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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
Nora POV
its been two weeks sinc3 my training became so serious, everyone had just been busy…mr Charles trying his best to prepare me and Mira and James Harry are also busy preparing for their musical concert and because of this we hardly see each other but its not her fault anyways. And also we are done with the school semester for this time so it gave us enough time to concentrate on our career.
I came for another training and that’s when mr Charles gave me this greatest news of my life
“Hi Nora.. guess what.. mr Charles said
I was surprise , am not really good at guessing… what sir?? I asked being curious
on Wednesday you will travelling to the model New York resort center, in order for you to get prepare.. mr Charles said and smiling
OMG…are u for real sir!! I said as I hug him..then right there
I wish my Mira was here…I could have hugged her but she travel yesterday together wig James Harry for the musical concert.
yes of course…and I also heard Demi will be coming together with jace to the resort in order for her to prepare too…mr Charles said.
oh really… I said maybe a little cold..
yea..don’t worry dear, you can do it , I believe in you and also I will be following as your manager so no one will intimidate you…mr Charles said and I smiled.

it’s finally the day for me to travel
I look at my mom as I almost cried , I hug her so tight and she whisper in my ear
“” goodluck daughter ”
“” go and make us proud”
“remember being black is what makes you unique””
mom said an that moment I remembered Mira and more tears rushed from my eyes.
Sarah also hug me and wish me Goodluck and then I left together with mr Charles.
immediately we got to the resort…there are so many models also arriving too.
“welcome to modelisco hotel ma’am …a lady in white rope said to me and took my bags.
thanks ma..I said
please this way..she said and led me …as I was going I stop for a second to check mr Charles, I turned back and he was gave me a thumb and I smiled.. I think he will be around be in the male’s room.
I manage to get to my room by the lady help..
I drop my bag and then move to the window side, from there one can see almost everything that’s happening outside… and then all of a sudden I saw a white car..then a guy came out , I think have seen that face before and then a Lady came out too, she was so gorgeous and beautiful, her skin was glittering..and then people started surrounding them, even reporters too..they crowded them that I can hardly see the lady’s face .
OMG!!!.. I said when I finally saw the guy face clearly… it is JACE MIKE and the other lady is DEMI…I almost freak out at the window where I was standing. Jace is so cute , my everyday crush and Demi too, I don’t think I can stand s chance with her… I was still lost in those thoughts when I heard a
knock on my door.

Nora POV

I was still lost in my thought when I heard a knock on my door**
who is that?..I asked
its somebody you really want to see…the voice said
i wonder who is, I left for the door and open it.
OMG!! its my Bestie..
Mira!!!!! I almost scream as I hugged her like am in heaven, have missed her so much.
How did u know I was here, but Wait I thought you and James Harry went for the musical concert…I said
won’t you allow me to come in first before asking of gists…Mora said
oh am sorry… I said as I drag her in and close the door.
actually Mr Charles called me that you are feeling nervous so I decided to come over..Mira said
oh really but what about your concert with James Harry.. I asked
its next week and by the way our hotel is not far and even the show venue is closer. …just forget that for so glad am here with you…Mira said and within me I was more than happy.
But are u gonna spend the night here… I asked
hell no…have gat night rehearsal but I will always be coming to see you till my concert date..Mira said
so tell me about James Harry… are u guys getting along, you know what I mean…I said in order to tease Mira..
common stop that and focus on your big show..Mira said and I smiled
Have u seen him…Mira said and this time looking serious
who!! I asked
jace of course… Mira said
yea have seen him and he is so cute…I said
common don’t look at his cuteness, I heard his girlfriend demi is so rude so don’t get distracted by his cuteness just focus…Mira said
That’s true but I just can’t get my eyes off him..i said and Mira pinched me.

