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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 5

The Black Skin Girl episode 5

Nora POV (cont’d)

Mitchell!!… I almost screamed
so this rude girl is Mitchell… gosh how am I going to cope with her
all of a sudden, something dropped in me to stare at her from head to toe and that’s when I noticed she is so stunning and gorgeous, her looks alone almost intimidate me but I can’t be frightened now …I have my aims high, she might be the best but there is definitely overtaking am going to overtake, I don’t care if she is gorgeous than me…the fact remains that she is not me and am not her, mr Charles trust in me and that alone boost my confidence. I won’t let him or my mom and even Mira…I won’t let them down
hey you…what the hell are you doing here…Mitchell yelled and everyone turn to look at me
oh god …this girl can create scene, I thought mr Charles
is a disciplinarian , how he has this nuisance called Mitchell in his class…oh god just help , I said inside of me
Mitchell calm down, she is the new student approved by mr Charles.. miss Ella said
gosh , this two are both despicable, they both irritates me
But miss Ella.. this girl can’t be in this class…she is too dark and ugly.. Mitchell said and some people started laughing while some murmured but within me…I knew I have to say something, I have to stand up for myself .
models are really special not only in terms of career but life style.. they reveals beauty to the world..i said within me as I decided to speak up
i walk up straight to her …
look Mitchell, it seems you don’t get the fact I made earlier to u…
though am black but am not responsible for my colour, and also I can’t question nature but do u know …being black makes me unique and my uniqueness is what makes me difference, you might be better than me now but trust me, you can never be me..and also being a model can just be a fashion show for you or just a career but to..its a life …a life of experience and making impact…as a model not only to the world but one day I shall be a model star that illuminate everywhere… so don’t u ever call me ugly names, because you are better that me but just for yourself…I said all this , not knowing that mr Charles was watching me and the moment I finished , everywhere was silent at first then I heard mr Charles clapping and then gradually some people joined.
wow!! Nora that was a fantastic speech…that was really excellent and do u know what…am not going to choose between you and Mitchell again but rather I have made my decision that you are the Charles said and I was so happy, my eyes went to Mitchell and her reaction wasn’t good at all , she wished she could change mr Charles decision but its impossible… then she ran out in tears and also followed by miss Ella, gosh that woman is something else, but no matter what am not going to be easy with her.
After rehearsal , all I want to do was to share
my joy with Mira, I just can’t wait to tell her every that happened in the class.
As I was still packing my bags..I felt someone tapping me..then I turned ,it was Bianca
hey..I said
hi Nora.. she said
so what’s up…I asked
nothing much , I just want to say thank you..she said
thank you for what??I asked
thank you for making me realize my self today, that I am special , though you might not know but your speech to Mitchell today really changed me, before I used to think that Mitchell is better than me but then after your speech today, I realize that I am the best in my own way…so thank you..she said and hugged me, but I was still surprised ,I never knew my speech made so much impact but its good to let people know they are indeed special and not to compare themselves to anyone…and also all thanks to Mira for this… she made me know this and I will forever be grateful to her.

Mira POV

Today’s class was so great for me, I can’t believe James harry chose me to go with for his upcoming New york musical concert.
oh god..I have to start preparing now, singing in front of multitude audience is not an easy task but then I believe in one thing , which is “to be always confident”, I just can’t wait to tell Nora all about it.

Nora POV

I was anxiously waiting for Mira to come out of her class…
immediately she came out , I ran straight to meet her
Bestie guess what!! we both say at the same time and laughed.
OK you go first…Mira said
no you first..I said
ummm….OK..Mira said
yea, so tell me, what’s it?…I said
today James Harry said am going to join him and minister in the upcoming New York musical concert… can u believe that!!!…Mira said in all excitement..
OMG!!! are u for real…I said
oh , am so happy for you, congrats dear…I said and hug her
so tell me yours..Mira said

do u know that girl …ummm Mitchell that I said miss Ella wants me to compete with….
yes so tell me more about her…Mira said
today she was disqualified by Mr Charles , and I was chosen to represent Mr Charles class of model for the upcoming miss New York pageant…. I said as I almost scream out in joy…
Really!!!… oh god am happy for you ..Mira said
Thanks dear and all this is because of you..I said as I hug Mira
common best…don’t be official now, you are my Bestie and I will always be there for u…Mira said
Thanks best.

