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The Boy Next Door – Season 3 – Episode 2

📘 Chapter Two📘

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After taking a shower and dressing up,i went downstairs to have breakfast.

The dinning table was already set,i sat down trying to call my manager.

“Hey,you come here” i said to one of the maids who was passed.


“Has Skylar gone already?”


“Okay,you may leave” i said and she walked away.

I dialed my manager’s number,it rang twice before she picked up.

“Gosh, Xander,i called you all night yesterday”

“Sorry,i had a few drinks”

“A few? Xander,you really need to stop drinking”

“I didn’t call you to lecture me,why were you calling yesterday?”

“To remind you that there are some models coming to pose for your new collection,so you have to be there”

“Yeah,i almost forgot about that,i will be there”

“Okay and please stop drinking” She said and i rolled my eyes even though she can’t see me.

“Goodbye” i said and hanged up.

I opened up my food and took a bite out of it, then i spat it out immediately.

“Where’s the damn chef?” I asked angrily,she came out in a hurry.

“How many times do i have to tell you that i don’t like too much pepper in my food,huh?”

“ sorry”

“Are you brain dead or what? Do i have to repeat myself all the time so that your dumb brain can accept”

“Sir,am really sorry” She said almost in tears.

“Bro,Relax” A voice said,it was Bryan,he walked over to the dinning area.

“She made a mistake and she’s sorry”

“I don’t know why i have to repeat myself all the time”

“Am sorry,sir”

“Get your trashy self out of here” I said and she left in a hurry.

“Xander,you need to be nicer to your workers”

“I will be if they just do what i want”

“I came to check up on you”

“Am actually leaving to my clothing company,when did you get back from Australia?”

“A week ago,i was called to be the judge of a dance competition”

“Star dance competition?”

“Yeah, it’s really huge and they are alot of hot babes there” Bryan said while i shook my head.

“You will never stop being a player?”

“At least am not stuck with a nagging b*tch”

“Don’t remind me of Skylar,she makes me sick” i said making us laugh.

“Good morning,Sir” One of my employees said as I walked into the company.

I had to use a mask to cover my face to avoid paparazzi and the crazy fans.

I got to my office,then took the mask off.

“You are here” My manager, Kimberly said.

“Yeah,so where are the models?”

“About to do a photo shoot,you can come and see them to take out the ones you don’t like”

“Let’s go”

We went over to where the models were having the photo shoot, immediately i walked in, the girls started screaming.

“Please be quiet if you really want to do this photo shoot” Kimberly said.

I looked around at the models,most of them were trying to flirt with me with their eyes.

My eyes caught someone who didn’t spare me a glance.

It’s Ashley, She’s here?

“So are they good to go?” Kimberly asked.


“Okay,you all should go to your respective dressing room”

They walked away.

❤️ Ashley’s P.o.v❤️

I was putting my make up in place for the photo shoot.

I just want to do this and get out of here,am sure he saw me.

A knock sounded at the door,i exhaled deeply knowing who it was.

Nonetheless,i opened the door and i was right.

“How can i help you,Mr Alexander?”

“Ashley, please,we need to talk”

“Am not sure about that,your b*tchy girlfriend might come any minute’

“Ashley, please” He said and i sighed.

“Come in”

He walked in and started staring at me.

“Wow,you have really changed,i mean you are now one of the biggest Models”

“Alexander,tell me why you are here”

“To talk like back when we were in college,like old times”

“Like old times? The old times you threw away like garbage, you insensitive bastard”

“I know what I did waa wrong but you have no idea how…

“Please,save me the explanation, there is nothing that can justify what you did, especially to Gianna”

“How is she?”

“Am not telling you anything about her,so please leave”


“Get out,Xander, now,before i do something tragic and you know me already” i said angrily.

He sighed and walked away,after ruining Gianna’s life,he thinks he can just walk back in.

I got back to Gianna’s house so tired and stressed out.

I opened the front door and Gianna was watching a movie.

“Hey,you are back” She said and got up to meet me.

“Yeah,am so tired”

“You can go shower then you can come and eat”

“Wait..i thought you always stay at the hospital all night”

“Am on a little break,so how was it? Dud you see that bastard?”

I can’t tell her i saw him or she will feel sad again.

“No,he didn’t even show up”

“He’s such a sick bastard”

“Let’s just forget about him”

“Yeah but before you go take a shower,i have a huge surprise for you”

“What’s the surprise?”

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

“What’s the surprise?” She asked,while i smirked at her.

“You can come out now” i said and immediately she saw the person,she started screaming.


She ran to him and jumped on him making the both of them fall down.

“Easy,you are going to kill me” Jamal said and i giggled

“Oh, Babe,i have missed you so much” Ashley said kissing his cheeks repeatedly.

“I have missed you too,Hunnie”Jamal said and kissed her cheeks

“Okay,before you two start kissing,am going out for a walk and please keep the moans down,will you”

I took my jacket and walked out of the house.

I got out to the street, the moon was so bright and the street lights made the night beautiful.

Ashley and Jamal are so lucky, sometimes i envy them.

They have been together for so long,even with their busy schedules, they still love each other.

They fight sometimes and it might seem they would break up but some how they end up reconciling.

I thought that i would end up like that, with the love of my life by my side.

It just turned out that the person i thought was the love of my life is just an ambitious bastard.

I saw a poster of him again,i hissed slightly, then walked away.

I was still walking along the road when i saw people screaming and taking pictures of someone.

I walked a little closer, then our eyes met for a spilt second, when i saw him,i quickly hid myself.

I can’t let him see me.


Who did our Gianna saw?🥰
So Xander is dating Skylar?

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