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The Boy Next Door – Season 2 – Episode 8

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was in the kitchen making popcorn,i started hearing voices outside.

“Who could Xander be talking to?” I asked myself,i decided to turn off the popcorn machine.

I walked out of the kitchen.

“Babe,who are you….”

I stopped talking when i saw the b*tch herself,her eyes were all over Xander.


“Mabel? What are you doing here? I thought my mom said you will be coming next week”

“Well,i really couldn’t wait so that’s why am here, Aren’t you gonna help with my luggage,you sexy thing?”

“This sexy thing is my boyfriend and i want your eyes to be off him”

“Okay” She said and walked in with her suitcase.

“Babe,i think i should just leave” Xander said.

“Yeah,she just ruined our movie”

“But i will miss you” He said and pulled me closer by the waist.

I wrap my hands around his neck pulling him so close, then i placed a light kiss on his lips.

“How about i come over tonight then we can take each other to the moon and back?” I whispered in his ears.

He chuckled then squeezed my a*s making me giggle.

“You know i can’t say no”

“Then it’s settled,am coming over but for now,you need to go”

I tried to walk away but he held me back.


“One kiss,just one” He said pouting his lips like a child making me giggle.

We shared a really passionate kiss.

“Now,bye” i turned to leave, then he smacked my a*s,i gave him a glare while he just smirked at me then walked away.

“What took you so long” Mabel asked and I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t have to give you any explanation”

“Chill, Gigi,we are friends, remember?”

“No,i don’t remember the both of us being friends”


She was interrupted by the from door opening, then closing back.

“Sis,am back from….

Jamal kept quiet immediately he saw Mabel.

“Mabel?What are your doing here,you are supposed to come next week”

“She said she got impatient”

“Oh,My,Gigi,is it just me or did your twin brother become more handsome?”

She walked over to Jamal’s side and tried to touch him but he flipped her hands off.

“I have a girlfriend”

“Jamal has a girlfriend?The Almighty Player has a girlfriend, so unbelievable”

“Well,you better believe amd you wouldn’t want to mess with his girlfriend”

“And who might that be?”

“It’s Ashley” Jamal said and she started laughing.

“Ashley? That girl that beats up every guy back in highschool, really? You settled for her?”

“Don’t you dare anything negative about my girlfriend”

“Ashley’s also my best friend,so mind what you say about her if you don’t want me to put bruises on your face”

“Jamal,does she know you and i had something together?”

“You and i had nothing,We were only s*x buddies, that’s all”

“Okay,okay, going to my room” She said and walked away.

“She’s so close to getting her head smashed to the wall by me” I said.

“She’s such a b*tch,i was an idiot to get involved with her back then”

“You should probably tell Ashley about it before this psycho does”

😊 Jamal’s P.o.v😊
“Jammy,why do you look nervous?”Ashley asked.

I went over to her house to tell her everything before that witch tells her.

“I want to tell you something,First, Mabel is at our house”

“Really? I thought she was supposed to come next week”

“Yeah but she said she got impatient”

“Okay,is that what you wanted to tell me that you are nervous”

“That’s not all”

“Okay,tell me”

“In highschool,I had s*x with Mabel”

“You what?”

“It was when i was still a player,i jsut wanted to tell you before she tells you herself”

“So you are saying that the girl you had a sexual relationship with is living in the same house with you?”

“Yeah but trust me, nothing can happen between us, absolutely nothing,i love only you”

“I love you too and i trust you but i don’t trust that witch,if she tries anything,i will rip her head off her body” She said and i chuckled.

“Sure,you can do whatever you want”

I pulled her closer,our foreheads touching.

“I think we should go to your room”

“No,we can’t,my brothers are around”

Ashley has 4 elder brothers,they are all tall and overly protective of their sister.

“They will definitely rip me apart if they find out that i screwed their sister” I said making her giggle.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was with Xander on the bed,a duvet was covering our n*ked body.

“That was amazing yet again” Xander said making me giggle.

“Yeah,it was amazing”

“So how are you coping with Mabel?”

“I try to avoid her as much as I can, Unfortunately her room is in front of mine.
I saw the way she looked at you, like she wanted to jump on you”

“Yeah,i have already decided not to come over to your house more often”

“I can just come over to see till she leaves”

“Don’t worry,She can’t break us apart” He said and kissed my forehead.

“I know that”

“Why don’t we go another round?” He asked and came on top of me making me giggle.

👿 Mabel’s P.o.v👿

I thought coming here would make me closer to Jamal but now i want someone else and that’s Xander,oh gosh,he is so hot and am sure he is so good in bed.

I just really want him to f*ck me senseless, Gianna always has the best things but this time i will surely take it from her.

Alexander,You will be mine.


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