After the whole day stuff , I got home to relax …getting to the entrance of the door , I saw Sarah..oh god..drama queen , why is she back so quick , I thought her Thursday class always close late, why is she here now….
I was murmuring when I heard her voice
Nora…hold on…
I turned and just look at her, I wonder what’s so important that she couldn’t just wait for us to enter inside..

I stood there at the entrance waiting for her
so what!!! I asked not even minding that she was smiling, but who is smiling at her

guess what!! Sarah said
what !! I replied sternly

JACE MIKE is coming to New York upcoming model show together with his girlfriend DEMI…Sarah said and I was so shocked
Jace and Demi are coming to New York model pageant… are u for real…I said to Sarah holding her
yes ..they are…but jace is not contesting, is only Demi that will be contesting, I heard for some previous years, she has always won the Miss New York pageant….Sarah said and that moment i became freeze, I never knew that the New York model pageant mr Charles was talking about, also involves Demi…I thought it will be the USA world model pageant that will involve their two….oh god
Nora , Nora …are u OK…you look lost..Sarah said and tap me
its nothing …I said and went inside , I have to inform Mira about this and asked mr Charles to give the full details of this upcoming New York model pageant.


I quickly grabbed my phone and was about calling Mira when mr Charles call came in
“Hello sir…I said
” Nora have u heard the latest development about the New York model show…mr Charles said
yes sir…my sister just told me, that jace and Demi will be coming and Demi is also going to contest..I said
yea.. that’s true that means we need
lot of training, don’t worry just relax your mind OK, tomorrow we will talk more about it…mr Charles said
OK sir thank u..I said and hang up
Right now am really nervous, the competition is in next three weeks…oh god please help me…
I was about calling Mira when the door bell rang, within me I knew it was her she always come at the right time.

“thank God you u hear that Demi will be contesting for miss New York model pageant… I said to Mira as I hold her hands and we’re heading to my room
are u for real..girl that means this year model pageant is gonna be hot cake..Mira said and laughing
common scared… I said
scared of what” demi??… stop that..just believe in yourself , she has been winning all these years but I believe there will be a change but wait I thought I heard a rumour that she resigned… Mira said
yea that’s true…I also heard the same thing that’s was why at first I was relaxed but now , she is back.. I said
don’t worry dear..its gonna be OK..Mira said
thanks dear..
ok you know what..lets make research about her..Mira said and I quickly grab my phone .

its another day for training , Mr Charles had called me earlier today that he called some artist to measure and take my length in order to get my dresses ready and also i will be doing some photo shoot today with make up on me
when I got to the hall, I saw everyone so busy..bianca is already getting her measurement , and then I saw Mitchell, she was also measuring, but I wonder if there had been any change .
oh thank god you are here…Mr Charles said taking my hands and straight to a tall white guy..from his looks alone you will know he is a fashion designer ..
**** wondering.. has there been any Mitchell.. I was still talking when mr Charles cut me shot…
no no…Mitchell is not going with you , she is going for a neighborhood model pageant…our group was chosen as one of the contestants, so I decided she should go for that one to avoid troubles…mr Charles said and my mind was relaxed
the designer took my measurement, then I was beautifully make up…
I can’t believe this is me…
I mean am I Nora?…

we took several shots and with different dresses and with different styles or position…. it was so stressful day but was fun filled , but the feeling of the main day almost make me freak out but then I remember Mira words””everything will be OK””
in the next few weeks I and bianca will be travelling to the model resort center where all the models will be prepare for the D_day… I will so miss my Bestie, I wish she could follow me..but I guess we’ve come to a time in life..where our heart will only beats for each other even if we are not seeing each other face to face.


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