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The Bodyguard – Season 2 – Episode 5

The Bodyguard Reloaded – Episode 5
© Tisa Phiri
I looked at my watch and it was almost
mid night , l had put my phone close
enough so that l would answer as soon as
Ackim calls .
Removing my wedding dress l wore loose
pajamas and walked to the twin`s room
touching their toys and clothes as l
hugged them, I felt deeply sadden. Lord
keep them safe and protect them l prayed
silently . The thought of not having them
around made my heart ach .
I sat on the small couch and cried silently,
my mind wild back to the time l first knew
l was pregnant .
We had gone for some vacation in
Livingstone with Ackim just after the
imprisonment of George , we needed time
to rest from everything and just be alone
for a while. Ackim booked us at Chrisma
Hotel and we spent time going round
places , it was one of the most precious
times we had together .
Every night we would took walks in the
streets and around the hotel hand in hand
, every day that passed l grew further in
love with him . He was and has always
been the most amazing man in my life .

One day l woke up feeling dizzy, l tried
getting up from bed but l fell down ,
whats wrong my love ?Ackim rushed to lift
me up. I had not told him l wasn’t feeling
like myself the past days , l didn’t want to
spoil the moment . l just feel dizzy l told
him .
We have to go to the hospital he insisted,
some doctor need to check on you . Am
fine babe pliz come on . l just need some
rest maybe , l just feel tired .
No way am letting you be without being
checked , l noticed you have been looking
tired the past days , he snapped getting a
pair of jeans and a top for me to wear ,
come on love dress up we go or l will take
you in your night wear.
I smiled , you are so stubborn Ackim , l
winced dressing up . Yeah l want you
good and strong , he teased kissing my
lips slightly as he led me out .
The doctor looked at both of us after
some examinations and smiled,
congratulations you two he said, you are
going to have a baby .
What ? I screamed surprised .
Yes my dear you are about 3 weeks
pregnant , he smiled .
Yes ! Ackim jumped excited, love we are
going to have a baby he shouted hugging
me as l sat on the bed . Am so excited he
laughed kissing me . I clossed my eyes
with excitement building up in me as well
. l didn’t anticipate having a child that
soon but the thought of carrying Ackim`s
child inside myself made me so happy .
Thank you my love for making me a proud
man , he added . l promise to always be
here for you .
Later on that day we were asked to go for
a scan and it added to our joy to learn that
we were going to have twins . Ackim
couldn`t stop shouting and kissing me
with happiness .
The following day l stood by the balcony in
the afternoon looking outside , the view
of the pool ahead of me looking beautiful .
l smiled at how Ackim had insisted we get
a room near the pool side , he practically
made the hotel attendant to give us the
room even when he told him it was
booked , he gave him some money and
asked him to cancel the other booking . l
smiled at him as we were taken to the
room . Did you have to force that man
babe ? I asked him laughing .
Yes love , he said chuckling , l get what l
want remember ? He asked throwing
himself on the bed . l know that now l
teased joining him . You are so stubborn ,
l added getting on top of him . He sighed
and mourned as he turned me besides
making me face him , come here and give
me a reward for getting you this room ,
he teased kissing me . l love you Ackim l
whispered as he went on kissing me .
He stood behind me and cleared his throat
, what are you thinking about ?He asked
standing behind me and hugging me
bringing me back to the present ,
everything l answered turning to look at
him . So what next ? I asked him . What
about ? he responded rubbing his nose
on mine .
We are having babies and we didn`t plan
for this , l told him , l don’t know what we
are supposed to do now .
Oh love , l sometimes don’t understand
you , do you doubt l love you ? I know we
didn’t plan but you and these babies in
here , he said holding my tummy , are the
best things that have happened to me .
Am here and will always be here for you
and our kids whatever happens l will live
to protect and love you both till the day l
will die , he added seriously . Let’s get
married he said lifting my head such that
my eyes met his .
Are you proposing marriage soldier ? I
giggled . Yes he said , all l need is to find a
ring and put on your finger . l go now he
teased leaving me and stepped back .


