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The Booked Time – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2


A single dread snatched his attention away from his work. “I’m going to bust if she keeps pulling my leg like that.” He was dressed in jeans because it was a Friday night event and the other men would be dressed in more expensive pants.


The denim was stiff against his stiffly as he shifted in the leather seat. How long had it been since we’d seen each other…weeks? What do you mean, months? She was squeezing once more. He stole a peek and noticed her eyes were closed, so he kept looking. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun, and she wore a form-fitting Gucci dress that covered her entire body. He shouldn’t have discouraged her from wearing the sari because it would have exposed more of her skin. Her olive brown skin was as silky as it had been when they married, and a little shoulder goes a long way. He grinned at the concept, but then remembered the road and how the sari would have drawn too much attention to her, making her feel uncomfortable with the other passengers.


He was always watching out for her, keeping her safe on her throne. Every hour of overtime was dedicated to ensuring that his wife and children had all they could possibly desire. His platinum wedding band pinched into his finger as he tightened his grasp on the driving wheel. He tried to recall when he first started seeing her as a responsibility. He loved her after almost a decade of constructing a life together, but he wasn’t sure if he truly enjoyed her. His mind wandered to the possibility that she didn’t care for him either. He was the one who brought in the money, but she was in charge of everything else. She was in charge of their home, as well as the children’s schedules.


He’d returned home today and was ready to suggest ordering takeout when she reminded him about the dinner tonight as soon as he walked through the door. She’d laid out his clothing but hadn’t bothered to see him put them on. Apparently, admiring the figure he spent every lunch hour working on with his personal trainer wasn’t part of the plan.



However, she appeared to be loving the sensation of his thigh muscles just now. As his erection filled the narrow gap between his leg and the harsh pants, he thought, “My wife, the Cock Tease.” He thought to himself, “Just once,” as he recognized the irony of their scheduled sex being the single appointment they consistently missed.


He thought to himself, “Fuck it,” as he often did before abandoning his meticulously prepared remarks and winging the concluding address. He took his right hand off the wheel and placed it over his wife’s, moving it up his leg gently but firmly until their hands were cupping the stiff bulge in his pants. Her eyelids sprung awake with a jolt.


The Mercedes Benz was tearing down the highway at a breakneck speed. His right hand was free to slide down the top of her dress and squeeze one of her already erect nipples because his left hand was clutching the wheel at 12 o’clock. Her eyes were closed once more, but she was whimpering as she rummaged through his underwear. All he could think about was getting out of the constricting jeans’ hardness.


They’d seen a sign advertising a 2 mile exit with a Waffle House and an unnamed motel. She remained silent as he activated the turn signal and exited. He disregarded the obnoxious woman on the GPS who told him to perform a U-turn and turned into the parking lot.


She waited in the car as he untucked his shirt to conceal his erection before entering the lobby, which was just another room at the end of a long row of single-floor efficiency. He had paid less than the cost of his dry washing to rent a room in order to pleasure his wife for an hour, and check-in took less than three minutes. When he opened her door, their gazes met.


As she stood, he grabbed her about the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. The key chain-wielding hand pressed into the back of her head, driving her mouth into his as his tongue pierced her lips, but the desperation in his groin cut it short. He didn’t say anything as he guided her by the arm to Room 6, which matched the key chain tag. He let her step in first after opening the door. As she stepped through, he slapped her across the face, ruining the nice gesture. As he closed the door, she tripped a little and tried to take off her four-inch stilettos, but he took her hand off the left pump and turned her around to face the bed. He pressed her with his hand on the centre of her upper back.

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