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The Buried Passion – Season 1 – Episode 4

They both halted since they were now in front of Sarah’s hostel. The illumination from the streetlights and the four-storey hostel that towered above the street bathed their figures with magnolia glows, leaving along the tarred highway a lilac glint.

An extreme Jealousy was written all over Sarah’s face having realized it was Nene that just contacted him.

“Are…are you really going now,” she asked, tilting her head to fight back the regretful tears pricking within her eyes.

Kwame smiled broadly, “Yeah, my angel has missed me already. That is how your boyfriend cherishes you too. Isn’t?”

“Not really,” Sarah said, shrugging her shoulders and revealed back her face, “I have no boyfriend presently; I’m single.”

“Cut that crap, baby… you can’t be serious?”

“I am,” Sarah responded firmly.

Kwame stared at her for a moment; a mischievous smile flickered across his face.

“How come…just let me know your boyfriend; perhaps I can settle the quarrel.”

“Never mind,” Sarah responded brusquely.

“Alright…if you say so”

A spine-tingling cold surged through Sarah’s body and she shuddered. Faint thunderclaps could be heard from the distance while the wind heaved their attires around them in swirls, sweeping dust and rubbish here and there. For Sarah, the ordeal of the previous moments had faded into oblivion. She felt no much hunger either. She was only pleased having Kwame around her. Kwame checked on his wrist watch – 11:25pm.

“I’ve got to take my leave right away. Nene is awaiting me in the car,” Kwame said, stressing a look at his wrist watch stylishly, standing face to face, but one foot away from Sarah, “I’ve only excused myself by telling her I wanted to buy something at the junction when I saw you from inside the car.”

Sarah stared affectionately into his eyes; Kwame never noticed it as they embraced.

“Thanks once more for rescuing me,” mouthed Sarah.

“It’s okay… what are friends for?”

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