its evening and everyone have gathered at the down Hall where the main training will be held.
welcome everyone to modelisco …a young man said to us
and as you all know…this place is for determined model..he said again
so are you all determined… he asked and we chorused
so we mean business here and note that if you win or loose, don’t be discouraged just be happy that you were given a chance to show your talent… am I understood!!! he said
you all have your name tag to your shirt given to u earlier today… so let’s begin

we did lots of moves and step… anyone who wasn’t able to the steps correctly practice it more several times.
After the first set of training we were asked to relax , everyone went out to stretch themselves, I decided to make use of the bathroom…
while going I forgot the way to my own room because the everywhere was looking the same…I haven’t study the whole place yet..
I stop at a room thinking it was mine and then I pushed it one was there but I noticed it not mine own and as I was about going out..the door has been locked.. I think it a magnet door, that if its not lock with key , it can be open from the outside and then from the inside it using key, because it has been padlocked.
oh god help me…i wonder whose person room is this…and that’s when I started hearing splash of water..oh god someone is inside…..i stood there as I freeze waiting for the worst…what will I tell the owner of the room now…
I was still there trying to figure a way to hide, and then I heard the bathroom door opening… my legs started shaking, I tried to move my legs but I can’t , I just stood freeze and close my eyes
I heard the bathroom door finally open…and then someone legs and then a voice!!
what!!! the voice said so cool and sweet that I was forced to open my eyes
OMG!! it was jace…I mean jace
I look at him from head to toe and that’s when I noticed he was shirtless and just with short towel
oh my god…I started moving backwards as he was coming towards me and suddenly I tripped but he caught me , and my hands were on his shoulder.. we both stare at each other and then he tripped too and we both fell on the bed and he was on me…

Nora POV
OMG…jace on top me!!
what the heck..come get off… I almost screamed
oh now you can talk..but you were the one who invaded my room and now you are shouting like am gonna rape you..jace
of course you want to rape me, or what explanation can you give for this..I ask but why am I running my mouth, I wasn’t even scared, the situation seems shock to me but kind of hilarious too…I just can’t let him see that I have crush on him.
oh really… you think I want to rape you , then why don’t you scream for help…he said trying to get up from me ..
oh really …..OK I will scream
somebody help…hel..l..I was going to say it the second time when he fell on me back and cover my mouth.
for Christ sake are you OK..jace said
of course… am not, just get off…I said
we finally manage to separate… and I quickly stood up and arranged myself…., can’t you control your moves, I thought you have great moves and that’s why you are called the world best…I said

mind your words…the ground was slippery and that why I fell on you..and how am I sure you’ve not stained me with that black skin colour of yours… jace said and that got me wild

oh you think ..your colour is great or special than mine…but let me make something clear to you…blacks are the best because you whites are incomplete with this great black colour, now listen the hair in your armpit is black and not white, get that fact straight… I said and was about going when he held me back..
what is the meaning of that… I said
at least tell me your name or I will end up calling you one..jace said
oh really then suit yourself… and move to the door and that’s when I heard some foot steps coming towards the door and I turn to look at him, he look so shocked… within me I know it was no one else but demi..we both stood there like a freeze ice, just for a second for the door to be open we heard someone called out demi from outside and the steps move back.
oh God thank you…I can’t risk demi seeing me with her jerky boyfriend..
now..please open the door …I said to jace who was breathing some kind of relief breath
oh sure…before demi comes back..he said and quickly grab the key and open the door..
I look to and fro to make sure no one sees me and came out…I was running down I heads jace voice
“Bye my crazy beautiful black skin girl”” he said and I stop , turn to look at him , he smile and gave me a wink…gosh..he is really flirty

I finally got to the hall and everyone was already assembled, I saw Bianca and she signal me to come over…I rushed to her and grab a sit, not noticing the next person..
the coordinator start with his speech and and then he started asking us questions…
when it almost got to my turn, that’s when I notice the person sitting close to me…it was demi..
then the question was thrown to her..
demi…as a model who have come this far …what do u think is the most thing in life…the coordinator ask her and then everyone eyes was fixed on her
well sir …as we all know am a star model who has travel far and wide… the most important thing in life is revealing yourself to the world still be modelling… she said and smiling even some people started clapping but that sound senseless to me.


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