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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 9

(Am not beautiful)

(loving him)


Nora POV

congrats to the most beautiful black skin girl ever..jace said
omg ..most beautiful
I almost blushed .
then he whisper something to my ear again
” will u be my date tonight” …jace asked
I disengage from him as I stare closely at his cute adorable face…
” he asked again…
” please Nora William will u be my date tonight ” he said
” Mira hits me and signal to say yes but then my mind went straight to demi, how will she feel..
” umm..but what about demi…I asked
” never mind she’s not gonna disturb you, that I promise…he said
” oh OK…no problem… I will follow you.
“wow! thanks Nora…jace said and hugged me again..
” OK see u later in the night…I said and he left.
” oh my god… I can’t believe my friend is going on a date
with the most handsome guy ever…Mira teased…
” common stop that…but am still worried.. I said
” worried about what?… Mira asked
” about demi of course… I said
” common… she can’t do nothing OK…just relax and besides am here..
“oh yea…my here… I said as I teased Mira.
” but too bad, you will be leaving soon and you won’t get to see him again…Mira said and that’s I thought about it…its actually true, jace lives in los Angele’s …he only came here for the programme…but anyways, he is here now so let me not think about that, and besides I still have two more days to spend here, because I will be waiting for Mira’s concert which will take place on Friday night…
its finally evening… I was so nervous, trying to get the dress that will really look nice on me…
with the help of Mira , I was able to get one …and then she dressed me, in fact she was my make up artiste …
and finally …am done , and anxiously waiting for my prince charming…
suddenly we heard the knock on the door…
omg…its jace, he’s here…I began to panic
“calm down Nora…Mira said
” oh thanks…do I look good…I asked
” of course you look great trust me and also don’t forget to be yourself, if he likes you then it has to be for whom you are and not hat you are not…OK..Mira said
“” yes ma…I said and smile and Finally opened the door..
omg…there he was standing like a perfect gentle man, with a flower bouquet in his hands…and with those glasses that makes him cute…
I was just staring and imagining forgetting that he was standing right in front of me.
what brought me back to life was his cute cool voice
“you are indeed a damsel Nora…. he said
gosh…I almost burst…
“” thanks… I manage to say
he handed the flowers to me and I gave it to Mira as we made to leave… I turn to Mira who wink at me…gosh that friend of mine is so funny.
OMG….he brought me to the best restaurant in the city( the chin_chio chicken home)
god…this place is so expensive.. looking at the out side alone is a great view.
I was about to open the car door when he held my hands, and
“let me do it…he said and came down and help me opened the car..
gosh…this is best romantic date ever…all I have been watching in movie is now real….
he held my hand as we both walk inside…everywhere was decorated and also empty , no one was there and I wonder what happen… this is the best restaurant in the city and it is always busy but today , no one except us is here.
” I book the whole place for you…he said and I turned to look at him
“are u for real..I asked
” yes of course, because you’re special and deserve no disturbances… so I book the whole table for us, as he was talking, the piano started playing and also different guitars and violin were playing…. the atmosphere was indeed romantic that I wish it never held…
” can I have a dance please… he said and stretch his to me
” I took his hands and he grab me by my waist as the music play on.

Nora POV
(still in the romantic date)

the piano , guitar and the violin started playing…
“may I have a dance…he said as he stretch forth his hands..
I look at his cute face then took his hand, he grab me by my waist as we dance to the music tune…
” we were lost in each other eyes, as different imagination invaded our thought..
“he stare at me so much that I was beginning to feel somehow
“what’s it? I asked
” its nothing, just that you are the most beautiful creature have ever seen…he said and my heart melted but ” what about demi??… I asked
“, ummm…demi is also beautiful but the kind of your beauty , demi do not have…
Nora you are beautiful from your heart and that’s true beauty which Everyman desire…he said and I smile and said “”you are also handsome and a perfect gentleman …I said and he giggle
my date was going on well…as they brought the food he ordered…
after the food then we began to discuss…
” have u ever fall in love?.. he asked and I was so shocked
then I looked at him and noticed how serious he is..
” No, I haven’t… in fact I never really believe in love until I met Mira, Mira was the one who change my perspective about things even including myself.. I said
“wow!! that means Mira is like a sister to you
” of course she is more than that…
we gist so much as he cracked different jokes and I found myself laughing at them…
he is really loving, funny , handsome and caring , he is just perfect.
finally we are through and its about time we go home

as I stood up and made to leave, he also stood up and held my hands, I turn to look at him…then with that cutest smile ever
“what’s the problem… I asked
” did you enjoy the dinner date…he asked
“of course I did…this is the best moment of my life so far and thanks to you….I said
he still held my hands and move closer to me…I was just staring at him wondering what he want to do , then gradually his lips is almost on mine, then he whispered …”please can I have it..??.. he said as I could feel his breath on me, he really want to kiss me and what wonder me is that he is even asking for my permission…
within me…I also want the same thing, I want to be lost in his arms…
then I whisper slowly and silently “sure you can…I said and before I knew it , his lips lock with mine …
and we kissed so passionately like lovers who have been dying to have each other.

Demi POV

I grew wild as I saw Nora and jace together and even kissing… I can’t believe this.
Nora has messed with the wrong person and you jace you will regret this.

the more I try to look away and go , the more tempting the scene was , I just can’t stand seeing this two in love..
” NO!!! it can never happen , not while am still living…
I promise to make their lives a living hell.

