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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 17

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 17
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Mr Rain stood beside the dried river with his men wondering what happened to it. The only thing found there were rocks thus proving to them that it wasn’t just an ordinarily river. It was there to fulfil a destiny. But how would Mr Rain know that?
“Where did the river go?!” he shouted at his men with two hands spread in confusion.
“Sir, i once told you the river is strange and mysterious” one of them replied adjusting backward in other not to receive a slap or a bullet from him.
“What nonsense!” he glared at him. “A river that was filled with beauty and golds! How can it suddenly disappear?!”
“That’s to tell you is not a good river sir” another added.
Mr Rain couldn’t believe it. He placed his hands on the waist staring at the spot wishing the water comes back but nothing happened. Therefore he angrily and hopelessly went back to the company.
Ena and co spent the night at Benlo’s residence. The females slept in different room while Jasper and Benlo in another room. Benlo woke up to see him using the golds as a pillow, then smiled and tapped him. “Guy, wake up”
he didn’t make a move. “Jackie Jasper!” Benlo pushed him slightly before he woke up still holding the bag of gold tightly.
“Chai..” he robbed his eyes looking worried.
“What’s it?” Benlo asked him.
“Guy, i was actually dreaming”
“About what or who?”
“About my princess. I saw her with me in my mansion as my wife. Guy, i must go back to that forest to bring her to light here coz they are still living in darkness”
Benlo smiled musingly. “Jasper, I’m happy you’re in love but let the truth be told; you see your princess, the village, the king and others aren’t in a existence. They existed for a destiny to be fulfilled. That’s my own belief coz you can’t tell me they are still such people in this modern age”
“I disagree with you!” Jasper stood up leaving the bag of gold on the bed and looking at Benlo seriously. “There are still people like that in this world and i must go back there to get the woman after my heart! That is my own belief!” he carried the gold again going outside the room.
“Where are you going to?!”
“Where do you think I’m going to?!”
“We planned to visit Sarah’s house at Obinto!” Benlo smiled when he didn’t hear his voice again.
At Obinto, just at the entrance of Sarah’s house, Eric came out to see his grandchildren coming with three more people. He tied a wrapper round his waist with a chewing stick in his mouth. His ribs were slightly visible due to old age.
“Grandpa!” Sarah ran to hug him followed by Lora. Both gave him a warm hug but was careful not to push him down.
“Grandpa, you don’t seem to miss us” Lora said looking at his face.
“Why would i have missed you when i know you’ll come back my children?” Eric smiled. “I miss you” he looked at Benlo, Ena and Jasper who was still carrying the bag of golds. Without being told, Lora introduced them immediately before they entered into the house.
All seated in the living room quietly waiting for Eric to react coz they had told him about their journey to the forest of Ezai.
“I have always believed the river exist but never thought it would bring golds for you. God has blessed you with that” Eric looked at Benlo. “And for you young man, you and my granddaughter, Sarah are inseparable for you were destined by God who wants to lift up this family and restore that which rightfully belong to us. I bless both of you”
“Amen!” they all responded smiling.
“I have a request” Ena raised her hand. “Please, i will like to stay here for some time coz my life is in danger”
“No problem!” Sarah said.
“Thank you” she hugged her. She was kind and gentle and had never worried about men, relationship or marriage.
“Alright!” Jasper began. “How are we gonna share these golds?”
“We aren’t sharing them” Benlo replied as all became quiet.
“What are we doing to it if not sharing?”
“We’re selling all at once then share the money”
“Still the same thing in as much as the word ‘share’ is there” Jasper concluded and they all laughed.
Benlo and co made a lot of money from the golds. Lora and Sarah had packed out from their old house to a new one bought with money. Jasper also bought a house and a car while Ena and Benlo’s rested in their accounts. Though all were still having money into their accounts.
Inside the new house of Lora’s family, all gathered in the living room to discuss on how to approach Mr Rain.
“First, we gonna charge him for murder” Ena began. “Secondly, we bring back the case of your late father and..”
“Wait wait wait” Jasper interrupted, “You guys want to go fight a heartless man? Well, you can continue, I’ll be back” he stood up jingling his car key.
“Where are you going to?” Lora asked him.
“To the forest of Ezai to get my princess Lucy” he replied and

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