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The Booked Time – Season 1 – Episode 20 [Completed]

Episode 5


He began slamming into her as though their bodies sensed it, as one of her hands went down to operate the button that released her own climax. As she approached, he noticed her body tense up, her legs locking and her mouth curved in a silent “oh.” Her cold exteriors contrasted with her internal shuttering and clenching.


The pull of her climax around his cock sparked his own release before he could ask why this had never happened during their seven years of marriage. Their bodies were still intact a few minutes later, save for the heaving of their chests.


Before taking his now-exhausted manhood out of her slit, he kissed her leg. She could feel the come and secretions dripping down her ass crack and out of her hole. As she laid on the stained bed with a contented smile, he went discreetly to the bathroom. Before she could think, he was back, helping her stand by the bed while he kneeled in front of her and cleaned the collective cum that was now trickling down her thighs with a warm, wet but still scratchy hotel towel.


They exited the room hand in hand. She looked like the same woman who had left their house except for the smile on her face and the tousled hair framing it. He held the door open for her as he always did, and she only had to wait a minute for him to return the key until they were heading off to the nights scheduled events.


Back on the highway, they were both reflecting on the previous evening’s happenings. Neither of them believed that a single encounter at a cheap motel would reverse seven years of trained monotony, but it was a step in the right direction.


They could never afford to behave the way they did tonight on a regular basis because of their jobs and responsibilities to the kids, but they recognized that without intentional effort on both of their parts, they would quickly revert to their old roles of ignorance and apathy. As he handled the bumpy route, he pressed the throttle pedal, not so much to make up for lost time as to savor the experience. Their hands squeezed together in a silent promise that even if they could not afford to own the whole life of freedom and enjoyment they could always afford to buy the hour.



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