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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 21

Episode 21
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Benlo and his friends laughed at Jasper’s
last statement which says that Lucy might
break his television before he gets home.
Jasper sat down. “So, what’s the latest?”
“Ken has been arrested” Benlo answered.
“And we gonna see him in court in the next
three days” Ena added. “And you know
what? I’m gonna be a witness. I can’t wait
to tell the court how many people he has
“That’s great!” Jasper exclaimed. “Definitely,
his next destination from court will be in
They laughed.
“That reminds me” Jasper continued. “You
should have witness what happened at the
“What happened?” Lora queried in
He told them about the blue river and the
drama exhibited by the villagers when he
played the music with his phone. They all
laughed aloud while Sarah stood up
instantly going towords the door.
“Where are you going?” Lora asked her.
“To see princess Lucy!” she replied.
“Even me too oh!” Lora ran after her.
“I must see her too” Ena followed them.
Benlo and Jasper looked at each other
smiling seriously. They stood up and shook
hands like real men.
“I guess i have to see your princess too”
Benlo said going out.
“That girl is a problem to this modern
world!” Jasper followed him.
The girls rode on one car while the boys on
another. They all got to Jasper’s house at the
same time. The house had a fence and
painted white. There were flower pots at
each corner of the house even at the
After opening the door of the sitting room,
they all saw Lucy breaking the television
with a hammer she found in the kitchen.
“I told you guys, didn’t i?” Jasper moved
forward. “Lucy, why did you decide to break
my television?”
“The people inside wanted to kill themselves,
so i decided to separate them” Lucy replied
breathing hastily.
“With a hammer?!”
“I told them to stop fighting but they
“Oh, God!” Jasper took the hammer from her
forcefully while Benlo and co laughed
standing at the door. He looked at Lucy
again to see her in animal skin. “I thought i
told you to change this animal skin to a
better cloth and look like a human being for
“But I’m a human being”
“Old human being! You have to look like a
new human being!”
Sarah moved forward. “Is okay, I’ll handle
this” she held Lucy by the hand leading her
to the bedroom followed by Lora and Ena.
Jasper stared at his broken television
piteously. “Demn! I’m tired!”
“You asked for it, bro” Benlo sat down while
Jasper turned to him.
“Is it a crime to fall in love?”
“In this case, it is”
“Do you know how much i bought this
television? It worth more that one hundred
and..” Jasper paused when he saw Lucy
standing at the door of the room wearing a
blue tight gown that brought out both her
beauty and shape. On her feet were
sparkling high heel shoes. Though her hair
looked local but her appearance was more
like an African queen.
“Oh-my-God!” Benlo stressed from the
“My Goodness!” Jasper dropped the hammer
which nearly hit his legs. As he tried to
touch her, Sarah came out.
“Don’t even touch her!”
“After shouting at her because of a common
television, you want to touch her, abi” she
“But she’s my girlfriend!”
“And so what? You must apologize to her
“Are you kidding me!” Jasper became
woozy. “I brought her from the forest, i
bought this cloth with my own money, the
television she broke is mine and you still
expect me to apologize to her before i touch
her? This is incredible!”
“Then suit yourself!” Sarah held Lucy to take
her back into the room.
“Fine, I’m sorry!” Jasper shouted before they
turned. “I’m sorry for breaking my
television” he added hopelessly and Benlo
couldn’t help it but to laughed. The girls
even giggled as Jasper finally hugged and
kissed Lucy.
After the girls went back into the room to
change her to another cloth, Lucy became
“What’s it, princess?” Sarah asked her.
“Something is not right” she replied.
“I should have been the one to apologize to
Jasper not..”
“My dear” Ena interrupted her. “Yes, you are
right but in this world, you have to make
men know your worth no matter what you
do to them coz you are a girl with pride and
“Yes, dear, as a girl, you worth more than
golds or a mare television” Lora added.
“You mean uga?” Lucy asked.
“Yes, and don’t allow him to touch you until
he pays your pride price” Sarah added.
“But he has been touching me?”
“What!” the girls shrieked staring at her.
“He just touched me now. Didn’t you see it?”
“Oooh!” Lora exclaimed. “Is not that type of
touching. We mean sex”
“Oooh” Lucy exclaimed too. “I already know
that” she added.
“Good” they resumed their work smiling.
Ken went to Jail after he was found guilty by
the court and Lora became the new
manager of Rain Brain making sure Ena
resumed her work.
Benlo surprised Sarah with his new house
and proposed to her inside the house but
she rejected the proposal..

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