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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 4

Esther was shocked at what she saw.

ESTHER——–Sydney, who is that?

SYDNEY——–See, it’s not what you’re thinking. I can explain.

ESTHER——–You can explain what? So that one deserves to sleep on the bed while me, your supposed wife to be stays behind the cushion?

SYDNEY——–(whispers) put your voice down, you are shouting. They will hear you.

ESTHER——-Let them hear me for all I care. ( she rushed into the room and pulled uchechi by the leg)

UCHECHI——(with sleepy eyes) ooooooooh God! Who is dragging my leg.

ESTHER———you are very stupid. (Uchechi got up. Esther was shocked at what she saw) Jesus!!!!!! Uchechi, wait o, (she took a closer look) Uchechi, I can’t believe this.

UCHECHI——-Esther please stop shouting my name what is it? Why are you even disturbing my sleep?

ESTHER———you are very stupid. You are an idiot. Kai uchechi, I should have known. So ~after all you said about Sydney? So your discouraging advice was because you actually wanted him? You are a disgrace to friendship and woman~ hood.

UCHECHI———-Kikikikiki, and you? Pastor’s daughter, children’s department leader, choir member, who told one hell of a lie to her father. You lied with praise night because of a man? So you no dey chop non- tested hahahahahaa, shameless pretender.

ESTHER——–What? So you were here all the while? Sydney God will punish you.

(She rushed to uchechi and gave her a ~dirty slap. Come and see fight. Meanwhile,it’s 12 am already. Martins and ugo came into the sitting room. Sydney quickly closed the door~ to *his room. He was still on the wet boxer. The sitting was filled with urine smell. As the guys walked into the sitting room, light (NEPA) came. Sydney could n* o longer hide his wet boxer. Martins and ugo looked in amazement.

UGO——–Bro, what is this? What happened here?why is your boxer wet?

MARTINS—–And what is this urine smell? Did you pee on your body?

Sydney was about saying something when uchechi shouted from the room.

UCHECHI——–My head ooooo, somebody help o, my head ooooo, she has killed me ooooo. Coolval stories Pastor’s daughter ooooooooo.

Ugo————-who is that? Where is that coming from?( Sydney was just shivering) what is going on in this house?

MARTINS—–Bro Sydney, who is in that room?

SYDNEY—_–In my room? Nobody. It should be from the neighbours.

MARTINS——-Sydney stop this nonsense please. Like I can’t differentiate a distance voice from a very close one? Open that door.

SYDNEY——–Why? that’s my bed room . I deserve some privacy.

( uchechi kept shouting. Ugo made his way through and opened the door. Behold uchechi lying in the pool of her own her own blood)

UGO——-Jesus!!!!!uchechi, what are you doing here? Sydney what is going on? Who did this to you uchechi?

MARTINS——(Noticed someone’s ~leg behind the the curtain) someone is behind that curtain. Who’s there?( martains went ahead and opened the curtain) ESTHER!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!~ This is just too much for a night. Bro Sydney what is this?

Esther stepped out shivering. Ugo and martins were confused. Sydney was just perambulating. Uchechi was loosing so much blood. It’s 1am, where would they go to at that time of the night.

Sydney remembered a nurse in his street. He ran out on boxers to the woman’s house. It took so much plea to get the woman to follow him to his house. The woman knew him though.

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