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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

Nora POV

immediately we left the school , we went straight to mr Charles class
Mira…am so nervous.. I said
oh really, where is the girl who just humiliated the almighty Melvin.. Mira said and I know she wanted to make me feel good.
of the girl..I said
so why are u nervous, trust me you are gonna shock everyone there.. Mira said
and I became relief
wow..I said as we entered the main building ..this place is different from where the audition held
immediately we entered the hall, everyone was just staring at us..
the gender of people there are mostly females and then males but the females were many
I thought I was going to get insult but rather.. people came to say hi
I was so surprised bianca of the girl said to me
she look so gorgeous and stunning..
her skin glitter.. gosh she is so beautiful Nora.. I said
welcome to the model world Nora….she said
thanks dear..I said

After some minutes mr Charles and miss Ella came in

hello everyone.. mr Charles said and everyone gathered together
meet your new student , Nora William and Miranda Jake.. Mr Charles said as he introduce us and everyone started clapping

Now to the business if the day …
but before I start…Miranda , you are to be in the music class..he said and signal miss Ella to take Miranda to the class..
I watch as my friend leaves am on own.. no one to stand for me here, am now to stand for myself but before Mira goes, she came to me and whisper in my ear..
don’t worry Bestie , you will be alright , I trust you but if anyone try to mess with u just ring my bell and I will be at your service …Mira said and I almost cry..
though we will still see each other after class but for now we are in different world..
she is in her world of music and mine is modelling.
Now its business time…Mr Charles said in more strict way

Nora Williams …if you are given the opportunity to explore your model world and choose someone among the model celebrity to partner with…who will that be?? Mr Charles asked

well sir….I will love to partner with jace mike..I said
“” Jake mike””…everyone screamed
why there something wrong with him?? I asked
No..but he is best in the world and very rare to see…many people have try to partner with him but they fail…am not sure he can partner with small state models like us….Bianca said
though we may be small but we are also unique like one of my friend would say…we should never limit ourselves.. we should always hope high…and sir I said turning to Mr Charles… I believe one day we will be the top in the whole world… I said and then everyone started clapping except for miss Ella..

wow…Nora I love your point of u know earlier this months
, someone gave me a contract of modelling which involves jace as the contesting model…but I decline because I thought we can never beat jace…he has the best female
models and also he is the best male model in the world… I was so scared that if we loose…then I will loose a lot of student and my class will decrease gradually… but now, do you what I think…we are going to contest for that pageant and even if we loose… it doesn’t matter because we defeated fear…which is the most reason other models can’t go against him…mr Charles said and we all clapped

all thanks to Mira…she made me the new outspoken Nora…I hope she also explore in her class

now back to miss Ella…she is still not convinced of going up against jace…she is so adamant and fearful… I hope she doesn’t ruin things for us.

Miranda POV
while in my music class
everyone was looking stance to me, not because am feeling inferior but because Nora is not here…I missed her so we have come to a time where we both need to pursue our dreams and fight for our future, but am glad we both made it to this class
here in my class my own training is no other person than James harry…I was so shock when I saw him, I never knew he works with Mr Charles, a young guy with so much potential.. my ever crush..
yes I don’t really believe in crush and all of that but my desire every day is to meet James Harry…have watch him sing and minister in different programs..he has the great voice ever and one thing I also held, he never gives anyone 100% but he will commend you are good but not an 100% …
oh god…I pray I change this history…I want to be the best in my class

Nora POV
after Mr Charles have given in to compete with jace mike…the whole training becomes serious.
Bianca… Mr Charles called
Nora …Mr Charles also called
you two will be will be on training for the next two weeks because you will both represent us on the coming “” miss New York pageant “”… Mr Charles said and I so shocked
it is this pageant that will determine if we will be qualified for the next one ( Miss USA) and if we are able to lead then we will know if we could really go up against jace and Demi( jace model girlfriend)… this two have a been leading since and I think there should be a change…Mr Charles said and we all screamed “” yeppee””

But sir..instead of Nora why don’t we go with Mitchell… miss Ella said and I wonder what problem she have with me

But why do u think so??…Mr Charles ask
sir, Mitchell is more qualified and experience than Nora, she have gone for different competitions within the city and she won…miss Ella said
but..Nora is also going to go through some training and you know that modelling is not just about beauty and competition but is about making a difference and that’s what we are doing…Mr Charles said

but sir..I think there should be a challenge between Mitchell and Nora to know who is qualify because I think, we not not just pick people who aren’t qualify. miss Ella said and stared at me with so much hatred and within me , I wonder who Mitchell is??

