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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 8


jace POV

immediately I entered the room , I saw demi, I don’t even want to talk to her right now….
I was about to turn back when she held me
“am sorry jace, am really sorry” demi said
“you know you are not supposed to tell me but rather to the person you hurt ‘Nora’…I said
” I know and I will apologize to her tomorrow but I want you to forgive me first” demi said
“OK but promise me , you will not do such thing again and always make sure you help people in need”.. I said to her.
“sure I will…demi said and hugged me

(The D_day)

Mira POV

i got to the resort and everyone was busy but no traces of Nora and Mr Charles…
I check where all the models are getting ready , I can’t find Nora, I saw Bianca
there and ask her if she have seen Nora, but she said no , that moment I gave my Charles a call and he said he will there within 10 minute
I decided to check Nora in her room because its almost time for the competition
I knock severally but no response, I tried her line, it was ringing but no one is picking.
it was announced from the hall that all models should get ready before the next five minute as the competition will soon commence.

” oh God what’s happening, where could Nora be
I knock again and again and no response
I called mr Charles again and he said he is almost here
please God nothing should go wrong
I dialed her line again and that’s when I heard the phone ringing inside the room
“” Nora , are you there
“Can you hear me
” Nora !!! Nora!!!
(it was echoed again in the background that all models should assembled and I began to hear clapping of hands like they have started making entry one by one)
“Nora…I Called out again as I hit the door harder

jace POV

I was already on my way to the hall where the main show will take place, when I notice that I forgot my I quickly rushed back to get it
on getting to my room door…I saw a girl standing at a door..calling out someone’s name, I can’t hear clearly…
I never really wanted to pay attention but then the hitting on the door was very loud and the way she was behaving looks as if someone is on trouble…
I decided to move closer to her and only for me to hear her calling out Nora ….and then I notice it was the same room I carried Nora to, yesterday
” hey what is it? what happen to Nora?
“” please help my friend, I think she is in trouble inside there, have been calling her line ,its ringing and no one is picking and the competition is about to start fully ….please “” the young lady said almost crying as her eyes were already red.
“” I check the door and I notice it wasn’t lock from outside but rather from the inside… we both knock and knock but still no response and that when I decided that
am going to break the door.
I hit the door several times but it was so hard but finally it opened and we rushed inside , only for us to find Nora on the floor with glass cup

“Nora!!!!!!! ….the girl with me screamed and rushed to her.
she lifted up her face and we noticed she was sleeping…
we try to wake her up many times but its not working… the sleep was too deep, and that’s when I took the glass cup and smell it
” God…she has been given sleeping dose and this dose can last for the next 32 hours…

Mira POV
when jace said 32 hours …I screamed but how could Nora have taken sleeping dose when she knows she have a big day today ….I said
look for now…let’s forget about that and look for a way to wake her up…jace said and I nodded
get me hot water and lemon…jace said and I quickly rushed to get it
( it was echoed in the background that all models should come out and introduce themselves)
“oh god…do a miracle , I said within me as I hand over the hot water and lemon to jace

demi POV

“my joy knew no bound as I watch every model come out one after the other but Nora wasn’t among.

I use my eyes to search for jace among the audience but I can’t find him , I wonder where he could be.
then my mind went straight to Nora , ” could he be with her?
oh gosh..
Mira POV

jace took the water from me and gave some to Nora as he opened her mouth, he sprinkle some on her face and then suddenly Nora began to open her eyes gradually

“Nora!! Nora…are you okay, can you hear me?.. I ask as I try to raise her face very well.

jace sprinkle more on her… and gave her to drink.
” oh God thank you…I said as Nora try to get up
Nora POV

I opened my eyes slowly but I couldn’t see clearly, my eyes were so big and I could feel my head aching ….I tried to stand up but I can’t, and then I felt Someone hand helping me get up..I turned back only to see jace…”what is he doing here and that’s when I remembered that today is my d day…oh god” what happened to me?
( it was echoed in the back ground, as the model start introducing their names…
I heard , Jane Maxwell introducing herself , she is the third candidate , and am the seven candidate )

oh god…what will I do now??…I said as I jump up
calm down Nora…you can still meet up..just hurry up…OK ..jace said

“really? I asked
” of course Bestie… Mira said as they both start getting me prepared, minutes later mr Charles entered.
After everything, I was fully ready all thanks to jace , Mira and mr Charles together with the girl who jace called , who help me with my make up….
gosh looking at my self in the mirror, I never knew it was really Nora
“you are indeed a beautiful Lady” jace whisper in my ear..
“yes Bestie… you are so gorgeous… ” thanks…I said
“but wait for a second, if jace did not order for the coffee, then who did?…I asked but again , I heard from the background as the sixth candidate introduced herself)
” its my turn..I almost scream as I stand up and rushed out..
“Nora be careful” jace said
I couldn’t reply because right now, the only miracle I need now, is to get there before my name is called.

