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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 3

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 3
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Being a computer wizard, your intelligent quotient must be very high in computer and Ena had those potentials. She fixed her eyes on the computer screen decoding a lot of meaning about the blue river. She didn’t get anything meanful then she quit and stood up “Will be back shortly” she told her nearest partner. She was a girl in her 26th, slim and tall with high pitch voice.
Later in the evening after Lora had gone for her normal business at Ututu town, Sarah went to her bag, brought out the paper again and began to stare at it. Her heart beat faster, legs trembled and her tears gland activated. She wiped it off intently. “Why do i cry?” she murmured involuntarily. The only thing she could think of was how
to get to that river, but how could she when she doesn’t know where it is?
Nevertheless, she folded the paper, put on something good: a jean trouser and a fairy top. The paper found a refuge in one of the pockets then she began to go out in a hurry. Immediately she stepped out of the house, Eric, the grandfather, called, “Sarah..”
She turned in a hast feeling her heartbeat. “Yes, grandpa”
“The fastest legs do not know that they are seen by the fastest eyes. Where is your fastest legs taking you to?”
“Umm.. i want to see a friend”
“A boy or a girl”
“Ah, grandpa,” Sarah smiled moving closer to him. “of course a girl. Listen, you should stop all this men stuff. I have no man in my
life yet”
“That isn’t the issue. The issue is where you are going to now?”
Sarah became aware that Eric knew she was lying to him coz he brohibited them from going to the Rain Brian- that was actually where she was going with the paper to make inquiries. But the reason why they were prohibited from going there had not been made clear to them either and she didn’t want to bring up the issue at the moment. Therefore, she looked at her grandfather with a factitious smile, “I just want to see a female friend. I’ll be back very soon” she hurriedly left without Eric saying a word coz what an old man sees sitting down, a child cannot see it even if she climbs the highest mountain.
The vicinity of the Rain Brain was quiet. It had a fence and all kinds of long transmitting poles. Sarah stood at the gate for a while before knocking still wondering why she and her sister were prohibited by their grandfather from entering there. Before she came out from that thought, a gateman stood before her.
“Who you dey look for?”
“I want to see the workers or the manager”
“Check your time. Rain Brain is closed for today”
Sarah became disappointed and looked around in confusion. “Please, can you direct me to the house of any of the workers?”
“You won put me for trouble?” the gateman yelled.
“You know what to do na” he spread his hand for a bribe, yet admiring Sarah’s body..
If Lora went to Ututu town on that day for her little business, it would be a lie. She actually went there hoping and praying to see Benlo again. The sun had set without her seeing him, so she became disappointed. Just as she wanted to enter a bus, Benlo sighted her from where he was drinking himself out because the thought of the blue river had become so intense for him. Jasper sat before him with a pitying gesture.
Lora turned to the direction of the voice. “Benlo?” she went there happily.
“Good to see you again, sit down” Benlo gave her a seat then looked at Jasper. “This is the Lora”
“Wait, you’ve told your friend about me already?” Lora smiled.
“He demanded to know who i was staring at yesterday, so i told him”
“Please to meet you, Lora” Jasper shook her hand gently.
“So what are you guys celebrating?” Lora queried.
“Ask him” Jasper pointed at his friend.
“It’s my birthday!” Benlo lied not wanting to bring up the issue of the blue river again.
“Wow! Happy birthday!” Lora was more excited. The more she looked and interacted with him, the more she fell in love with him too…
The gateman directed Sarah to Ena’s house after she pleaded not to have money with her. Though, the gateman jokingly demanded for her body but they laughed it over.
Ena’s resident was an expensive bungalow. Sarah sat with her in the sitting room without knowing how to start.
“So, what can i do for you.. um..”
“It’s Sarah”
“Yes Sarah”
“I want you to make a research on this” Sarah handed the paper to her. “It’s a blue river. I can’t stop thinking about it, and it seems i have a strong connection with it. Please, search and tell me where i can find it”
Ena became surprise after hearing what she said coz that was exactly the blue river she showed her boss the previous day, so she looked up to her again, “Did you say you have some kind of strong connection with this river?”
“Yes, you sound as if you’ve seen it before. Have you seen it before, ma?” Sarah asked enthusiastically..

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