No stop , l shouted pulling him back , we
don’t have to rush anything . l mean am
here , am not planning on running away
with these babies you have planted in me ,
you know my father would want a big
wedding and you heard the doctor l don’t
need a lot of stress until l give birth , lets
wait until l give birth then we can arrange
the wedding things , l told him .
Whatever you say my love he whispered
but am moving in with you when we
heard back to Solwezi .
Why don’t we stay in Chingola , l
suggested , we can rent or buy an
apartment near town centre .
I will take care of that Ackim assured me
and for sure when we got back he had
gotten an apartment for us .
Coming to the present , l looked around
the room . We had spent months
preparing and planning on the babies’
arrival . Oh my God l sighed , we were
supposed to be together and happy . Why
won’t everyone just let us live in peace ? I
whispered crying . l didn’t hear dad walk
in .
He came and sat next to me , am sorry
baby you have to go through a lot right
after your beautiful wedding . l really wish
things were different and that you, Ackim
and the kids were all together as it should
be the case . Sometimes l feel bad and
blame myself for all this .
No dad , it’s not your fault George and his
mother do what they do , they are just
jealous and ungrateful people ,all they
want is to destroy our lives . She won’t
just accept the fate of her son and now
she wants me to suffer for her loss .
Yeah l know, but someone has to act on
this it’s been too much of her dad
complained , this time around l won’t sit
and watch . lt’s high time that woman got
to see the worst of me .
Calm down my dota am sure Ackim is
doing the best he can and l promise
tomorrow l will involve the police and find
my way of facing those criminals he
added serious .
I could see he was tired , but all my efforts
to let him go to bed failed . l won’t sleep
before you do he insisted .
Just then my phone rang and l grabbed it
quickly standing up. Yes babe, l answered .
My love hope you are not crying yourself
out that side l heard him speak , take it
easy l will make sure l bring the kids home
l promise you .
You wont believe what l just found out he
told me , what happened ? I asked my
eyes popping out .
Jane is working with Chikola and the gang
, they planned all this together .
Oh no , l sighed but why ? What does she
want too ? I asked surprised .
I was shocked too, but not to worry am
letting her free until she leads me to our
kids , just take it easy and take care of
yourself there , am heading to Kitwe right
now were l suspect they took the kids. I
will give you details of everything when l
came home

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Okey then please just promise you will
bring the kids and yourself back home
Ackim . l won’t survive if anything
happened to you all .
I will bring us back home my love he
sighed , over my dead body that l let
anything happen to you and our twins ,
he said before hanging up .
I told dad about Jane . Take it easy Paula
he told me , everything will be okey . l
cried as he hugged me . Come on dad , l
finally sighed and told him , am going to
bed now you should get some rest .
I walked him to his room .
I went back to my bedroom , realising l
had not seen Serah since the time at the
reception . l dialed her number and called
her , as the phone rang l thought of why
she had to come all the way from
Austrialia with Jay my ex boyfriend . l had
noticed the two of them making some
funny glances at the wedding knowing
how wild Serah was , l wouldn’t be
surprised they were sleeping together . l
wasn’t so much interested in them
however , l just ignored them . l have
come to learn that she wasn’t not trully
happy for me . Unlike her l found a man
who trully loved me , she was jealous
though she pretended to be happy for me
. l knew from the time she told me about
Jay wanting me back that her intentions
were not to see me happy .
Hello ! girfriend , l heard her respond just
before the phone cut .
Hey Serah where are you am worried , l
didn’t see you here at home after the
wedding ?
Am okey girlfriend she said , a lot of noise
in the back ground . Am just having some
time out with a hot guy l met at the
wedding , she shouted excited . l could bet
she was drunk . Any news on the kids ?
she asked .
Nothing yet dear, am still waiting for
Ackim .
Am sorry Paula am not with you l promise
to come tomorrow early in the morning to
be with you .
Yeah , it’s fine Serah have funny l told her .
l heard Jay`s voice in the back calling her
out . Before l could ask she cut the line. I
knew she didn’t want me knowing she
was with him . l shook my heard as l lay
back down , l knew those two were up to
something fishy but l had to care about
something more important at the

To be continued

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