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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 12

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 12
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
All concentrated on Lora except her sister
who stood beside her. They wanted to hear
nothing but the history she talked about
forgetting that they were gun men after
their precious lives.
“So, what history does my boss.. sorry, my
formal boss had with your late father?” Ena
“My father and Ken established Rain Brain at
first..” Lora retold the story.
“So, your father is the rightful owner of Rain
Brian? “Ena became surprise. “And Ken killed
your father too? That man is heartless!”
Benlo looked at the two sisters. “I hope you
guys have a plan of getting what is rightfully
The girls shruggled along with their heads
showing that they had no plan to do that.
“They don’t even need the company
anymore!” Jasper began while they looked
at him. “Why do they need the company
when they have golds?”
“That reminds me” Ena inferred looking at
Benlo and Sarah “You both were able to pick
out the golds while my boss tried but
“Even me too” Jasper added.
“Why? And how did both of you get there at
the same time?” Ena asked.
“We still don’t know. There are many
questions we need answers for but don’t
know how to get them” Benlo replied.
“Everything that is happening in the river is
mysterious, even the river itself” Ena
concluded, then Sarah glanced at her
wounded leg.
“What happened to you?”
“A bullet scratched my flesh. All thanks to..”
“It’s Benlo” Benlo helped. “See, I’m sorry,
now i know you saved my life”
“But how did you figure out where the river
“I saw the location on the computer screen
when i entered the company”
Everywhere remained quiet as their minds
wandered at different things. Fresh leaves
rattled, wind blew off dead ones, insects
flew at close rang and animals made noise
from afar.
“Now what?” Jasper broke the silence.
“Ken’s men are in this forest now looking
for us” Ena began. “And believe you me, they
aren’t gonna stop until they have us killed.
This has become pure adventurous in
nature, so we have to stay strong. Running
won’t save us. The only thing is to defeat
them and take their guns before planning
how to get out of here”
“Deal” Jasper supported.
“Sssshh” Benlo sighed making all to listen.
They heard footsteps coming from part of
the bush then all dispersed hiding at a safer
place but still within the arena. Benlo
claimed the nearest tree.
A man with a gun first arrived and Benlo
saw him from the tree. Suddenly, he jumped
down on him thus kicking the gun off from
his hand and trying to strangle him too but
the man hit him off with a strong blow that
made his nose bled. Seeing that, Ena ran out,
picked the gun and pointed it at the man.
“Kiss my ass!” she said and pulled the
trigger immediately he turned. “Run!”
They began to run even those that were still
hiding. Another man who just arrived began
to shoot at their direction before others
arrived to see one of their men dead.
“F–k!” the man exclaimed. “What a heck is
Ena doing here?!”
“Ena?” another repeated. Did you actually
see her?”
“Go after them now!”
They began to chase them again.
The day began to get dark. Eric didn’t worry
about his grandchildren because he knew
where they were. Only Mr and Mrs Livinus,
Benlo’s parents, worried about their only
At Rain Brain, the men arrived with the dead
body of one of them and placed it before Mr
“Sir, Ena did this, she killed him”
“Ena?” Mr Rain looked at his body-guards.
“How can Ena be with those children when i
told you to kill her?”
“We’re sorry sir, maybe she survived the
bullet” one of them replied fearfully.
“I guess you gonna survive this too” Mr Rain
opened the man’s suit, brought out his gun
and shot him to death. He looked at the
group of men again. “Get prepared, you’re
going back to that forest again first thing
tomorrow morning and don’t come back
without Ena’s head”
Benlo and co stopped running to rest a bit.
They were happy they had a gun with them
handled by Ena.
Benlo sat down still bleeding from the nose.
When Lora saw it, he met him and said,
“Allow me” she squat before him, held his
head and began to clean the bleeding nose
with her shirt.
When Sarah saw them in such position, she
became jealous but tried so hard not to
show it. Immediately Benlo looked at her
direction, she averted her eyes instantly.
After Lora finished, she stared into his eyes.
“I’m done”
“Thanks” Benlo appreciated.
Just then, they began to hear voices of
“Can you hear that?” Jasper asked.
“Yes” Lora turned.
All followed the voices. They finally hid at a
secret place watching where it was coming
from; It was community! The citizens were
more like primitive human beings using
animal skin as cloth and having tribal marks
on their faces. Their house were made of
palm-front and sticks. Their women were
very beautiful having only their breasts and
waists covered.
Seeing all that from the secret place, Jasper
shouted, “Oh, my God!”

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