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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 20

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 20
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Jasper took on his heels with his princess
running towards the underground world.
“I will be back, father!” the princess shouted.
As they ran along the track of the dried
water, they heard the blue river flowing
back from behind.
Jasper looked back. “Look, the water is
Lucy smiled watching as the river came with
a high current. “It’s actually a sign of luck
coz it’s a privilege to witness the river and
uga come back from watering our crops”
“You don’t mean it”
“I do”
Both watched the river passed them flowing
as fast as possible bringing back the golds.
Jasper couldn’t express the level of his
happiness as he watched the golds thus
losing attention from the girl before him.
“Hey!” Lucy hit him on the chest before he
came back to his senses.
“Sorry, my princess”
“Why do you like this uga so much?”
“This uga can buy the whole forest”
“It worth millions of naira”
“What is naira?”
Jasper exhaled in disguste and tiredness.
Before he could explain, Lucy thought
critically and said, “Oh, you mean shelin?”
“Is that what you call your currency? Well,
mine is naira” Jasper held her hand for them
to continue but she pulled him back. “I want
you to do me that thing” she requested
smiling as if there was a butterfly in her
“Which thing?” Jasper stared at her
“The thing”
“What thing!”
“The one you did with your mouth”
Jasper remained mute for a while to figure
out what she was trying to say. “Oh, you
mean a kiss?”
The princess shook her head happily.
“You like it?” Jasper smiled watching her
shake her head again. He brought her closer
to himself and kissed her longer than
before. “I love you my princess”
“I love you too my prince” Lucy dragged him
by the hand to continue the journey but he
pulled her back too.
“Give me that thing”
“What thing”
“The thing”
“Uga. You know i can’t have them in my
hands, and i guess you can”
Lucy smiled, bent down, picked some golds
and gave to him.
“Pick more!”
“No, let’s go!” she dragged him running in
the water..
At Rain Brain, Mr Rain refused to adhere to
the sergeants order. “Let me speak to my
lawyer” he said bringing out his cell phone
while his eyes were fixed on Sarah and Lora.
He saw the image of their laste father in
them. “I should have known” he murmured,
called his lawyer before he was taken to the
The sun set, yet, Jasper and her princess
were still in the forest but were close to the
main road where he parked his car. He had
been thinking on how she gonna react if
she sees it.
Finally before darkness began to cover the
atmosphere, they came to the road where
Jasper’s car parked. Lucy didn’t see it at first.
She was still concentrating on the noise of
distant chattering and horn of vehicles.
Immediately she saw the car she shouted in
a loud voice running back to the forest.
Jasper ran after her. “Lucy! Lucy!” he finally
caught her.
“What type of human being was that?!” Lucy
asked struggling in his arms.
“It’s just a car! It doesn’t bite!”
“No, I’m scared!”
“Don’t be!” Jasper kept carrying her to the
car while she struggled to run. He unlocked
the car with a remote thereby making it
beep a sound with a red light.
Lucy screamed!
Jasper opened the front door struggled her
inside, entered too and locked the door.
“Get me out!” she began to hit him.
“Lucy, Lucy!” he held her two hands both
breathing heavily. “Just calm down, you
gonna enjoy it. It doesn’t harm. Now i will
gradually release your hands, put on the Air
Conditioner and drive out” Jasper did as he
said and the car began to move. He could
see an excitement on her face as she felt the
car moving.
“It’s moving!” she shouted looking at the
grasses. “The grasses are running too”
“No, Lucy, we are the one moving” Jasper
Lucy looked at him. “It’s a lie!”
He smiled driving into the township where
Lucy saw other big and small cars even light
of different colours at different buildings.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “The future is more
than beautiful!”
“Yes” Jasper smiled at her.
“Look at mountains!” Lucy pointed at storey
“They are houses not mountains”
Jasper stopped at a boutique to buy clothes
for her. When she entered there, she
became confused. Before Jasper knew it,
she packed all most all the clothes both male
and female to him.
“What!” he exclaimed. “Do you want to buy
all the clothes here?”
“But they are beautiful” Lucy replied.
“Is that why you packed all? How many uga
did you give me?”
Lucy frowned. “Are you angry?”
“No, dear. Just that some of them are male
clothings” Jasper said with a calmed voice.
Jasper finally took Lucy home and went
straight to Lora’s to see all his friends there.
“Jasper, how did it go?” Benlo asked him.
“Guy, I’m tired! I actually went to the forest
and carried a problem. Lucy is at home now.
I just hope she doesn’t break my television
open before i get home thinking she could
bring the people out from it” Jasper replied
in exhaustion..

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