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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 5


NURSE——what happened? (Saw the cut) Ha!!! this cut is deep o (as she was about starting treatment, uchechi lost consciousness) oh my God!!!!

( the nurse tries reviving her. She needed to set lines that night. She had to call her husband to bring some drugs, injection and infusion. She was on setting the lines when uchechi started convulsing . it wasn’t an easy task getting her to be stable. Ugo and martins were praying, Sydney and Esther were busy crying. The nurse left that house by 3:30am. Sydney paid 20k. The money wasn’t even his. It was choir money in his care. When she left, martins and ugo faxed Esther and Sydney.)

MARTINS——Esther, what were you and uchechi doing here? In fact I can’t just understand what is really happening.

UGO——–my own question is, how did uchechi sustain this injury? Esther please start talking because I am angry and confused.

ESTHER——(crying) we were fighting, uchechi started biting me. bite was so painful out of self defence I broke a bottle on her head.

MARTINS——–Jesus!!!!! You mean all these happened in this house? Bro Sydney shame on you.

UGO——-blood of Jesus!!! Is it invisible bottle? Because I am not seeing any sign of broken bottle any where here o

ESTHER———(still crying) I hide it under the bed.

UGO——–(looked under the bed and brought out a broken 501 bottle.) Ha!!!!! dry gin? Sydney, you take dry gin? Ha! Wonders! Choir master!!!!!

MARTINS——-JESUS!!! Sydney, is this the kind of life you live? Esther, I am total disappointed in you. Children’s department teacher? Choir member?
see how you have been offering strange fire to our God.

SYDNEY———–brothers ( crying) i am so sorry, uchechi lured me into trying to …… as for Esther, I intend marrying her.

UGO——-JESUS!!!!! ARGH GOD!!!! lure you into what exactly? She also lured you to give her your house address? And also lured you to sleep in your house? And you intend ~marrying Esther, ordinary intend, she already passing the night in your house? You now eat the food undon~ e? Are we not suppose to be Christians? Are we not supposed to be workers? Choristers for that matter? Argh GOd!!!!!


In the morning at about 5am, uchechi was rushed to the hospital. She was still bleeding. Sydney called bro ugo and bro martins.

SYDNEY——–guys, I know the bible says all liars shall have their part in lake of fire and brimstone but some situations need a lie to save it. Even Abraham lied in the bible to save his life.

UGO——-I don’t understand please.

SYDNEY——–Ok I know this case must get to daddy ( pastor) soon. I need you guys to cover for esther. When daddy calls us, please tell him we all went to the praise night and decided to crash at my place and we were sleeping when the fight broke out at my place between the the girls.

MARTINS——- SYDNEY are you ok? Which praise night? Please count me out. What!!!!! You are trying to cover sin with sin? Sydney please.

UGO—–Hmm, Sydney, I can see you ~~have refused to learn your ~lessons yourself that the more you hide, the more God fish them out? Don’t worry, I will help you. I will personally report t~ his situation to daddy myself.
MARTINS——Yes, supported. Look here Sydney, you do not qualify to be a worker at all . haba, can you be like this?. I support your decision bro ugo.

SYDNEY—– What? you will do no such such thing.

UGO—-Really? Watch me then.(ugo took out his phone to call, Sydney collected it and smashed it on the floor)

SYDNEY——Don’t dare me.




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