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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 2

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 2
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
A tap on the back reminded Benlo that he
was actually waiting for somebody at the
supermarket. He turned with a smiling face
to see Jasper behind him.
“Why were you staring at the bus, and why
are you smiling?”
“Lora just entered the bus” Benlo began to
stroll again followed by his friend whose
face looked worried wondering who Lora
“Who is Lora, bro?”
“Lora is a girl who told me her name is Lora”
Benlo replied smiling at his own words.
Jasper smiled along. “You have a way of
making friends, and girls fall for you easily”
“Yes, actually, she fell before me with her
“She did?”
“But that isn’t the type of falling I’m talking
“That’s your own cup of tea”
“You know what i mean, silly boy!” Jasper
gave him a friendly punch and both laughed
Benlo was a cool and gentle guy with an
amazing talent of art. He can draw the exact
image of anything he sees or thinks. His
parents weren’t rich neither were they poor.
He arrived home that evening, went into his
room and banged the door behind him.
There was a large image of a blue river on
the wall which he drew and painted by
himself. He placed his two hands on the
waist staring at it. “Why do i have this
feelings that this river exist?” he thought
moving closer to it. As he stared at it, tears
dropped down from his eyes but he wiped
it off instantly and turned to see his door
opened by his father, Mr Livinus. He wore a
medicated eyeglasses, a singlet and a pair of
trouser. He also stared at the image on the
wall. “Benlo?”
“Yes, father”
“Can you tell me why you choose to have
this particular image hanging at every angle
of your room?”
“I don’t know, father” Benlo sat on the edge
of the bed taking a glance at the image
again. He couldn’t bear how he felt, so he
stood up to the image again and turned to
his father with all seriousness. “Father, i
have feeling that this river is someone”
“Where?” the father passed him to wall
touching the image and feeling the texture
of the material.
“I don’t know but..”
“No but” the father interrupted. “Anything
you don’t know doesn’t exist” he walked
towards the door but turned again. “Your
mother just served dinner. See you at the
dining table” he walked out.
The day had become dark when Lora
arrived home. She met her grandfather
sitting in front of the house, greeted him
and entered into the local house. There was
an electricity that generated light energy
which illuminated the interior and exterior
part of the building.
Sarah jumped up for joy when she saw her
elder sister. She collected a bag from her
inside their room coz they shared only one
room while the grandfather had his own
“How was business today, Lora?” Sarah
asked bringing out provisions from the bag
while her sister began to undress. She was
two years older than Sarah.
“Fine” she replied without looking back then
began to unbutton her bra.
As Sarah went through the bag, she saw the
paper Benlo gave Lora. She stared at it
silently coz that was the exact image of the
blue river she always thought about. When
the quietness lingered, Lora turned to see
her with the paper. “What are you doing
with that!” she forcefully collected it from
Sarah became speechless staring at her
sister surprisingly. She had not disclosed to
her about her new develop thinking attitude
of a blue river and she wasn’t ready to do
so. Therefore she asked, “Lora. Where did
you get that?”
“Someone gave it to me”
“Come, ” Lora glared at her. “Since when did
u become an inspector interrogating me like
a suspect?”
“I’m sorry” Sarah waved it off. “Just that it’s
nice. Do you mind hanging it on the wall?”
she requested but her sister remaind mute
dressing in a domestic wear. She placed the
paper back into her bag then began to walk
towards the door. “Let’s go make dinner”
she finally said totally giving a deaf ear to
Sarah’s request.
“Okay” Sarah followed her without minding
Rain Brain was a discovery company that
deals on research. The workers there were
all computer wizards each having a
computer before him or her. The manager,
Mr Rain was a tall huge man with a dark
complexion. He’s heartless and gets what he
wants either by cruel or crook. He doesn’t
believe in impossibility thus making
everything possible. Suddenly, one of his
female workers, Ena, called his attention.
“Sir, I’ve found something”
Mr Rain went to her desk. He looked at the
screen of her computer to see the image of
a blue river. “What a heck is that?”
“A blue river”
“Go on”
“It’s some kind of mysterious river located in
the forest of Ezai sixty degree North”
“Find more about it. If there is something
useful there, I’ll send my men there” Mr Rain
began to walk out but Ena’s voice
interrupted him.
“Sir, the forest might be dangerous”
“It gonna be adventurous and no adventure
is easy and simple, so get back to work!” he

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