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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 3

Bro martins and bro ugo entered the house.

— Nna nawa o. Bro martins remarked. What took you so long? Abi na sleep?

—–which sleep? See his eyes na, E resemble person wey dey sleep? bro ugo replied.

—-Una no tell me say una go crash for my house today na.

—Osi? (He said?) Crash for your house kwa? As in, I don’t understand (feeling his head with the back of his hand) are you OK? bro ugo asked.

——(Equally looking surprised) please check him well. bro martins replied.

– Wetin con be this one na?sydney anawered.
asked a simple question. Don’t I have the right to be told you will be sleeping over at my place? This over familiarity don they turn to insult

—(bro martins laughed)are you being serious? Today is Thursday for crying out loud.

—-Jeeez, today is Thursday? Oh my God, I completely forgot.


—but on a more serious note Syd,ugo continued, how can you forget an important programme. It’s not funny o.

SYDNEY WAS FEELING UNEASY. Bro martins noticed.

—Bro, are you ok? he asked.

—Who? Me? I’m alright . I’m fine.

( Sydney’s phone rang. It was esther, the pastor’s daughter calling from behind the *cushion. Sydney, was dropping. She sent S.M.S, Sydney did not read. Uchechi’s phone was in the sitting room where Sydney and his friends where. Her phone st* arted ringing.)

UGO——–Who geh phone wey dey ring?

—–(Sydney Jumped from where was sitting) A neighbour. She came to charge when there was light.

—She no know say NEPA don’t take light? martins asked.No be when we start vigil person go dey knock . we are not opening this door once vigil starts.

SYDNEY took uchechi’s phone and saw that elder David was calling. He sat on the floor and felt something wet. He was ~confused at first. He looked around nobody was with water, his roof can’t be dripping water, what is he even saying? Did it rain? Where is the liquid from? H~ e summoned courage to feel the liquid with his fingers. He placed his fingers under his nostril to perceive the odour. It smelt URINE. Jeeez, he quickly remembered esther is behind the cushion and she has been calling. He checked his phone and saw numerous messages.


Sydney did not just know what to do. So much for one night. Hi kwaku ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more intriguing stories. He promised GOd to live right hence forth if he escapes uncaught. Was like GOd heard him.

–Guys, ugo called. please I need fresh air. I’m outside .

–Same here. Martins replied. This place is hot.

ok guys . sydney replied. i ‘ll be with you guys shortly.( They went outside) Thank goodness. Esther, what is the meaning of this?

—-What is the meaning of what? What was I supposed to do?drink my urine? Please give me your boxer, I need to change before those brothers come in again.(she was heading to the room the room when Sydney blocked her) what? This room is the safest place for me to stay. Are you hiding something in that room? (Esther forced her way through and saw someone comfortably lying down on the bed sleeping)

To be continued.

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