Demi POV

I use my eyes to search through the crowd but I still can’t see jace
finally it was Nora’s turn to introduced herself but she she wasn’t here…
good , my plans work as I want it, never in her life will she be able to mess with me.
(the seven candidate, Nora William, please come out …the judge said but still Nora is not here, I smile the second time her name is been called , the third time , they were about to call the name…the light goes off, and everyone is shocked even I…
“what’s happening”?
then all of a sudden, the shadow of someone walking in to the stage , and then the light was put on.
” Nora!!!!!
“how come??? I was so shocked than ever .

Nora POV
I quickly get to the stage the moment the judge repeated my name , and then the light goes off, I
wonder what happen but then I saw jace, he gave me a thumps up and ask me to come up to the stage, I think , he is the one who make the light went off in order to make my entering a glamorous one.
I display different moves and I make sure my steps are in the right place.
After the whole entering stuff, everyone clapped their hands and even the judge but they still ask why I came late, and I told them am sorry.
everything started fully , demi and I seems to be leading.
after the second finale…
we have just three contestant left (demi, Bianca and i)
then the judge throw the final question to the three of us
” as a model what is the most important tools for your success or failure?.. the judge asked
” have read from two different magazine , with that same question and the answer, I will never forget.
I waited anxiously to see if Bianca or demi could get it.
ooops, bianca failed the question and now is facing demi and I wonder what she will say.
“, well sir , the most important tool for a model is helping humanity…. demi said, gosh that was my previous answer in the training class, does she think is the same question but anyway she failed it.
” am sorry, miss demi you are wrong , the judge said and demi face look like that of a beast…
now , the question is thrown to me…
with boldness I answered ” sir the important tool for every model which determined his/her success , is the steps, confident and speech…. I answered and everyone started including the judges and I saw Mira standing together with jace who blew me kiss.
After everything… its time to announce our winner for this year miss new York pageant
“our new miss York model and the winner of this year edition , is no one than ” Nora William!!!!…. the judge said and the award was given to me…
my joy knew no bound, as tears rushed down from my eyes…
Mira, mr Charles and Bianca ,came up stage and hugged me but I searched for jace…he is not there
“where is he???

demi POV

I can’t believe my eyes..
nora won !!
she won
no it is not possible…am always the winner, I can’t loose..I said crying and throwing things away…
suddenly I heard the door opened, it was jace ..I ran to him as I cried on his chest, hoping that he will cuddle and wipe my tears away but instead he pushed me back …I look at his face and he look angry.
“why did u do that?.. I asked
” I should be asking that question.. jace said..
I wipe my tears away and face my properly to make sure am not seeing another person.
” what did I do?.. I asked
” common demi stop pretending, we both know what you did.. jace said
” what did I do, instead of you to console me, because I have never lost before …you are here adding to my wound… look I don’t understand what you are saying… I said
” you loosing today, is your fault and it also God’s plan…because he knows you are wicked type of human being… jace said
” what do u mean?.. I asked

” ain’t you the one who poisoned Nora’s with sleeping pills so that she will not be able to participate in the competition
..jace said and I was so shocked, how did he know that I planned it.
” are u surprised?… he asked
oh you think Nora will not make it on time… but she did…demi you such a wicked devil…and do know what.. ” it is over between you and I”…. jace said and this time around the word echoed in my ear..
” no jace you can’t do this to me, no , you can’t leave me…I pleaded with him as i held his hand
he shove off my hands and said ” it was already over right from the day you almost killed Nora…jace said
” are u leaving me because of Nora.. the black skin girl…I said
“” call her any name but just get this in mind that nothing can ever work between both of us again and don’t you try to hurt her…jace said and was about leaving… when I held him back again..
” please jace, you can’t do this to me..please you are the only one I have …please , please… I begged but he pushed me away and left.
“” jaceeeeeeee….I screamed
” Nora , all these is because of you, first you humiliated me, you took my crown and now you’ve taken my boyfriend away from me..I swear on my life that you are going to pay for this, I will make your life a living hell, just watch and see!!! I said

Nora POV

I was so happy , everyone looking and taking pics with me..
I can’t believe am now a celebrity…
a once upon a time black skin girl now becomes the new York beauty….
I never knew when tears started rushing from my eyes..
my mom called and said they were watching me on TV and how I was announced as the winner, i just feel so great because am now fulfilling my dreams and all thanks to Mira and Mr Charles and also jace…
” but where is jace… I was still asking myself when mira hits me and said ” your prince charming is here…and that’s when I saw jace…he look so cute than ever and there is this unusual smile on his face, he came to me and hug me so tight and whisper in my ear..
” congrats to the most beautiful black skin girl ever!!!
omg..most beautiful..
god…I almost blushed


how was it?
umm …guys did u hear what demi said?

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