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The Booked Time – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3


He pushed his hands up her thighs, pressing the hem up over her ass, and she inhaled deeply and trembled a little. He like the way her dress clung to her waist, and the sight of her black lace thong and matching garter belt made him forget about the stale cigarette smell that lingered on every surface of the room, or the 1970s decor that was usual in motels that charged by the hour. The removal of the thin bit of fabric that separated him from her lovely pussy was a logistical nightmare. A porn actor would put the panties on last for easy removal, but his wife had placed them on first since she didn’t realize she’d be lying face down in a cheap motel bed.


He smiled at her ignorance, but it slowly fell into something deeper as he realized she still wore such fineries after this many years of marriage in the hope that one day he would notice her. Not as his wife, or the mother of his children, or his partner and friend, but as his lover. His eyes were opened to his own ignorance, and he decided not to spend one more second in that state of mind.


Before she had time to allow the fear and embarrassment to force her to stand and cover her naked rear, she heard his zipper drop; it seemed to echo through the small room. As time stood still she had a moment to notice the room was abnormally bright for having no lights on. “The curtains are completely open,” she thought as a lifetime of operating under the views and opinions of others caused momentary panic. But then she felt him slip a finger between her cheeks and catch the black lace; tugging her waistband halfway down her plump cheeks allowed him to pull the minute crotch off to the side. There was another pause and then he was inside her in one thrust; her mouth gaped wide and she echoed his grunt. Her pre cum had lubed her enough for him to enter, but it was a tight fit. Three more hard thrusts came, and she could feel the rough denim on the back of her thighs. He pulled out suddenly and rubbed his tip up and down her wetness and then plunged back.


He’d never done anything like it before, but she was too engrossed in the pleasure to wonder where he’d learnt it. He slowed down after a few more minutes of pounding as he removed the pins and elastic from the up-do she had worked on for an hour. He drew back yet again, squeezing her legs together. His leather loafers were thrown to the side, allowing him to finally toss his dreaded jeans into the stained, no-pile carpeting. He hopped onto the bed with his right leg and gathered her long black hair in his fist. He eased inside her pussy, which had tightened due to her legs no longer being stretched apart. His furious, forceful strokes had been replaced with a leisurely, deep massage of her internal organs.


His grip on her hair caused her back to arch and her head to be dragged back. His free hand made contact with her exposed face with a smack. He began to speed up after she shouted out from deep within herself. He slapped her again, and he was slamming her even harder. They were both grunting in time with the thrusts at this point. He let go of her hair with a final whack and yanked her out.


His dick was plainly throbbing, and as he gathered his breath, he looked down to watch it bounce. He didn’t want to come yet; he’d already paid for an hour and planned to use it. She was panting in front of him as well, her body drenched in sweat.


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