OK but for now Mitchell is not around… so we can’t wait for her…Mr Charles said
sir, she will be here by tomorrow.. miss Ella said
OK fine…mr Charles said

oh god help me…I know am not experience like her but this is my chance and I will make use of it..I can’t disappoint Mira and my mom who trust in me so much.

Mira POV

as we were rehearsing , James harry each one of us to make a solo of the song, ” goodnight forever “”
everyone started singing and it get to my own turn..

what’s your name..James Harry said
I’m Miranda Jake…I replied
oh nice…so your your solo…he said
and that moment , I closed my eyes as I sing
(the solo)
when am down
alone in the night
when the world seems to silent..
I close my eyes as I see stars
and twinkling in the sky
and all I could say was
goodnight.. forever..
(The end)

wow…that was
, …James harry said but stop …
in me I was like God…what will he say..will he say that was terrible or bad…oh god..please.. I prayed inside of me…
that was…great…its an 100%… James Harry.. and I screamed…

Nora POV

After the rehearsal… all my mind was fixed on what miss Ella said.

I wonder who Mitchell is??
what kind of person
is she?

why is miss Ella so adamant on choosing her??
oh god please help me…right now am just so lost …I never knew Mira was talking to me..
Nora ..Nora…Mira called
yes ..yes….I said
do u heard what I said…she asked
what?…I asked
so you have not been listening to me…Mira said
am so sorry… am just lost..I said
what’s the trouble.. did anyone bully you or played prank on you?..just tell me and I will kick that person ass…Mira said and I smiled
Not really… you know that lady walking with mr Charles…I said
yea..miss Ella, so watsup with her…Mira said
I think she doesn’t like me….I said
really..but why would u say so…Mira asked
umm…..I just noticed it from her behaviour… you would not believed, today she told mr Charles that am not qualified to go up for any competition since I haven’t acquire any training and even when mr Charles tried to prove her wrong…she suggested that in order to know the better person between I and Mitchell, we should for a challenge… I said

who is Mitchell??… Mira asked
I also don’t know her..but from what I gathered from miss Ella , I think…she is quite gorgeous and also maybe the best female model in the group… and right now I can’t imagine myself going up against her..I said

oh really… you think you can’t go up against her…but its a lie..because I believe you can…and you will surely win her and that miss Ella..she will be put to shame…Mira said
oh thanks Bestie… I said and hug her
common.. is that why u look dull..don’t worry I will help u with your training and moves and also we will watch some model video to help u more…OK…Mira said and I was so relief… its so good having her by my side
its another day for rehearsal and also its today that the Mitchell girl is going to come , I just can’t wait to see her..
immediately I and Mira got to the building we went straight to our class…am just so happy for her…I hope she wins James harry heart…yesterday she was just so happy for the 100% James Harry gave her and I pray she do more today….and also am so eager to see this Mitchell girl
After Mira went to her class…I was also going to mine following the building hallway because Mira class ( music class) has a different hallway from mine..
As I was going…I stop at a point to adjust my sandal…so I bent down…after i finished and about raising my head …I never knew someone was at my back and then my head hits her…
oh my god…are u blind…I heard the voice and turned and it was a girl
oh god…am so sorry…I said
on really keep that to yourself… you black sheep..the girl said

gosh…that was so rude

I already apologized… so why the ugly names…I said to her apologized.. do u want to blind my eyes and then replace it with those ugly eyes of yours….she said again

now …this is getting too the way she was also supposed to watch her steps..
I don’t know why u are making a mountain out of mere hill…I already said sorry and if you are not OK with it..then go to hell…I said and was about leaving, when I heard her made some statements
“”who approved you to be in this class and of what use are the blacks…am so sure mr Charles
made a mistake putting u in his class…the girl said and then I turned to face her
look girl… I don’t know what your problem is ..but a good advice I want to give u…is too talk less ..because when you keep talking , you never know when you will turn to hippopotamus… and also about the blacks..we are unique and our uniqueness lies in our skin colour… I said and left
I got to the class and everyone was busy…I guess mr Charles and miss Ella haven’t come yet…then after some minutes… the door open and the same girl I saw the other time came in with miss Ella…. all of a sudden …everyone screamed


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