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The Boy Next Door – Season 1 – Episode 14

Chapter Fourteen📘

😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
Jamal, Ashley,Xander and Gianna’s mom were asked to leave Gianna’s room so that the doctor could examine her.

“She doesn’t remember us,F*ck” Jamal said clearly frustrated.

“Whoever did this to my daughter has to pay dearly for all this”

Ashley tried consoling Gianna’s mom while Xander just remained quiet,he couldn’t believe Gianna can’t remember him or all the memories they had together.

The doctor finally came out,they all rushed to him.

“She doesn’t remember anything like i predicted”

“So what’s going to happen? When will she recover?” Jamal asked.

“I have a doctor who specializes in memory loss,he could help her with a therapy and that can help regain her memory”

“Okay,call him,let him come and examine my daughter”

“He lives in another state,he would have to come tomorrow but before that, you all shouldn’t try to stress her”

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
We walked into Gianna’s room,she was staring at the ceiling but we entered,she looked at us.

“Hey,Gigi” her mom said smiling at her.
“Who is Gigi and who are you people?”

“Am your mom,this is Jamal,your twin brother, Ashley and Xander are your friends”

“I don’t remember you all,i don’t know you”

“That’s because you had an accident” i said and she looked at me, then looked away.

“Ow,my head hurts a little” She said touching the bandage on her head.

“It will get better”

We moved closer to her and sat down.

“Sis,i swear am going to deal with the person that did this to you” Jamal said and she smiled slightly.

“Does your head still hurt?” I said and touched her hand, i felt that spark as always,i guess she felt it too.

She looked at our hands, then back at me.

“Just a little”

“Don’t worry,Gigi,you will soon be okay” Ashley said

Few minutes later, Everyone left leaving i and Gigi.

She kept looking at me.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked at her, she smiled at him.

“Can I ask you Xander, right?”

“Yes,my name is Xander and yes,you can ask me anything”

“Are you..Are you my boyfriend?” She asked shyly making me chuckle.

“Why are you asking?”

“Because when we touched,i felt something” She said looking at her hands.

“Something like what?”

“Like a spark,it was so beautiful, that only means we are in love” She said giggling.

She’s just saying this because she doesn’t remember anything but some part of me wanted it to be real.

“You maybe right but we are not dating”

“Really, that’s so awful” She said frowning.

“We are just friends, really close friends”

“Is it because am ugly?”

“No,you are not ugly,you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s just..what it is”

“Can i do something?” She asked smiling.

“Yes,you can…

I was cut off by her lips on mine.

Oh,God, Gianna was kissing me.

I really want to pull her closer but Gianna is not her real self.

I pulled away quickly.

“Gigi,we can’t be doing this,we are friends” I said and she sighed.

“Yeah,you must really not like me”


I cut off by the door opening,her mom came in with a tray of food.

Through out the day, Gianna totally ignored me, she’s not in her right sense so i shouldn’t be bothered.
The Next day.
It was the day the special doctor was coming for Gianna’s memory loss.

I called my parents several times but none of them answered.

Am not sure if they even know i left for Miami.

Gianna’s mom has being like a real mom even more than own mom.

“Hey,bro, let’s go to the hospital, the doctor will soon arrive” Jamal said.

“Okay, let’s go”

We went over to the hospital and Ashley and Gianna’s mother were already there.

“The doctor is already with Gianna,i hope she gets better” Ashley said.

3 hours later.

The doctor finally came out of the room.

“Doc,how is she?” Gianna’s mom asked.

“We will have to find out now, i need you all to walk in one by one”

“Okay, let’s do it”

We walked into the hospital room gently, Gianna was staring at us.

“Now,Gigi,i need you to close your eyes and try to remember this people”

She looked over at Jamal,she closed her eyes and rubbed her head.

“Um.. he’s… he’s my twin brother, his name is Jamal.. he’s my twin and am Gianna Flores”

She remembered,she remembered Everything.


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