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The Boy Next Door – Season 3 – Episode 17

📘 Chapter Seventeen 📘

2 weeks later.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍

“So how are you coping with the b*tch?”Gianna asked over the phone.

“It’s horrible,i sleep at Bryan’s house because that girl has gome totally nuts, she’s crazy”

“Well,you have to keep enduring”

“I don’t want to endure anymore, I want to be with you”

“Very soon, Sweetie, very soon”

“So how are you?”

“Well,i have been feeling sick for sometime now but am okay, Jayden keeps me company”She said and i rolled my eyes at the mention of Jayden’s name.

“Yeah,you two must be happy a good time”

“Xander,what did i say about your jealousy?”

“That it is bad and i should trust you”

“Exactly, Jayden already knows that we are together and he is fine with it”

“I know but i can’t help but think that he would still want to have you”

“Nothing like that will happen,i have to go now,okay?”

“Okay,i love you so much”

“I love you too”She said and ended the call.

“Who were you talking to?”Skylar said as she climbed down the stairs.


“Okay,ohh,my head”She said holding her head.

“That’s what happens when you smoke that crap and get so high”

She came closer to me, that’s whebi realized she was wearing something really transparent,she was n*ked underneath.

She ran her hands through my chest.

“I want you so bad,Xander,i want you to ride me to heaven”

“Skylar,i have an interview to go to right now”

I removed her hands from my body.

“You haven’t touched me for weeks now,Look at me,am here for your consumption,take me, please”

“Look Skylar,i have tons of work to do”

I tried to walk away but she held my wrist.

“You are seeing another woman, aren’t you?”She asked and i sighed.

“What makes you say that?”

“You never hesitate to touch me,we would make love all night,you have another woman, don’t you?”

“Look, Skylar,am really busy,my new collection is about to be released,am still preparing my album so i don’t time for those stuff.

And besides, You and i never made love,we only had s*x, there’s nothing special between you and i”

I walked away before she could say anything else.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Stop cheating”I yelled at Jayden, then threw a pillow at him making him chuckle.

We were playing videogames.

“Am not cheating,yoy just don’t know how to play this game”


Jayden ended the game.

“You want to go swimming?”

“Sure,let me just…

Before i could finish,the urge to puke came so strong,i rushed to the toilet and vomited.

I felt someone hold my hair,it was Jayden.

I finished, flushed the toilet,then rinsed my mouth.

“Gigi,are sure you are okay?This is the third time that you are throwing up since I got here”

“Am fine, it’s just something i ate”

“If i was a doctor,i would say that you are pregnant”He said and i laughed.

“No, that’s not it,am fine”

Jayden was about to say something when the front doorbell rang.

“I will get it”Jayden said and walked towards the door

I went to sit on the couch because my legs were aching me.

“Jay,who is it?”

“It’s me”

I turned and it was Xander,i stood up to go meet him.

“Xander,what are you doing here?”

“To see you”

“I will leave you two to talk”Jayden said and walked away.

“You didn’t tell me you were coming”

“I needed to get away from Skylar”

“Is it just me or did you gain weight?”Xander asked looking at me.

“You think i have gained weight.

“Yeah, your b**bs are fuller and your a** looks bigger”He said and i rolled my eyes.

“Xander,be serious”

“I am being serious”

“Well,my n*pples hurt alot”

“Do you want to go upstairs so that i can help you massage them?”

“Xander, Jayden’s around,so we can’t go upstairs”i said and he frowned

“Does he have to be here?”

“Yes,Xander,he does,look i will be fine,okay?”

“Okay”He said and kissed my forehead.

Few hours later.
Jayden and Xander already left,so it was just me alone.

“Am i really getting fat?”I asked myself.

The doorbell rang and i sighed.

“Who might be?” I muttered to myself.

I opened the door.

“If it isn’t the sl*t of the century”She said

“Skylar,what are you doing here?how do you even know where i live?”

“I followed Xander here”

“Okay,so can you please get out now?”

“I knew there was a reason Xander was acting different,he was f*cking you”

“Okay, Skylar, I don’t care if you are an actress or whatever,if you don’t respect me,i will beat you up”

“You and what army? I have billions of people who love me,if i tell them that you stole Xander away from me, they will call you a sl*t”

“And i will tell them that their precious Skylar Jones smokes weed, she’s a pothead”I said and her face showed shock.

“Xander will never love you,you are just a piece of trash and a parasite,now get out of my house”I said angrily

“This isn’t over,i swear to you”She said and left.

I slammed the door hard,i sighed and ran my hands through my hair.

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