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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 13

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 13
Written by #Bright_Daniel
“Is someone seeing what I’m seeing?” Jasper whispered at the secret place where they watched the villagers in animal skin. “Could it be these people are still in the primitive age? No, this must be a movie”
As all filled their eyes with the uncharacteristic environment and villagers, they fell down instantly and loss consciousness-There were people, a few warriors of the village behind them who stun them with a sharp poisonous sticks that rendered them unconscious. They were tied, carried to the village square and villagers gathered around looking at them strangely as if they were from another planets. The type of clothes they saw on their bodies became the pike of their surprising facing.
The four warriors who caught them where seen bouncing to the royal house with their long sharp stick they called spare. Their black buttocks could be slightly seen through some part of the animal skin on their waist. They finally stood before the king of the village who was sitting on his throne wearing an animal skin too but a special one. On his head was a crown made from the tusks of an elephant. His throne was just a large round flat wood. Beside him was his beautiful queen fanning herself majestically with a broad leave. At another side was his daughter, princess Lucy. She was more beautiful than every other female villagers.
“Chief” the warriors bowed. The king was regarded as Chief.
“They are some strange people we caught spying on us” one of them reported.
“Strange people?” the chief repeated. His voice was deep and loud added to his scary and rumpled face. From his voice one can tell that he was a brave man.
“Yes, chief, and we found this from them” the warrior stretched out a gold to the king which he found in Jasper’s pocket. When the king saw it, he stood up in amazement.
“God of Ezai!” he exclaimed taking the gold from him. “The prophecy has come to pass. The two destined people from the future are here!” he looked at the warriors before him. “Where are they?”
“At the village square my chief”
“Take me there immediately”
The king moved forward followed by the queen before the princess whose steps alone added to her beauty shaking her small butt majestically on the way.
At the village square, Benlo and co had woken up to see their hands and legs tied. They looked around to see half naked people surrounding themt too. Some women had their full naked children beside them.
“What a heck!” Jasper exclaimed shaking his hands to untie himself but couldn’t, so he glared at the villagers. “Who are you people?!”
Nobody responded him as all remained quiet staring at them.
“I think they don’t understand English” Ena said calmly.
“Really?” Jasper raised his voice again. “Can somebody understand the words that are coming out from my mouth?!” Silence lingered. “Did you guys go to school at all?!”
“Quit being stupid!” Lora rebuked him. “You are looking at people who are still in animal skin and you are talking about school. Who gonna teach them?”
“In this modern age?”
“Sorry, i guess they are still in the stone age also known as primitive aga” Ena replied.
“No, that can’t be” Jasper raised his voice again. “Who can tell me today’s date?!”
“I said stop!” Lora rebuked him again. Just then, the king arrived with others. He was surprise to see five of them coz he expected to see only the two destined people as prophesied to them thus, getting him confused.
“People from the future!” he began but was interrupted by Jasper.
“You speak English! Wait a minute, are you kidding me? What future are you talking about?” he looked Benlo. “Guy, this people thinks we are from the future oh”
Lora couldn’t bear his ranting anymore, so she bit him with her teeth, then he shouted in pain.
“What was that for?!”
“For you to be quiet for once!”
Already, Princess Lucy had began to like Jasper thereby smiling at his hilarious character.
The king continued, “We have been expecting you for years according to the prophecy that two destined people will come from the future but I’m confuse. Who among you are these two people?”
Silence took over the arena. Benlo and Sarah had an idea he was talking about them but kept quiet. They also believed that was the place they would get the answers they needed.
The king showed them the gold. “I mean who amongs you were able to pick this from our river?” he asked again, yet, nobody said a word. “Okay, there is only one way to find out” he ordered the warriors to loosen only their legs which they did and the king led them to an underground world still within the village. He held a stick with fire on it as a source of light because the place was dark. As they walked, Benlo and others saw different ancestral rocks and images until they came in contact with the source of the blue river flowing and shining like the moon! There were also golds everywhere shining a bright light too.
“Wow” Jasper shouted..

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