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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 18

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 18
Written by #Bright_Daniel
After Jasper left, the sitting room became
quiet. They couldn’t believe he was actually
going back to the forest. Lora looked at
Benlo saying, “I hope your friend is joking,
“I don’t think he is coz he had been
emphasizing on it” he replied.
“Just let him be” Ena interfered. “The boy is
in love. I guess none of you knows how it
feels to be in love” she added with a smile
but they all stared at her strangely as if she
was a stranger. “What?!”
“Ena?” Sarah called her with a very calm
voice. “When last were you in love?”
“No, me” Lora answered unabashedly.
“Oh, common, let’s forget about it” Ena
waved it off then glanced at Benlo in an
unfamiliar way.
The house wasn’t a storey building but
looked like one with well furnished
furniture. The cushions were milky in colour
having the same colour of tiles. The centre
table was a dark reflective aluminum glass
with a flower on it.
“So, where were we?” Benlo asked glancing
back at Ena who seemed uninterested on
the discussion anymore.
“We were talking about how to charge Ken
with murder case and also bring back the
case of my late fa..” Lora paused seeing Ena
standing up. “What’s it, Ena?”
“I’m sorry, can we continue next time coz..”
Ena glanced at Benlo again. “..coz I’m not in
the mood again. I’ll be in my room” she left.
Others became both surprise and
“Did i say anything wrong?” Sarah broke the
silence. “I mean did we say anything wrong?
Let me go talk to her” she stood up to leave
but Benlo caught her hand instantly.
“Let her be” he said calmly.
Before the day ran out, Jasper found himself
back to the forest of Ezai. It wasn’t too far
anymore because the links to the blue river
was familiar to him.
When he got to the spot where the river
was, he became confuse coz it was no more
there. “Where is the river?” he murmured
looking around and remembering what
Benlo told him. “Could it be that all of this
was an illusion? No!” he began to walk
again following the direction of the dried
river. He wore an elastic brown trouser with
a T-shirt. In his hand was a small bag
containing, a bottle water, his car key and
other basic things he needed for the
Finally, Jasper arrived at the underground
world. There were no more golds or river.
He stared at the place for a while then
began to move forward to the main village.
When he stepped out, nobody was found
around the vicinity but their houses were
still intact. “Oh no..” he began to move
towards the palace, King’s residence. He
looked around to see the king’s throne
empty. Just as he wanted go inside the main
house, a female voice came from behind.
“JJ Jackie Jasper?”
Jasper turned to see princess Lucy. “My
“JJ Jackie Jasper!” the princess ran and both
hugged each other in a way her legs left the
ground. He pulled her down smiling and
looking at her African black beautiful face.
“Oh, my princess”
“Oh, my JJ Jackie Jasper”
“What? You are the one who told me your
name is JJ Jackie..”
“Oh God” Jasper interrupted in
disappointment. “Listen, Lucy, J.J stands for
Jackie Jasper. You must not put the JJ when
calling my name. Just call me Jasper”
“Okay, Jasper” the princess smiled.
“Where is everybody?”
“At the farm”
“Doing what?”
“Worshiping crops”
“You must be kidding me”
Suddenly, the king arrived with warriors and
some other villagers. They were surprise to
see Jasper standing beside Lucy.
“Hello, the people of bush!” Jasper shouted
spreading his hands.
“Man from the future” the king stepped
forward. “Why did you come back?”
“I came to pick my princess”
“What are you talking about?”
“I promised her I’ll come back, and I’m
taking her home. You guys need to open
your eyes! There is nothing like the future!
You are already in the future! Be civilized for
once and come out of darkness. I’m not the
kind of preacher that wants to change your
culture but i only wants you to believe one
thing; there is nothing like the future”
The arena became as quiet as a grave yard
without anybody even coughing until the
king left angrily and others dispersed to
their various houses too. The queen
grabbed her daughter by the hand and all
entered into the palace.
Jasper became disappointed.
Night came. Jasper already made up his
mind to spend the night there coz at the
look of things it wasn’t gonna be easy to
take Lucy out of the locality after he told the
king how much he loves his daughter. He
also wanted to make them believe in the
modern world which he came from but the
king turned him down.
As Jasper sat in front of the house given to
him, the princess arrived like someone who
sneaked out from home. She sat with him.
“Jasper, my father won’t allow you take me
with you to your world”
“But do you trust and believe in me?”
“Yes” the princess looked around holding
his hands and breathing hastily. “I wants us
to sneak out to your own world” she
suggested while Jasper stared at her in

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