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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 7

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 7
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Benlo was seen entering Rain Brain with his big box containing the blue river image. He bounced inside to see all workers busy. They were set of people whom their computers showed the river flowing live on the screen. When he saw it, he became shocked moving to the chamber but Ena who came out from the manager’s office blocked him.
“What do you want young man?”
“I want that” he pointed at the live blue river flowing on the screen. He also saw the name of the forest and the location beside it.
Hearing that, Ena dragged him out of the place to the corridor. “Are you insane?”
“What do you mean?” Benlo became surprise. “Listen, I’m going crazy!” he opened the image positioning it before her. Ena became more surprise seeing the exact image Sarah brought to her and also the image of he live blue river that displaced on the computer screen through the camera mounted at the forest. “I can’t help but to think of this river. I believe i have a strong connection with it. I only came here to make a research about it but to see it live on the screen of those computers. You have to tell me something”
“I have nothing to tell you. Whosoever you are, if you wonna live to see tomorrow, better leave this place now!” Ena shouted.
“But why?”
Just then, Ena heard the manager’s voice coming. She dragged the image from Benlo, threw it inside a nearby trash-can and closed it before Mr Rain came out to see both of them standing Suspiciously. Already, Benlo had became totally confused without knowing what was going on.
“Ena, you should be working” Mr Rain looked at Benlo. “Young man what are you doing here?”
“I came to..”
“He is my cousin brother” Ena interrupted immediately feeling her heartbeat. “He just arrived from school, so he came to collect the key to my house” she brought out her house key then stretched it to Benlo. “This it, take it and leave. Make sure you cook something to eat”
Benlo reluctantly collected the key while Mr Rain also went out from there reluctantly believing that something wasn’t just right there. He entered into his car while Ena entered inside the company, both leaving only Benlo there in confusion…
As Sarah contemplated how she would begin her journey to the forest of Ezai, Lora came in and sat with her on the bed. Both in different skirt and top.
“What are you thinking, Sarah?” Lora broke the silence.
“Nothing serious” Sarah glanced at her with a smile. “Anything the problem?”
“I want to tell you something”
“Go on”
“It’s about a guy”
“Wow!” Sarah turned properly facing her. “I’m all ears”
Lora wanted to tell her about Benlo in case if there were any connections between him and her sister, she would know from the interaction. “His name is Benlo, i met him at Ututu town” she looked at her sister. “Do you know him?”
“Why should i know him?”
“He was actually the one who gave me that paper telling me that he can’t stop thinking about a blue river”
Hearing that, Sarah’s face changed along with her heartbeat. Before she knew it, she began to feel goose pimples all over her body forgetting herself.
“Sarah?” Lora brought back her attention. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine” she smiled. “So, what about this guy?”
“I love him and i can’t wait to date him”
“Wow, thank God, you’re in love”
“Yeah” Lora remained quiet for a while. “What about you? Don’t you have someone you love?”
Sarah shook her head. “No, men don’t come my way”
“I see. Can you tell me more about this blue river of a thing?” Lora requested and Sarah was happy to share the story with her.
Ena watched Mr Rain drove out from the window before she came back to Benlo again and forcefully dragged her key from him. “I just saved your life. Now leave and never return!”
“I’m confuse, why did you pretend..”
“I said leave!” Ena hurriedly began to enter back into the company. “And don’t forget to carry your image!” her voice echoed from inside.
Benlo sluggishly opened the trash-can, carried his board and began to go. At least the only information he needed was where the river could be found and he saw the answer on the screen of one of those computers.
He returned home, picked his father’s cutlass and began to sharpen it inside his room. The board containing the image of the river dropped on the floor. Even the room itself looked nasty. It was more like a room that is about to be abandoned. Benlo sharpened the knife with all seriousness sweating in his white singlet. Suddenly, his parents entered like ghosts. They thought their only son was gradually getting mad .
“Benlo” the father called.
“Father” he replied without looking at him rather began to feel the sharpness of the cutlass on his fingers tips.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m preparing”
“For what?”
“For my journey to the forest of Ezai”
“My son, please, don’t go anywhere” the mother wanted to cry.
“Telling me not to go is like telling me to die, mother. I must get there!” Benlo concluded unabashedly..

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