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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7


I look at everyone clapping but I wasn’t because her answer seems ridiculous to me..
Bianc hits me
what..I said
why are you not clapping?? Bianca ask
because her answer is rubbish ….I whisper
yea its true but you know she is a celebrity.. Bianca said.

oh that means …they all knew the answer is rubbish, but yet they still clapping, while have they limited themselves so much that even rubbish make sense.

people were still clapping but I wasn’t …then demi eyes with mine met and she gave me a deadly glare…but I don’t give a damn and then all if a sudden my mind flashed back to jace and I almost laughed but I never knew demi was still staring at me, when I turn to look at her, this time she was more angry than before.

STOP!!!… the coordinator
said and everyone stopped

Demi I really expected much from you with so much have been hearing from about you , but sorry to say you really disappointed me with your response… the coordinator said and I nodded in agreement… and then bianca hit me again, but I don’t care.
within me, that’s when I discover the coordinator is a new one and I think is the strict type but that’s cool..

so miss Nora William , what do u think is the most important thing in life…the coordinator ask me
I cleared my throat and stood up then said….well sir, the most important in life is enriching humanity, helping others and making those who think they can’t make it or are inferior because of their background, we should help them gain confidence and create home for the homeless and as well modelling a good life style for the younger generation to follow, because life is only meaningful when many people smile through us. thank you…I said and everyone started clapping and even more louder than that before…I noticed the coordinator smiling and nodding then he also joined everyone and clapped.
After the whole clapping and when everywhere was silent…the coordinator then said
wow miss Nora that was incredible and awesome, I see success ahead of you…he said and I was so happy… then again my eyes met demi eyes and all I could see is dreadful eyes that seems killing… she look at me so much then turned and hissed, within me I know that there is trouble but am prepared because life is always full of troubles .

After the whole training stuff of the day…I was walking back to my room..when I heard someone called my name..
I turned to see it was but I shock to see Demi..

Hey Norrra….she called as she stress my name

what?…. I asked sternly because I know she is up to something.

calm down friend….she said and smile ..but then am not gonna fall for that

what do u want?… I asked again

you seems brave so much that you refused to clap for me and you even try to prove yourself better than me…she said and laughed harder …then all of a sudden she became serious ..

but look am promising you that I Demi Locke will
humiliate you and I will prove to you that no one try to compete with me and goes Scot free…just watch and see….she said and walk out.

at first after her threat…I almost freeze up but then I remember Mira words ” she said I should always be confident “” that moment I just push out the thought but now am promising myself “” That I Nora William will never be humiliated , I shall surely come out victorious… no matter the threat.

Nora POV

its another day for training, my mind was so determined than before…remembering Demi’s word yesterday trigger more courage in me….she thinks she is best but I will show her that being the best is not just about beauty but about determination.

today we are all going to check out our design clothes..

mr Charles came on time and I went to change..

its finally time for us to show our design and give little speech about it.

when Demi came…her cloth is so gorgeous that within me , I commended the fashion designer but still yet am not gonna be defeated.

there are three coordinator today.. a female and two male.

so miss Demi…what can you say about your design…one of the male coordinator asked
well sir…this fabric is an expensive materials and not cheap as others and it is specially made for me…
ever since I have been modelling I don’t go for useless materials but quality ones and this show am a quality person.. and also it was designed by one of the best designer in the country….demi said

the coordinator look at each other …then one of them said can go but is that all…the female ask
that’s all…demi said everyone looks shocked, even I was shock..I guess they are pleased with the answer she gave…

it my turn…and my fabric is made of different colour which portray my city beauty.

so miss Nora…what can you say about your design.

well sir…I will first thank my designer and manager who did a great work.
this fabric represent the peace of my country and the purple in it represent royalty… then the style is used to display the uniqueness of NEW YORK…, its simply shows that without peace, togetherness and love…no country can stand.
my fabric is to appreciate my city and not about the price but about the uniqueness.

wow miss Nora…that was great…you are excellent and I love your confidence, remember that you should display this same confidence tomorrow which is your main day…you are indeed special….the female coordinator said.

