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The Buried Passion – Season 1 – Episode 3

Sarah crouched and finally fetched her nylon bag with the aid of Kwame’s torch-light. She resumed her feet and Kwame led her out of the awkward alleyways with his torchlight, and they walked along the highway that led to her hostel.

Power supply generated suddenly through the town, and the once gloomy neighbourhood was lit up to depict a fascinating landscape. Cheers of light-arrival could be heard from every household around. Apart from that, everywhere was silent as usual.

“What have you done to them?” Kwame asked after a long walk in silence.

“I…I don’t know,” Sarah stuttered uneasily.

She kept stealing glances at Kwame’s face when she observed he had kept quiet again and paid no attention to her any longer after the question.

Kwame was a good-looking lad his late twenties. His fair skin and dominating physique really intensified his attractive masculineness. Sarah had always felt uncomfortable being around him, for he had asked her on a date three years ago in 100 level, but she had rejected his dating proposal and accepted him as a friend instead. She was passionate over him secretly, but had hidden her feelings from him due to her excessive pride. She had discovered that Kwame was not from a rich home, unlike her whose parent were affluent. She had always been saying amongst her friends that Kwame was below her class as she was amongst the top girls in Kumasi University of science and technology.

Two years ago, Kwame had proposed to another girl called Nene; a lady that was superior to Sarah in every status – fashion, family background and elegance. In fact, her father was the formal governor of Kumasi.

Ever since he had begun to date Nene, Kwame had always been meeting Sarah once in a while on campus as a friend, and each time, Sarah would look for a way to pour out her hidden feelings. It was too late for her as she had taken him for granted for a whole year before he fell into Nene’s hand. She had always been jealous anytime she saw them together, but she daren’t show it.

At that moment, Kwame also stole a glance at her as his mind wandered back to the first day he’d met Sarah on campus. He had been struck by an impulse to approach her. He had walked up confidently to her under the tree next to the library. He had talked for so long, manipulating several tactics to win her heart. In the end, Sarah had worn a smile and told him she would think over his dating proposal. Kwame had called her phone endlessly for a whole month; she would not pick it up. The day she finally answered his phone call, their conversation had gone thus:

“All I’m requesting from you is a YES to my dating proposal,” Kwame had pleaded with her on phone, almost tearfully.

“I’m sorry; we can only be friends. I’m engaged.” she responded curtly.

“You mean we can’t go on a date?”

“Yes, just friends.” She had said firmly and terminated the call.

Kwame had been dismayed. However, he’d been happy that she could accept him as a friend at least. He couldn’t afford to lose her after all.

“Friendship would always grow to love someday,” he had consoled himself with that. Kwame had become completely despaired when he presented a love card to her during Valentine’s Day, and she responded with a text message, stating she’d never loved him. She had only liked him as a friend.
Chris brown’s – I LOVE YOU – ringtone from Kwame’s phone jerked both minds to present from their thoughts.

“Hello dear,” said a gentle voice from the phone, “What has taken you so long?”

“Nene, I’m sorry. I will join you soon.”

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