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The Choristers – Season 1 – Episode 2


9pm that night, uchechi came to bro Sydney’s house. They were still on the eyeball to eyeball stuff when someone knocked. Both were scared and shocked.

–are you expecting anybody? uchechi asked

— No ooo, ha!!! Who could that be? sydney replied.

-Go and check. Please where will I hide?

—Under the bed. (He stays in a room and palour self contain.

–What? Under where? Never. i will stay here in the room. The person should stay in the palour.

—Stay behind the curtain. (The knock continued) I’m coming oooo. ( he tries adjusting his short like he was using the toilet) who’s there? (He opened the door and to his surprise, it was ESTHER, pastor Francis daughter.

–Good evening honey. Esther greeted. Surprised? What kept you so long? I have been knocking.

–Jesus!!!! Esther what are you doing here by this time of the night? What about your dad? What if a member comes here? This is so not right. Yes we will be getting married but we shouldn’t be seen like this.

– What? Are you not happy to see me? Well, I told my dad I have a praise night to attend and I will be ministering. Hahahaha. So I’m here for the praise night and I will be ministering to you BED WISE. Hahaha

—(Laughed too) Jesus!!! that’s a huge lie you told na. This girl, you’re bad o

-I just want to be with the man I love. (Wraps her arm around his neck) want to feel your warmth. Today, we will do more than what we have been doing o.

—Meaning? sydney asked.

—-Ha!!! Baby ah no dey for non tested o. I want to taste what I will use na. If you are man enough, prove it.

— Wait, you’re saying I’m not man enough? (He pulled her to himself and was about proving he was man enough when someone knocked at the door again.)

—-Expecting any body? esther asked

–Oh GOd!!!! not again. Sydney exclaimed.

—-What do you mean by that?

—-Hide behind the cushion.

-Why the cushion?what’s wrong with the bedroom? (Sydney pushed her behind the cushion. He went into the bedroom uchechi surfaced)

—Syd, uchechi called. what’s happening? I’m tired of standing behind this curtain.

—Then stay under the bed. Someone is that the door.

–What? Another woman? Elder maria I guess? Bros, I grow tail for you o. Wetin carry me come this house today?

Sydney went to answer the door, Lo and behold, his prayer partners BRO MARTINS AND BRO UGO. IT’S THURSDAY . THEY HOLD VIGILS ON THURSDAYS IN HIS HOUSE. SYDNEY FORGOT.




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