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The Boy Next Door – Season 2 – Episode 3

Written by: Tamara Blair.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“You are such an animal,a flithy animal”

“That was two years ago,and am sorry,i was so turned on that night and…

“And shut up,you monster,am going to tell Xander” I said trying hard not to cry

“Am sorry but you have any proof, Gianna, please just forget it, if Xander’s parents hear about this, they will most definitely hate me”

“You were the reason that i started taking drugs,you made me a drug addict”


“What’s going on in here?” Xander asked as he descended the stairs.

“Nothing,i was just going to my room”Jackson said quickly and walked away.

“Babe,are you alright?”

“Yeah,i am but i need to go home”

“I thought you were spending the night with me”

“Xander, something came up”

“Something like what?”

“Xander, please don’t question me”

I know i sounded rude,i could see the hurt in his eyes.


“Don’t apologise,if you have something to do,then go do it” He said softly and walked straight to his room.

I went back to my house,i just need anything that will prove Jackson is the rapist.
2 hours later.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Alex,what is the matter you are not eating your food” My mom said worriedly.

“I..i don’t feel like eating”

“And why?”

“It’s.. it’s nothing,mom”

I was just wondering why Gigi has been acting so weird lately.

Doesn’t she love me anymore?

“You should…

My dad was cut off by the sound of the bell.

“I will get it” Jackson said and went to answer the door.

“You perverted bastard” Someone said by the door and Jackson fell down.

It was Jamal,he came on top Jackson and started punching him so hard.

Jackson managed to get up and he punched Jamal.

Ashley and Gianna ran in as well.

“You two should stop fighting” My mom said.

I went over and separated them.

“Xander,let me kill this son of a b*tch” Jamal said angrily.

“Why did you punch him?”

“Jamal, please calm down” Gigi said.

“No,i won’t calm down,this bastard over here is the one that raped Gigi two years ago”

When i heard that,i suddenly froze.

Is this what has been making Gigi think all this time?

“What? That is not possible, Jackson can’t be..

I didn’t let my dad finish,i also punched Jackson.

I and Jamal took turns in punching him, ignoring the calls from everyone.


That was Gigi’s mom, she walked in looking so angry.

“Punching him won’t solve the fact that he raped my daughter”

“And how are you so sure he did it?” My dad asked.

“Dad, it’s Jackson,ever since we were little, Jackson always took advantage of girls,if a girl didn’t like him,he would find a way to sleep with the girl.
You didn’t know that because you were always concentrated on work”

“Jackson,is it true,did you rape Gigi?”

“Yes but i already apologized”

“Apology won’t solve it,he needs to be imprisoned for life” Gigi’s mom said.

“No,mom,just wait”

“Wait for what? For him to rape you again”

“No, Jackson has already lost everything,his parents disowned him” Gianna said.


“Yes, it’s the truth, Jackson tell them,tell them your parents disowned you”

“Jackson,tell us the truth?”

“It’s.. it’s true,my parents disowned me because i got expelled from college and also because they found out that i raped alot of girls”

Jackson was not as perfect as my parents were painting him out to be.

He had problems, problems he didn’t tell anyone,he kept it to himself and pretended to be fine.

“Am sorry,Aunt, Uncle, am sorry Gianna,am also sorry Xander,i used to call you names because i was so jealous of you.

You have a good heart,you are talented and you have someone who loves you so much.

My parents never had time for me the same way your parents never has time for you but you turned out better than i did, i take things by force because i thought it was the only way i could have it”

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After investigating Jackson,i found out he was a guy with so many problems.

He hid his problems from everyone,his own parents didn’t even care about him.

I realized he didn’t need to be punished,he needed help.

“Gianna,am sorry,that night,i got pushed by my friends and I was so stupid,am sorry”

“No,i won’t accept it, You need to go to jail” My mom said.

“No,mom,he is not going to jail because i forgive him”

“You what?” Jamal asked so surprised

“You heard me,i forgive him, Jackson needs help and if he goes to jail,it will only makes things worse.

I admit that, that night really was the most painful night of my life but Xander has made me forget everything.

Xander loves me despite the whole thing and am happy. I forgive you, Jackson”

I bent down to face him because hewas still on the floor and i hugged him,he started crying on my shoulders.

“Thank you so much” he said.

“It’s okay”

I stood up and faced my mom.

“Mom, let’s just forget this and move on”

“No,i won’t, Jackson needs to pay for what he did”

“Mom,i was the one that got raped and i have already forgiven him”

“Well,i haven’t and I don’t think i will, Gianna McKenzie Flores,your relationship with Xander depends on Jackson”

“What do you mean,mom?”

“What i mean is that if Jackson doesn’t go to jail,then i don’t want you dating Xander anymore”


What do you think about Gianna’s mom decision?

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