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The Boy Next Door – Season 2 – Episode 6

Written by: Tamara Blair

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I still couldn’t believe it,i always knew that Ashley found my brother attractive but i thought it was nothing.

Ashley has always hated dating plauboys and Jamal is the perfect definition of a playboy.

Why would she sleep with him?

“Am going downstairs,You both should dress up and meet me in the living room” I said and walked away.

I can’t believe my best friend is sleeping with my twin brother, Jamal of all people.

This is insane.

“Gianna, it’s not what you think”Ashley said as she came downstairs with Jamal.

“It’s not what I think, Ashley,so what were you two doing in the room, talking?

Ashley,of all the people in the world,it had to be my twin brother,Damn it.

Ashley, Jamal is a chronic player,he sleeps with random girls,he doesn’t care about feelings.


“I LOVE HIM”She yelled cutting me off.

“You what?”

“I love him,I admit it,am hopelessly in love with Jamal”

“Ashley,you can’t love a player like him,am trying to protect you,he is going to break your heart,i know him”

“Well, it’s too late for me,Gigi”

“So what’s your relationship with him called? Infact ask him, if you two sleeping with each other changes anything for him..Ask him.

Ashley,what has come over you? Sleeping with someone who doesn’t care about your feelings”

“That’s not true,Gigi,i do care”

“It’s you who doesn’t care ,Gigi” Ashley said.

“What do you mean?”

“Gianna,you call yourself my best friend but you have never cared about me”

“What are you saying, Ashley? I have always cared about you”

“Ever since you and Xander started dating,you give all your time to him,you forgot about me.
Sometimes you don’t call for a whole week,the only time you call is to ask advise about Xander, it’s so frustrating to know that your best friend stopped caring”

“Ashley,i never stopped caring,i just…

“You never had time for me, it’s okay,Guess this is how we are going to be,Strangers” She said and walked away.

I sat on the couch.

“I wanted to tell you but…

“But nothing, Jamal,just leave me alone”

“I have been waiting for you for ages” Xander said as i arrived at the park he asked me to meet him.

“Am sorry,i got caught up with something” i said sadly

“What’s wrong?You look sad, did somebody hurt you,tell me”

“No,i actually hurt someone”


“Ashley,we fought and i think she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore”

“You two are best friends”

“We used to be”

“What caused the fight?”

“I caught her in bed..with Jamal”

“Oh,so you know?” Xander asked and i looked at him confused.

“You also knew about Jamal and Ashley..Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because i knew you would get like this”

“Of course i would react, Jamal is a total playboy,i mean he plays witg girls feeling.

I have witnessed girls coming to beg me to talk to Jamal and i don’t want Ashley to be heartbroken”

“Babe, Jamal has changed, Ashley changed him”


“Jamal told me that he thinks he is actually having feelings for Ashley but he wants to be sure,when he was finally sure,he asked her out and she refused.

She told him she would never date a player like him,so Jamal was determined to change,he stopped moving around with girls,he stopped his flirting”

“That’s true,no wonder i hardly see him sneak girls into the house”

“Exactly,he did all that to show Ashley that he has completely changed”

“Oh,i was so blind and stupid,i didn’t realize it, i thought Jamal was deceiving her”

“You have to apologise to them and also get your best friend back”

“She actually said that i hardly spend time with her”

“You can set out a girl’s night out”

“Yeah, thanks,hunnie,where would i be without you”

“Now,go make friendship work”
“Jamal, we need to talk” I said as i got home.

I saw him playing video games,i sat beside him on the couch.

“Yeah,sure” He said as he stopped the game.

“Am really sorry i misjudged you and Ashley,i should have listened to both of you.

I just got angry because i know you to be a player,i seriously didn’t know you had changed”

“It’s okay,I mean we are siblings,twins infact,We know practically everything about each other, it’s okay,i mean i was such an idiotic douchebag”

“Do you love her?”

“I love her with everything in me,i love her so much”

I immediately hugged him,he chuckled and hugged him back.

“You know this is the first time we have hugged each other for more than 30 seconds” he said and i chuckled.

“Go and get your best friend back”

“Yeah and I have a plan”
” I hope this works” i said to myself.

I texted Ashley to meet me at the park,not just any park but the park that started our friendship.

“Ashley!!” I beamed when i saw her.

“Why did you call me here?”

“Don’t you remember this park? This is the park when we first met,we were little like 5 years old.

I misplaced my necklace,i was looking for it when i bumped into you, then you helped me find it.

Then our friendship started,we always defended each other,you would beat up anyone who messed with me.

I remember the time i got injured by a gang of boys,when you found out,you went to each of their houses and beat them up with a baseball bat.

Or.. or..”

I wanted to continue but i started crying so much, even Ashley started crying.

“Or when the guy i had a crush on, insulted me,we stripped the boy naked and took pictures” Ashley said also in tears.

“Am sorry,am really sorry,i shouldn’t have neglected you,am sorry” i said and she hugged me.

“I forgive you,babe” She said and we both giggled.

“Thanks,So besties?” I asked.

“No,We are now sisters”


We giggled and hugged each other.


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