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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 15

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 15
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Lora, Ena, Benlo and Sarah giggled along
with princess Lucy as they ate the food
given to them without minding what it was
made from because the volume of their
stomach due to hunger was ten centimeters
cute. Even Jasper couldn’t help it but to smile
picking the groundnut one by one into his
mouth while the princess stared at him. “I
think i like you”
“You like me?” Jasper repeated then looked
backward to know whether his friends
heard that particular statement. Of course
they heard it. The expression could be seen
on their amusing faces. He turned to the
princess again. “I think i like you too”
They smiled giving room to another
tranquility. The princess’ body was tempting
as Jasper admired it with style. He never
thought he would lust over a bush beautiful
girl in the stone age, so he said, “From your
dressing, it seems like you are from a royal
“Yes, the princess precisely”
“I must be a lucky man then”
“If you say so” the princess caressed his
shoulder romantically.
“What’s your name?”
“Nice name” Jasper concluded. After he was
through, he saw her off and came back to
meet his friends who had also finished
eating. They all stared at one another.
“I guess i have found myself a wife, a
princess for that matter” Jasper broke the
“Could it be that these people are still in the
primitive age?” Ena asked.
“Possibly” Benlo replied.
“I guess all this was meant to be” Lora
“How do we go home now?” Sarah asked.
“We shall leave first thing tomorrow
morning” Benlo answered and that was the
As Mr Rain’s men prepared in large number
to visit the forest again, so as Benlo and co
got ready to start their journey back home
without stopping on the way. Just as they
came out from their local house to meet the
king, princess Lucy arrived with breakfast
but was disappointed to see them ready to
leave. “Where are you going to?” she asked
Benlo looked at Jasper. “Tell your girlfriend
we are going back to.. to.. wherever they
believe we came from”
Jasper cornered Lucy in a hurry. “Listen,
princess, we need to go back”
“You mean to the future?”
“There is nothing like future!”
“But we believe you came from the future”
“Thank God you only believe. There is
nothing like that!”
“But our gods can’t lie”
“You mean your groundnut and Uga? Oh,
my goodness!”
Seeing the seriousness on Jasper’s face, the
princess dropped the food, held his hands
and began to shed tears. “Please, don’t go
back to the future. Don’t leave me”
Jasper was touched. He looked at his friends
to see them staring at them, so he averted
his eyes back to Lucy. “Listen, Lucy,” he
began with an emotional voice. “I promise
to come back here for you. I promise to take
you to the future when I’m back, okay?”
“Promise me again that you must come back
for me”
“Yes, i promise” Jasper embraced her and
gave her a quick kiss which got her surprise
coz she had never seen or done that before.
Therefore she asked, “What was that?”
“You don’t know what it is?” Jasper
returned the question.
“It is called a kiss”
“Why did you do it?”
Jasper exhaled heavily with a hand on his
head without knowing how to explain the
girl’s question. He looked at her and said,
“You really need to get to the future and i
promise to take you there.”
The princess gave him a local bracelet.
“Remember me with it and come back with
it” she said.
Benlo and co stood in the midst of the
villagers inside the underground world with
the king standing before them too. They
were made to understand that the river
would lead them to the future if they follow
it. Ena’s gun was giving back to her and the
single gold collected from them was also
giving back to them.
“I hope is not only this gold we are going
with” Jasper said.
“You mean the uga?” the king asked.
“Wherever you call it”
“It’s left for the chosen ones to decide”
Hearing that, Jasper looked at Benlo and
Sarah. “What are you both still doing? Pack
more golds let’s go na!”
They all began to smile even the princess
and the king as all watched Sarah and Benlo
picked more golds handing them to Jasper
who collected them in a hurry persuading
them to get more of it.
“Jasper, is enough, let’s go” Benlo led the
“Are you kidding me? Please, get more!”
Sarah picked more and handed it to him. “I
guess is enough now, let’s go”
Jasper looked at the princess who was
waving at him. “Bye my princess!” he
“Bye my.. my.. I don’t even know your
name!” the princess shouted back.
“It’s J.J! Jackie Jasper!”
“Bye my J.J, Jackie Jasper!” the princess
concluded happily hoping he will come back
as promised.
After hours of walking through the blue
river, Benlo and co came out at the very spot
the camaras were mounted. It seemed
familiar to them, so Lora asked, “Isn’t this
the first place we met?”
“It is” Sarah replied.
“Then let’s run coz there are cameras here!”
Ena ordered. Just then, two helicopters came
from above.

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