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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 6

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 6
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
The man that vanished through the flowing river got others scared even Mr Rain thereby making all to run away from the river bank. No one said a word as all readily positioned their guns.
“Sir, i think we should get out of here” one of the men broke the silence.
“That’s a good idea but we aren’t given up” Mr Rain replied. “Mount cameras at every angle of the river” he instructed. That is to tell you that he was well prepared before coming. He watched the men mount camera at every corner of the river then contacted the Rain Brain centre especially Ena to confirm if they could see the river live on their screen and the response was positive. They went home.
Mr Rain critically thought about what happened at the river then began to suspect Ena. He called her to his personal house. The house was a mansion with classic furniture. One could see a glass centre table that reflected his image as he walked to and fro with a wine in his hand. He couldn’t stop thinking about what happened at the river. Suddenly, Ena entered in a short skirt and blouse.
“Sir, you called”
“Sit down”
Ena took a seat likewise him.
“What happened at the river today tell me that something is wrong somewhere and only you can figure out the answer”
“How sir?”
“I should be asking you how”
Ena began to sense that her boss was heading somewhere, so her heart began to beat faster. “Sir.. i.. i don’t know..”
“Ena” Mr Rain interrupted. “There was a question you asked me. You said what will i do if someone already knows about the river. That shows you know someone who already knows about it, true or false?”
“False sir”
“Then why did you ask the question?”
“Umm.. nothing, sir” Ena swallowed hard. “It was just a slip of tongue”
“Okay” Mr Rain ordered her to go but still suspected something. Just as she reached the door, he said, “Ena? If i find out that you’re lying to me, hope you know what i will do to you”
Ena remained quiet staring at him, the more she stared, the more she remembered the number of his workers he wasted their lives. Therefore she shook her head. “Yes, sir, i know” she clutched the doorknob and went out.
Lora became moody in her room thinking about what her grandfather told them. “How can people be so cruel and wicked? We should be the ones managing Rain Brain, we should be rich not being held in this stinking hole all in the name of we are female and don’t have right to fight for what is rightfully ours” she deviated from that thought to the statement her younger sister made earlier. “Sarah thinks about a blue river, the same river Benlo drew telling me he can’t help but to think about it. What’s going on?” she asked rhetorically in thought.
However, Sarah had gone back to the residence of Ena but was more careful than initial coz she had been revealed about the truth behind the company and the manager himself.
Ena wore a milky robe with two permanent belt which she tied across her abdomen wearing only her pant inside. She believed it was okay since she was the only person in the house. She sat before Sarah and crossed her legs with a glass of water in her hand. “Welcome, Sarah”
“Thank you.. Ena”
“I made a research on the blue river”
“Did you get to know anything about it?” Sarah became curious.
“No” Ena shook her head, but within her she felt bad for lying knowing that the river is somehow spiritually connected to her.
Sarah became disappointed. “Okay, i have to go now” she stood up walking to the door but Ena called her and stood up breathing hastily coz what she was about to do will put both lives in danger but she needed to free her conscience. “Actually, Sarah, i found such a river..”
“Really?” Sarah came back in excitement.
“Yes, it’s in the forest of Ezai sixty degree North. You aren’t going there, are you?”
Sarah noticed her hand in which she held the glass cup of water trembling. “Ena, your hand is trembling. What’s the matter?”
“Nothing” Ena dropped the cup. “I have given you the information you need. You can go now” she sat down.
After Sarah observed her attitude for a while, she left the sanctum.
Benlo could be seen bringing out the large image of the blue river from the wall and wrapping it in a carton with selotape. He hurried out with it in the living room just to see his parents watching a T.V. programme.
“Where are you going, son?” the mother asked.
“To Kin town” he replied standing at the door.
“What for?” the father queried with a T.V. remote in his hand.
“Wonna go make a research about the blue river at Rain Brain. Father, the feelings is becoming too intense for me. I can’t bear anymore. Wherever the river is, i must get there sooner or later otherwise, boom! you’ll see your son dancing naked at the market square” he clutched the doorknob and rushed out. How would he know that Mr Rain won’t think twice to kill him if he finds out he knows about the river?

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