please sit. I will like to know the name of the church you all attended the praise night.

Sydney was just moping like fish head

It is dangerous to cover sin with sin.

SYDNEY developed emergency tongue tie.


PASTOR——-Light house Christian centre? Hmmm. Where is it located please?

SYDNEY——In my area sir.

PASTOR——-In your area? Hmmm, I see. Bro Sydney, please what’s your position in church again?

SYDNEY—– I’m the music director sir.

PASTOR——Alright. Are you also aware of where you are? You are before your pastor and also God’s presence?

SYDNEY—–(With a very nasty confidence) yes sir. I’m very much aware.

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