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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 14

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 14
Bright Daniel
The king allowed Benlo and co to filled their eyes with the beauty of the blue river. Nobody made a move as Jasper wished he could just disdain the golds and they would be found inside his room but that was far more from possibility. There were two warriors that followed them into the underworld whom the king ordered to loosen Benlo and others’ hands which they did. So the king tapped Jasper. “Go pick the Uga”
“What’s Uga? You mean the Golds?”
“Is that what you call it?”
“You don’t know what they are?” Jasper became surprise.
“They are our gods. We worship them and our crops”
Jasper stood still mooping at the man as if he was the most stupid person on earth for worshiping Golds that give money. Without being able to bear the stupidity, he sighed and hurried to the blue river to pick out golds as instructed but couldn’t get them in his hands even though he touched them. He looked at the king. “They aren’t coming out”
“Then come out!” he instructed.
Ena and Lora were allowed to try but the same thing happened. No doubt Benlo and Sarah were the rightful people who would get hold of the golds, so the king allowed both of them to go at once.
By just reaching the river, the blue colour increased. Benlo and Sarah stood inside the water in a way they faced each other, bent down and easily picked out golds! They straightened up staring at each other’s eyes and gradually shading tears without knowing why. The beat of their hearts increased along side with their tears.
Benlo held her cheek again. “Why do you cry my love?”
“I don’t know. Please, stop crying too” Sarah got hold of his own cheek gently drying the tears on his face.
“I love you, Sarah”
“I love you too, Benlo”
They gently brought their head together and began to kiss which in the process all the golds in the river flung up on the air and circulated them.
The king and Ena smiled while Lora became extremely jealous.
“I will not cry” Jasper covered his face.
Immediately they quit the kiss, the golds dropped back into the river and they directed their eyes to the king. Sarah could see her sister glaring at her, therefore, she averted her eyes and bent down her face.
“Who are we and what is this place?” Benlo asked the king.
“You are the chosen one and this is the secrete place of Uga. It was told by our ancestors that two people from the future would come here for they are destined to be together by the blue river”
“Why us?”
“The question should be why her coz it’s through her that you were chosen too”
“I don’t understand” Benlo said.
“Trying to understand what you don’t understand, you will understand that you can’t understand the non-understandable”
The king’s last statement got everybody woozy even Jasper who stared at him as if he was no more stupid but wise. “But what use is it when one doesn’t know the value of gold?” he thought and averted his eyes from him.
“So, we’ve met together as destined. What else?” Benlo asked again.
“She will take the Uga along with her and go possess her possession for she’s just a female child”
“You mean Sarah?”
“Yes. Note: she can’t do that without you, that’s why you were destined to be with her”
“What possession are you talking about?” Sarah interfered.
“I don’t know. As i received from my ancestors, so i give unto you”
They all remained quiet thinking critically. Ena spoke up. “I think the possession is Rain Brain”
“Yes, that’s true” Lora supported.
The king turned leaving the place while others followed him.
“I have a question your majesty” Jasper began. “Why keep saying we’re from the future coz we are in the same era with you, the modern age!”
“Don’t try to change our believe young man. We believe the future you came from doesn’t exist” the king replied.
“What? I can even take you to the future if you so wish..” Jasper kept blabbing without the king replying again.
Darkness came in the village. A separate house was giving to Benlo and co. All sat in front of it thinking whether they were dreaming or not except Lora who stood alone at a distant shedding tears. When Sarah saw her mood, she went to her.
“Lora? Lora I’m sorry. You witnessed it yourself, it’s just a coincident of destiny. Please, forgive me”
“Is okay, Sarah. I’m thinking about our late parents” Lora held her hand and they embraced each other.
Just then, princess Lucy arrived with food which she gave them.
“Thank God!” Jasper exclaimed.
Princess Lucy sat beside him with a smile and a special plate in her hand. “Which God are you thanking”
“Almighty God”
“There is no such thing”
“Which God do u serve?”
Princess Lucy smiled again and presented a plate of groundnut to him. “We serve and worship our crops like this groundnut”
Jasper stopped eating and looked at her. “For the sake of God almighty, stop worshiping crops. It’s a sin!”
“And for the sake of groundnut and uga, stop talking and eat your food” the princess concluded giggling..

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