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The Blue River – Season 1 Episode 11

(Destiny Calls)
Episode 11
:Written by #Bright_Daniel
Lora’s question got everybody surprised in
the forest. Jasper didn’t care rather sat
down on the ground still trying to catch his
breath. However, Sarah herself didn’t know
what to answer her sister as she stood
beside Benlo as if they had known each
other for years. When the quietness
lingered, Lora repeated her question in
different way, “Sarah, how come you know
“I don’t know him, i mean i didn’t know
him” she replied.
“But you know him now, right?”
Sarah remained quiet while Benlo interfered.
“Listen, Lora, there is something going on in
the spiritual world. Your sister and i have
never met except few hours ago but i
believe we were meant to meet at the blue
river after we expressed our feelings and
“What feelings and thought?”
“It’s obvious your sister and i have been
having feelings and thinking about the blue
river for years. We meeting here at the same
time has a significant”
“What significant?”
“I don’t know!” Benlo concluded.
They all remained quiet again looking at one
another except Jasper who seemed
uninterested. He was actually thinking about
the gold he couldn’t get in his hands. Benlo
asked him, “Jasper, what are you both doing
“Are you kidding me?” Jasper glared at him
in a funny way. “I should be asking you
what you’re doing with a girl you’ve never
seen or met. The most painful part of it is
that, you were so carried away by her
beauty that you didn’t even notice the golds
in the river”
“But i have one” Benlo brought out a gold.
“Wow!” Jasper stood up instantly and
collected it. “I’m rich!!” he shouted and
looked at him. “But I couldn’t pick any,
“I have no idea” Benlo answered.
Just then, Sarah remembered when her
sister mentioned the name ‘Benlo’ as the
man she wished to date. Therefore, she
walked to her calmly. “Lora? I guess he’s the
Benlo you told me about. Please, don’t take it
as if.. you know..” she whispered to her ear.
“there’s absolutely nothing going on
between us. He’s still yours” she
straightened up and looked at her with a
“What was that?” Benlo asked.
“Nothing, women stuff” Sarah replied
holding her sister’s hand.
Lora looked at her. “I was actually worried
about you and him, that’s why we came”
“Thank you” Sarah smiled.
“Now, how are we gonna get out of here?”
Lora asked looking at Benlo.
“I think we should be asking why those men
were pursuing us and who they are”
“Are you guys talking about leaving?” Jasper
interfered. “Do you think the blue river
brought both of you here to meet each
other and go back to poverty? What about
the golds?!”
“I think we need answers for these
questions; the gun men, the blue river, the
gold and others” Sarah said.
“And who can provide the answers?” Benlo
“I think my grandfather can” Lora
suggested. Just then, they heard the sound
of helicopter coming from afar.
“I guess they are back again” Benlo said
looking up and looked down again. “We
should remain strong, no matter what. Let’s
They began to run again without knowing
where they were running to.
On the other hand, Ena stopped running.
She sat down on a rock to see the injury on
her leg created by a flying bullet. She tore
her trouser from there to enable breeze
enter into the wound. She took off her shirt
leaving only an inner were like singlet which
covered up her bra. As she used the shirt to
clear the wound, she sighted the helicopter
going from afar then ran after it believing
that she might meet Sarah or see the blue
river there.
There were many men who came down
from the helicopter running into the
innermost forest with guns.
Ena finally reached the blue river but didn’t
go close to it knowing that cameras were
there. Therefore, she took another road
which would make it easier to meet up with
Sarah and others.
After running for a long time, Jasper
stopped likewise others.
“Listen, if we continue running, we won’t
know anything about those men. It’s better
we let them catch us, from there, we know
who they are and why there are chasing us”
“You won’t be alive to know who they are” a
female voice came behind a bush. All
directed their eyes there to see Ena.
“Ena?” Sarah smiled.
Seeing her, Benlo recalled seeing the blue
river at Rain Brian. “It’s you”
“Yes, it’s me” Ena walked forward. “You
actually put me into this after trying to safe
your life coz my boss wouldn’t have thought
twice before putting a bullet on your head if
he had known that you know about the
river. After they saw you guys through the
camera, i was sentenced to death by him
but luckily, i escaped”
“So your boss is the one who wants us
killed” Jasper interfered.
“Yes, and he will never stop until he sees all
of us dead”
They became quiet for a while.
“So, Ken wants us dead” Lora broke the
“How do you know his real name?” Ena
became surprise.
“Him and my late father have a history
together” she replied thus getting them
confuse and inquisitive…

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