after the whole day training… I started preparing for tomorrow…
the whole of spirit was just on it…I began to imagine how is going to look like…but I pray for success ahead.
its evening and I was coming back from the hall when I met Demi at the pool.. within me , I don’t want to talk to I turned back but then she called my name…I pretended that I did not hear but she still call my name again.

yes what do u want… asked

hahaha….she laughed and said…I told you not to mess with me but you did…do u think you can stand up against me…
I am demi Locke…do u think is easy… to get to my standard …but you have mess with the lion and now you will see my paw…she said and started moving close to me..
I tried to move back..but I notice the pool… and I can’t run it will make me look like a coward…bit within me I am terrified..
she get more closer and closer …..I still try to move backward buy then …I tripped and fell into the pool…the pool was so deep and I don’t even know how to swim…I struggle to get out ..but I couldn’t, I watched as demi laughed..
this time my stomach is filled… I couldn’t breath anymore..I try to calk for help..but I don’t have the strength.. I struggle and struggle as I became weak gradually with no strength , then I saw myself gradually sinking and my head almost covered …then I heard a voice… that voice that sound cool..
“”” crazy black girl””. the voice shouted but this time am too weak.

Nora POV
I opened my eyes a bit to see jace as he is running towards me…
I smiled faintly but so weak, and gradually I started drowning …..but then suddenly jace dive into the pool and carried me out of the water..
he placed me on the floor as he gives me mouth to mouth resuscitation…
I coughed so many times as water
keep popping out of my mouth…
he stop and looked at me and we both stare at each other.. then I started coughing again
“sorry dear…jace said
he helped me stand up
” are u OK..he asked…am feeling a little bit weak..I said

he carried me up in his arm and made to leave , when demi stopped him..
“” what is your problem? he asked with a type of voice which shows he is very angry
“baby am sorry , it was a mistake, I didn’t push her, she fell by herself…. demi said
” oh really and you did not consider to help her like a good human being ..jace said and left.
Demi POV
oh my god..jace has never spoke to me so rude like that before…he did all this because of this girl and even kiss her, all in the name of mouth to mouth resuscitation.
I wonder who this girl is? why is she creating problems for me , because of her I was humiliated and because of her jace shouted at me.
“tomorrow is the main day that all this drama will end…let me see how she is going to participate by the time am through with her.
firstly I need to see jace and made him believe am sorry…I don’t want to loose him.

Nora POV
jace carried me to my room..he make sure, I was fully OK before he decide to leave.
” thanks so much jace… I don’t know what would have happen if you had not come that time…I said
“oh its not a problem just take care of yourself and am also sorry about my girlfriend (demi) , she is not always like that, maybe she doesn’t just like you but am really sorry.. jace said
“” ummm….yea I think we don’t really get along so well but anyway , no problem , tomorrow is the day and after tomorrow everyone will go back to their home city…I said
“” that’s true… jace said and by the way, you still haven’t tell me your name or should I continue with the crazy black skin girl…he said and I laughed
“my name is Nora, Nora William… I said
” wow… OK, am jace mike..he said
“I know , all the world knows ..I said
” really!! anyways take care of yourself… he said and left.

After some minutes… I heard a knock on my door and I wonder who it is ?
could be jace again?
I opened the door and I saw a young lady like one of the staff in the resort…she’s with a cup of coffee
“hello ma’am… she said
” are you …I said
“I’m fine, ma this is for you…she said and handed the cup of coffee to me
” who ordered it because I did not order any cup of coffee… I said being anxious.
“” mr jace ask me to give you, he said you are feeling cold…the Lady said
“,oh really… I said and smile as I take the cup from her
” thank you …I said and close the door
” wow ..he is really so caring.. he knows I really need this coffee… thanks so much jace… I said even though am aware he is not there….then I started gulping it down my throat. it really taste nice.

unknown POV
Good job…I said and paid the lady who just gave Nora the coffee
“oh poor Nora, how I wish she knows that , the coffee she just took
has some overdose sleeping pills..
by the time , she finish all, she will be so fast asleep for the next 48hours, which will make not to be able to participate in the competition tomorrow.
” oh poor innocent girl
“she should have not dare me in the first place, now she has to face the consequences.


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