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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 5

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 5
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Mr Rain stared at Ena suspiciously because the look on her face seemed more like she knew someone who already knows about the blue river, so he said with a very dangerous voice, “Ena? Have you told anybody about what you just told me or do you know anybody that already knows about the river?”
“No, sir” Ena shook her head negatively. “Not at all, sir”
“Good” Mr Rain picked his phone in her presence, placed it on his ear and said, “Get my chopper (helicopter) ready. We are leaving now” he dropped the call then looked at Ena again. “Remind me the location of the river again”
“In the forest of Ezai, sixty degree North” Ena replied.
“Good” he stepped out of the office followed by Ena whose heart began to beat for an innocent girl Sarah coz her boss can go extra mile to get or know whosoever he wonna know.
At the residence of Eric, Lora wasn’t going anywhere that day and she had been mute without exchanging words with her younger sister. That was the kind of person she was: she’s hot tempered and hardly forgives or forgets something.
She came into the room with a towel tied round her chest while Sarah sat on the edge of the bed in a bumshort watching her rob cream on her body.
“Lora? Is unfair oh. I’ve apologized to you severally for taking the paper but you seem not to give me a listening ear. Okay, fine, there is something i want to tell you about the paper” Sarah paused to know what she would say but Lora didn’t even look back. She continued anyways, “Grandpa said my first words as a baby were, “Blue River” and i can’t stop thinking about a blue river. Each time i do, i shed uncontrollable tears. I was amazed when i saw the exact image of the river on the paper, so i became surprised and went to Rain Brain yesterday to make a research about it. That’s why i took it. I’m sorry”
The only statement that attracted Lora’s attention was ‘..i can’t stop thinking about a blue river..’ because that was the exact statement Benlo made when giving her the paper. Though she neglected it and said, “We were warned not to go to Rain Brain”
“That is my point, Lora!” Sarah stood up. “I think Grandpa has to explain to us very well why we are brohibited from going there”
“I don’t think that’s necessary now”
“It is oh. In fact..” Sarah walked out of room. Though Lora tried to call her back, but she refused. She met her grandfather in the living room, sat opposit him angrily with her hands folded. Few seconds later, Lora also came out sitting adjacent to both of them.
Already, Eric had overhead their conversation thus knowing why they were there. “A child who seeks for what killed his father, what killed his father will kill him too”
“What do you mean by that, grandpa?” Lora became both optimistic and enthusiastic.
“I overheard both of you”
“Thank God” Sarah said.
“Why i don’t want you to go to Rain Brian is because your father and Ken, popularly known as Mr Rain or Brain whatever he calls himself were the one to establish the company, though it wasn’t doing well then. They had a serious problem that your father sue him in court. Out of greediness, wickedness and selfishness, Ken killed him when he knew he would win the case and eventually take over the company. He was also happy that your father doesn’t have a male child who would one day come up to claim the company. And i tell you, Ken won’t hesitate to kill any of you if he sees you there knowing that you the seed of Henry, your father”
Sarah and Lora looked at each other after Eric concluded. What could they possibly do for they are just females with no financial support.
Up in the sky, Mr Rain’s chopper hung above the blue river. They could see it glowing it its colour and flowing with a high current. A flexible ladder was dropped down from the chopper to the forest through they all went down coz there was no landing place for the chopper.
All found themselves beside the amazing river. They had never seen such a river before with much beauty added to the gold that sparkled in it and at its bank. They were five heavy men with heavy guns who guided Mr Rain as he smiled looking at the golds.
“This is it!” he laughed heroically. “Get one of those golds for me” he ordered one of the men.
The man hung his gun, stepped a foot into the river, bent down, put his hand in it to bring out what he was told but couldn’t explain his experience. He straightened up looking at his boss.
“What’s it?” Mr Rain frowned.
“Boss, i tried to take the gold but can’t bring it out”
“What a heck do you mean?” he bent down himself to pick another gold but experienced the same thing. He straightened up. “This is strange” he stepped backward.
“Boss, this river is mysterious”
“Nonsense! It can be deadly for all i care, i believe in possibilities” he ordered another man to dig up the gold but the man ended up carried by the river instantly and mysteriously…

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