Nora POV

finally we got home…and I was so happy than ever…

I watched as he drove his car out….I stood there as I wave him bye.
uh uh uh…Mira coughed
ouch…you scared me…and by the way why are u still here, ain’t you going for your rehearsal… I said and went inside
“oh yea…I will go but
before then you have to give me the full details of how you spent your day with your prince charming… Mira said and I just smile
” ummm….I know that smile…common spill it out ..please am anxious..Mira said
“spill what out and why are u pleading… OK fine my date went well…I said
” a…and…Mira said
“and nothing… I said
” common you can tell me nothing. I saw the smile on your face as you were waving jace bye the other time, so tell me , remember am your only Bestie… Mira said
“” I smile…OK , the date was so romantic …I said as I began to narrate the whole story to Mira ….and guess what. I said
“did he proposed… Mira said
” common Mira…that’s too fast….I said
“so tell what’s it? Mira said
” umm…we kinda kissed…and I think…. I was still talking when Mira made a romantic giggling (Awwwnnn)
and you think what?… Mira said
“I think am loving him….I said
” omg…you are loving him… Bestie have upgraded… OK let’s have a hash tag…
#jace and Nora best couple in the town…Mira said and I throw pillow at her…and we both laughed

demi POV

laugh all you can now, because after now, your life will be sorrowful…. you will wished you had never met with me.

Nora POV
(mira’s D_day )

jace came as early as he could to get me and we both left for Mira musical concert.
the whole program was great…seeing my best friend perform a duet with the best singer in the city (James harry) gives me so much joy…
they both look good with each other.

after the whole stuff…as we were about to go home… jace said I should hold on that he has a gift for me…
he went to his car and brought out a diamond necklace…god…its so beautiful…
the necklace has the picture of the two of us..and it has my name and jace name on it…it was so beautiful…
he himself wore it on my neck and said perfect.
“thanks so much jace… I said
” he hugged me and said I will miss you…
“miss me?. oh that’s when I remember that I and Mira will be leaving tomorrow… that moment I felt like crying…
“” he held my cheeks and said don’t worry I will see you soon, just be strong for me….he said
I held him tight as I cry on him and later disengage from him…Mira patted me and we entered the car mr Charles brought…..
he came to the window side and said I will be at the hotel tomorrow to pick up and drop u off at the airport OK…he said
OK….I said and he held my hands and kissed it.

demi POV

now Nora watched as I ruin your life, tomorrow you will be going back to your city and jace will go back to los Angele’s… now who will save you from me.

she (demi) picked her phone and dial a number
” get to work…
“I want ruin to nothing
” she have to pay for everything she had done to me…..she said

now I should concentrate on jace, as I need him to sign me up for the miss world pageant , because that’s the only way to reclaim my status in the model world.

“I am demi Locke…nobody messes with me and go scot free.

Nora POV

its finally the day for me to
leave modelisco resort..
my stuffs are properly arranged and everyone was already present but the the person I really wish to see(jace)
I waited anxiously for him and it look like the time is going..
“common Nora…let’s go..maybe he is not coming..Mira said.
I look at the necklace on my my neck , I held it tight as I prayed within me that he come, he has already promise to drop me at the airport..
OK its time…let’s go Charles said and we all carried our luggage …

immediately, I step into the car , I saw his car drove in…I was so happy…
I came down and ran to him…
” so u couldn’t wait, or do u think am not going to come” jace said as he hugged me..
“no ..I mean yes I thought you wouldn’t come…I said
” OK..can we go now” Mira said and I entered into jace car and we Left.
at the airport my eyes were already red as I watch jace waving at me…
I will really miss him a lot, the memories, the time we both spent together came crawling back..
“common Nora..let’s go…Mira said as she take my hands and took me in.
I kept looking back until I wasn’t able to see his flashes.


back in my house…it feel so good to be at home…
my mom and everyone made a grand welcome for me and even Sarah thus time around is very kind to me..she was do happy about my return and keep asking me of all the possible gist she missed.

the second day …I was at outside my house, taking some fresh air..when I saw Bianca…
” what the hell is she doing here”
“hi…and welcome back miss new York..Bianca said …I was so shocked , why is she nice?

and also congratulations… she said again…
like seriously what’s happening here
” I know have been rude to u in the past but am sorry… can we be friends…Bianca said
oh my god… am I dreaming, like is this Bianca or someone else… but anyways she look real
” thanks and no problem …we can be friends….I said
“oh wow!! thanks Nora…so can u tell me all about your trip…she said
” I smile and said no problem..then I began to narrate everything to her
then all of a sudden she stop and look at my neck closely ….then said
“you met with jace???
” I smile and held the necklace closely… and said “yes we met several times and he has been my saviour… I said
” oh really that’s nice…but what about his girlfriend demi…Bianca said
“I wonder why she us asking all these questions…
” I don’t know…I said
“oh OK…forget all about that and continue with your gist…she said

its been two weeks since I came back and everything has been going smoothly but the part that I really missed jace is in avoided…

and also Bianca and I have been going greatly but Mira still find it difficult to adapt to her, she keep telling me to be careful and I wonder why because I can really see that Bianca have changed.

finally school have resumed for another section, I can’t wait to go yo school and see the reaction of those my class mates who usually call me ugly names before.

this particular term was really different everyone trying their possible best to associate with me, some even want my autographs and am now made the most beautiful in the school for the year…

one Monday, while at the cafeteria with Mira, we were still chatting when a girl scream
JACE !!!!!!!!
omg…I turn and it was him, jace…
almost all the school came out running, trying to get of a pic of him…
I stood there freeze, I was so lost in my thought…
was I dreaming???.
he is actually here for me???.
I was still at the same position ,when I saw him gradually coming to my direction…
then he held my hands and said I missed u and kissed my for head.
the whole school go wild as they all scream !!wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then Mira hits me and giggle


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