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The Boy Next Door – Season 3 – Episode 16

📘 Chapter Sixteen📘

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
We were both kissing so passionately that we didn’t notice that someone entered the house.

“What is going on here?” The voice asked,i and Gianna quickly pulled away.

It was my manager, Kimberly,she looked confused.

“Kimberly,you scared me,i thought it was…

“Skylar?”She asked cutting me off,then she huffed.

“Seriously, Gianna,i thought you were better than this”

“What are you trying to say? That am a sl*t for making out with someone i love”

“He has a girlfriend”

“No, Skylar’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a burden and Kimberly I would like it if you would respect Gianna, she’s the woman i love,i told you that already”

“I know that”

“Then why are you acting up?”

“Because i didn’t think you two would be together”

“Xander and i separated because of his parents, now i figured out the whole truth so we are planning on getting back together”

“Getting back together?Are you serious right now? Xander,if Gianna doesn’t knoe how the celebrity life works,you should know.

You should know the consequences of getting together with Gianna,your fans will hate it,they will drag Gianna’s name to the mud”

“They wouldn’t be any Fans or stardom of it wasn’t for Gianna,she was the only one who supported me,who listened to me sing,my own parents didn’t give me the time of the day.

Gianna is the love of my life, she’s the only woman i want to spend my eternity with and if my so called Fans can’t see that, then maybe i don’t want to be a singer anymore” i said, Gianna and Kimberly gasps in shock.

“What are you talking about?”

I held Gianna’s hand and kissed it.

“If they don’t accept Gianna as my woman,then i will quit music,i rather have her by my side than a billion fans”

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I can’t believe Xander is ready to give up his career just for me.

“Are you in support of this?” Kimberly asked and i sighed.

“Xander, can you give i and Kim a minute?”

“Okay,fine,i love you”

“Love you too”I said,he kissed my forehead, then walked away.

“Xander is the love of my life and of it wasn’t for circumstances,he and I would be together right now, probably with kids because that is what we planned for our lives.

You might not believe me and i don’t really care if you don’t but i want you to know that I love Xander with all my heart and soul”

“I know that,i can see it in your eyes but Gianna,this thing you have with Xander will end badly if his parents find out especially his dad”

“We are trying to figure out everything but with time”

“Am sure you know Skylar’s back”

“I know the witch is back and trust me she doesn’t scare me even if she smokes the hardest weed.
If she attacks me,i will tear her into pieces” i said and Kimberly chuckled.

“I also hate the b*tch, always acting perfect”Kimberly said,we both laughed.

“Gianna,i trust you and Xander will fight for your love until then i will keep it a secret”


Few hours later.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I was already settled into my old house,i am already missing Gianna.
It’s like i never want to be away from her,the worse part is that Jayden is always coming around her.

I don’t blame him, Gianna is an amazing woman,who deserves to be treated like a queen.

My phone rand,it was Bryan so i picked it up.

“Hey,Bro,are you back at home?”

“Yeah,i have no choice”

“Is the b*tch around?”

“No but she will be here anytime soon, Bryan,i don’t think i can endure this”

“You have to until we figure out a plan on how to get Skylar out of the way”

“I have to go,she just arrived”

“Good luck”Bryan said and i hanged up.

Skylar walked into the room,she was wearing a really short gown.

“Babe”She beamed happily, then suddenly jumped on me.

She was on top of me,i tried to fake a smile.

“Did you miss me?”

“Of course i missed you babe,i was so busy with everything that i couldn’t call”

“It’s okay”She said and laughed hysterically.

“You came back so early,i thought you were staying for 2 months”

“Well, the location for our movie got ruined with rain”

She was laughing so loud and hysterically.

“Skylar..are you high? Did you smoke that weed again?”

“Only a little and I feel goodd and so horny, let’s get n*ked”She said grinding her hips on me.

I pulled her off me and placed her on the bed.

“Skylar,you are so high so i can’t do anything with you”

“But we always have s*x when am high and you drunk”

“Skylar,i no longer drink so much and you should quit that crap, it’s bad for you”I said and walked away.

I need to get free from her, she’s unbearable.

A week later.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
It’s been a week and Xander and i haven’t seen each other.
Am always busy with work and for him, Skylar is always with him.
They are always in the news acting all sweet and romantic.
I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt me,it should be me with Xander.

If everything works out,then i and Xander will be together.

I was watching the news with my mom and Ashley.

The images of Xander and Skylar came up,they were on a yacht.

“Oh,if it isn’t the bastard that brokey daughter’s heart”My mom said

“And to think I actually took him as my son way before,i encouraged Gigi to date him, he’s such ambitious bastard”

She kept ranting and insulting him.

“Mom, that’s enough,you have insulted him enough”

“Why does it concern you if i have insulted him enough,do you feel pity for him?”

“Mom,am just saying that you shouldn’t insult him like that,he may even have a good reason for leaving”

“Are you high on something or what, Gianna,he left you for that sly b*tch and you are here saying that he had a good reason”

“Am just saying…

“Are you seeing him?”My mom asked cutting me off,i looked over at Ashley then back at my mom.

“Aunt, No,Gigi hasn’t been seeing Xander”

“She better not because i won’t allow it”My mom said and walked away.

“Gianna,you need to be careful”

“Ashley,i can’t do this,i really love Xander and i want to be with him”

“Then you need to be patient”

Ashley started looking at me weirdly.

“What’s wrong?”

“You look kinda pale,are you feeling alright?”

“Well, I have been feeling feverish,i think it’s the stress from work,i will take something”


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