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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 16

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 16
Written by #Bright_Daniel
Mr Rain’s men came with a binocular which showcase the level of their seriousness. They viewed from it to see Benlo and co running in the forest then began to shoot them from the chopper.
“Disperse!” Ena shouted and each person ran at a different direction. As she looked up, she saw them with the binocular. “Take cover, make sure you aren’t seen!” she instructed again and all hid under a tree but at different angles.
Ena looked up again, pointed her gun at the chopper and shot it severally. Seeing that, the men moved the chopper from there to another angle climbing down from it one by one.
“Run!” Ena shouted again.
They were running in group taking the same direction Jasper and Lora took when coming but Benlo suddenly stopped thus making others to stop running too.
Already, Jasper had taken off his shirt, packed the golds in it, tied it and hung it on his shoulder. It was better for him to die than any of them to miss road.
“Why did you stop running?” Sarah asked Benlo.
“We can’t outrun them. I want you all to run while i delay them. I’m gonna let them catch me”
“What?” Jasper shrieked. “Are you crazy? They won’t think twice before putting a bullet on your head”
“No, Ken won’t have me killed
knowing that I’m the only one who can get the golds from the river”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Ena began. “That man is heartless. He will definitely..”
She was interrupted by Sarah who dragged Benlo by the hand. “I can’t let you take that risk” she kept dragging him forcefully and began to run. Seeing that, others joined them running as fast as they could.
The day became dark, yet, they were still in the forest. None of them was hurt by the men who had gone back to Mr Rain at Rain Brain.
“Sir, we searched all the forest but couldn’t find them. I guess they are dead” one of the men reported.
Before Mr Rain reacted aggressively, his personal adviser said standing beside him, “Boss, there is no need trying to wake a dead fowl rather go to the pottery and make use of her eggs”
He glared at him. “What do you mean by that?”
“You should stop chasing those children rather go back to the blue river and look for a way to bring out the golds from the river” the adviser concluded which Mr Rain concured as an afterthought.
Back to the forest, Benlo and co sat down in the darkness. It was an open place with just a rock where Ena seated with the gun. The sound of crickets and other insects could be heard within. Suddenly, Ena sighted a rabbit signaling others to be quiet. She bent down, pointed the gun at the animal and pulled the trigger only to discover that there were no more bullets in it. “Demn!” she threw the gun away thus making the animal run.
“That should have been our dinner tonight” Jasper said.
“Are you saying we are spending the night here?” Lora asked.
“Of course yes”
“No way!” she stood and sighted the mountain she climbed with Jasper. “Look, after that mountain, we’ll be in Ututu town. So i suggest we move on coz i can’t spend another night here!” she emphasized seriously.
Mrs Livinus, Benlo’s mother, cried in the bedroom disturbing her husband. “Better go bring my son back oh”
“Woman, allow me to sleep!” the husband turned angrily. “We warned him not to go, didn’t we?”
Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door and the wife rushed it. She opened it to behold her son and others standing at the door. “Benlo!” she embraced him.
Hearing them, the husband came out to see them all in half clothing.
“Father..” Benlo stepped forward.
“I’m sorry i..”
“Is okay”
Benlo hugged him and introduced others to them. Mr Livinus looked at Sarah and Lora strangely. Their faces were familiar to him then he asked, “Are you both sisters?”
“Yes” Lora replied.
“Daughters of late Mr Henry the one lived in Kin town, Obinto precisely?”
All became quiet.
“Father, what’s going on?” Benlo broke the silence.
“Their father was my close friend. I took him like my own brother, help him achieve many things but he chose to open Rain Brain with Ken who had an issue with him before he died. No doubt Ken killed him” he looked up at the girls. “I’m sorry my children” he turned to Benlo. “How did you find them and what about the blue river? Did u see it?”
“Yes, father”
“Really?” the mother said in excitement.
“And what happened?” the father asked.
Benlo gave Jasper signal to open the golds which he did pouring them on the floor thus giving a sparkling light.
“Oh my God!” the parents shouted.
Benlo told their story even the village part thereby rendering his parents speechless. “..after selling these golds, we shall fight to get Rain Brain back coz only with money can we win the fight” he concluded.
Mr Rain went back to the forest with a special machine that would dig out the golds but unfortunately, the river was nowhere to be found again..

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