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The Booked Time – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4


He dropped to his knees. Since the mattress was a decades old spring variety sans pillow top, it put her holes at mouth level. Her pussy was still gaping from where his cock had been. He grabbed her by the hips and buried his face in her wet cunt. His tongue buried deep inside and he started reaming her as she put her head down and presented her sex to his hungry mouth. Without her Blackberry to tell her what she should be doing or social media to tell her what she should be thinking, she gave into the moment. Her hands became fists around the paisley print of the comforter. Her hips started bucking on his face, and she was making noises she had never made before.


“This is what a woman should smell like,” he thought as he went to town on her pussy. He breathed in her salty, sweet scent as he ate her like he was starving. None of the expensive lotions or washes she used on a daily basis could ever compare to this raw, undiluted essence which was covering his face and dick. She was bucking so hard he had to use both his hands to grab her hips, but eventually her legs starting shaking so much she collapsed on the musty coverlet. He reached up and lowered the zipper of her dress and unhooked her bra. Once topless, she flipped over on her back with her head and heaving chest near the foot of the bed, so he moved that way and gave her a long passionate kiss.


Standing put his now half hard erection near her face, so she arched her neck up to put him in her mouth and started sucking. This position left him free to fondle her tits and admire the rest of her form. He surveyed the C-section scar from their second child and the birthmark under her left breast that was shaped like a crescent moon; her body was a living map of their years together. Every inch of her brought back a time and place of things forgotten. Seeing how her neck was craning, he moved her neck to the edge of the bed. This new position took her by surprise and she gaged slightly as his stiffness slid down her throat. He paused as if he were going to pull away so she reached her hand back to grab his tight buttocks and pull him deeper into her.



This invitation was all he needed. His hips started thrusting and grinding with more urgency. Her hips started lifting off the bed every time he gagged her with his rod, but he kept going. She was a strong woman, a fact which he often forgot; and she could take this. He leaned over her form and leaning his weight on one hand, he began assaulting her pussy with his other. Her bent legs opened like a clam in boiling water as he ran his fingers side to side over her clit. Then he stopped and slapped her mount twice. He had thrust deep into her face at the same time and a small steam of piss squirted past the dam and onto the bed spread. A younger couple might have paused in embarrassment, but they had been married too long to be unfamiliar with each other bodily functions. His hand was back rubbing the golden puddle into all the other fluids rushing through her folds.


No longer able to support his whole weight on one hand, he pulled up and worked his slick fingers around her breasts. Every time he tugged on her nipples she moaned around his cock. He could have come then, but chose to take his husbands prerogative and snaked his prick past her throat and lips. Looking down he saw her smeared lipstick and spit covered chin, and something stirred within him. He made his way to the headboard and grabbed her ankles to pull her up to him. She let out a squeal as she slid across the paisley print, but fell silent when she saw the look in his eyes. His whole being was focused on her, from his unwavering stare to the cock he was holding at the base and pointing straight at her. He used his hand to guide his prick straight into her waiting pussy.


He grasped her thighs and positioned her ankles at his shoulders, rather than leaning over her and finishing in the missionary technique that had always been the limit of their lovemaking. As her hips rose off the bed as a result of his thrusts, she slipped closer to him, allowing him deeper access. It was getting close to the end of the hour.


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