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The Boy Next Door – Season 3 – Episode 11

📘 Chapter Eleven📘

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

We were all eating in slience,i tried not to look at Xander but the girl he was with kept giggling.

They were feeding each other, such big fools.

I looked over at Jayden, then smiled to myself.

“Um..Jay,you have a stain on your cheek”

“Really? Where?”Jayden asked touching his face.

“I will help you”

I went closer to him, making our faces so close to each other, then i licked the side of his lips.

Jayden was blushing like crazy but Xander was so angry but he quickly waved it off.


“Ouch,my eyes” Xander said rubbing his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” The girl he brought said.

“There’s something in it”

“Let me help you”

He went closer to the girl,she started blowing air into his eyes.

“Are you okay,now?”

“Yeah but your eyes are so beautiful”He said and the girl blushed.

He used to say that to me when we used to date, he’s such a jerk face.

They continued feeding eacg other, the girl was smiling like a bloated goat.

An idea popped into my head.

“Ahhh, Cockroach” i yelled knowing so well that Xander is terrified of cockroaches.

“Ahhhh” He yelled and jumped up making the food splash on the girl’s dress.

“Oh,am so sorry, i really don’t like cockroaches” He said trying to clean up the girl’s dress.

I was trying so hard not to laugh.

“The cockroach must have crawled away” I said feigning concern.

“I will just go the bathroom to clean up”The girl said and walked away.

Jayden’s phone started ringing,he took it out.

“Gigi, it’s my manager, I have to take this,be right back”

“Okay” i said and Jayden walked away leaving i and Xander alone.

“You know you need lessons on how to make someone jealous”Xander said and i rolled my eyes.

“And who said that I was trying to make you jealous?”

“It’s obvious,Gigi,you would never lick his face and i know you also lied about that cockroach”

“Am not jealous”

“Yes,you are”

“No,am not”

We started bickering so loud, till Jayden came back and we stopped.

“Um..Xander,i and Gianna are going to the pool side”

“Okay, have fun”

Jayden took my hands and we started walking away.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
She was so jealous, it’s a good thing i got that girl to act up with me.

I know Gianna so well, that i know when she’s jealous.

After paying the girl off,i walked back to my room.

Kimberly was having a drink,i sat down beside her.

“What’s making you smile like that?” She asked.

“Can’t i just be happy?”

“Yes,you can but someone or something has to make you happy”

“Yes,you are right, someone made you happy”

“I hope it isn’t that Gianna girl”

“Kim, it’s her,she makes me happy”

“Xander, Skylar…

“I don’t a damn about Skylar, she’s a b*tch who smokes weed”

“But she’s still your girlfriend”

“No, she’s not my girlfriend”

“But you have s*x with her all the time”

“You said it yourself,just s*x, the only woman that I make love to with all my heart is Gianna and am getting her back”

“Xander, it’s been six years,she has moved on with Jayden”

“No,she doesn’t love him”

“How sure are you?”

“A 100% sure”

I stood up and walked away from my room.

I went over to the pool side,i saw two people from far away.

I moved closer and it was Jayden and Gianna.. kissing, she was kissing him back.

I twisted my fist in anger,i really wanted to go punch him.

But Gianna was also kissing him meaning she wanted it.

I watched them from a distance as they pulled away,he whispered something in her ears that made her giggle.

He suddenly walked away leaving her alone.

I walked over to her and turned her around to face me.

“Gosh,you scared the hell out of me”

“You seem to be so close to Jayden”

“Xander,am not in the mood for..

“I saw you kiss him” i said cutting her off.

“Were you stalking me?”

“No,i walked in and saw you two kissing each other, the way he was touching you”

“What are you pointing at?”

“It made you look like a sl*t” I said and she slapped me.

“Aren’t you tired of slapping me?”

“You are such a bastard for even comparing to a sl*t,am not Skylar.

You have no right to talk to me about that because you left me six years ago,you broke my heart so i have every right to be with anyone i want.

Don’t forget your very own cousin raped me when i was 17, I gave my all to you,my heart,my soul and body to you, you ungrateful bastard.

Now that you are famous,you think you can judge me,go back to that worthless piece of trash called Skylar,leave me the hell alone”

“Then i guess this is it,i won’t bother you anymore” i said and walked away

“Alexander STOP IT”Kimberly said as i kept thrashing my room in anger.

I destroyed the chairs,i slipped and fell down then started crying, something i haven’t done in a long time.

Kimberly sat beside me.

“What happened?”

“You were right,She doesn’t love me anymore”

“Okay, explain”

“I saw her kissing Jayden”

“I told you,Xander,i told you”

“I thought she still felt so much love for me”

“Do you still love her?”

“Kimberly,i love her more than my own life”

“Then why did leave her if you love her so much”

“I didn’t want to, they forced me”

“Tell me what happened”

“The reason i left Gianna is…


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