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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3
Miranda POV

gradually the line started moving… I watch as many that went inside with smile faces came out with a not too good expression.. then I heard people started saying.. Mr Charles is really strict and that crimpy lady is so harsh… I wonder who this crimpy lady is…??
I turned to look at Nora ..she just put on a smile and I gave a nod..
finally its my turn…I turned back to look at Nora once again…she came to me and said..I believe you are great and you can do this.. she said and hugged me…then I went inside.
I got to the stage..I couldn’t see anyone but there was light shining in my direction.. then I heard a male voice and I presumed its Mr Charles voice..
Hi..young lady
what’s your name??he asked
Am miranda Jake…I replied

wow…nice..I love that confidence in your voice..he said and
I was so surprised I never knew i sounded confidently , deeply I was nervous..

OK , have you written any song before..? he asked

then I remember the song Nora taught me, it was written by her then I composed it..
No sir..but a friend of mine have written a song which i put into music..I said

oh really… wow that your friend must really be talented… is she here with you??… he asked
yes sir..go and call her..he said and I went outside to call Nora..

Nora POV

i was so surprised when Mira came out..I thought maybe she also wasn’t qualify , at that moment my fears arose again..

Nora…Mr Charles ask me to call u..mira said
really??… I asked
of course.. come..Mira said and drag my hands in
we’re both standing on the stage while Mr Charles ask us to sing the song..
actually …the song has some moves and it’s titled #highschoolrock
so I told Mira to sing while I do the moves, flowing with the song
i can’t believe I made my moves so easily…without missing my steps ..towards the end of the song..I and Mira together sang and made the moves together and after we finish we bow .

immediately we finished… we heard clapping and then the light was put off …and then I saw mr Charles… oh my Charles… he is really the one, I can’t believe am standing facing him..then all of a sudden Sarah’s words echoed in my ear..””Blacks are not valued”” but then I just wave it off…hoping for a Miracle
you guys are amazing …mr Charles said…
yes…they are but only the white one…a lady beside him said and I wonder who she is..
No…they both are amazing and incredible…. and I think am gonna go with them…mr Charles said…then he signal someone and said ..tell them the audition is over, we have picked those we want..

but we still need a model…the Lady said again

yes I know…that’s why am choosing the black girl…she gat the moves and shapes… look Ella I want you see this …if we use a different specie for our new modelling contract.. it will draw attention to us…no other modelling sponsor have raised a black skin type…trust me..this is gonna be great…mr Charles said and that’s when
I know that the lady’s name is Ella..but still after mr Charles words she still doesn’t look happy but mr Charles don’t give a damn
so Miranda Jake and her friend Nora William… you two are my new added students.
Nora you will be for the modelling class and Miranda you are the best voice have heard so far…so u are joining my music class , as you guys will go through some training because we have to make the world know your are unique..
welcome to the world of celebrities as you explores…mr Charles said and I was more than happy…truly am unique as Mira always say…I look at Nora as we but hug in tears…Mira is really the best..

Nora POV

finally we got home…the first person I met was no other than Sarah..
god..has she been waiting for me!!
so tell me, how do u feel when they disqualify you…Sarah asked laughing
I just look at her and smile , I don’t want anyone to ruin my mood
anyways , she wasn’t disqualify , she was chosen as the lead model for mr Charles new model contract… Mira said and I just smile the more and watch as Sarah’s mouth opened so wide
are u serious?? Sarah asked
I just ignored her and tell Mira to follow me, it feels so good making some people speechless …right now all that am concerned about is how to explore my world and maybe one day my dream man (jace) will find me
i noticed that Sarah was following us but I intentionally ignore her

I got to my room together with mira and Sarah was still following us

please Nora…do u need any assistant, or a manager, you know am always updated… Sarah said and I almost laughed but I control myself..
no Sarah thanks but Mr Charles already have an assistant for me so please don’t worry about me..I said
oh really or are u sure??…she said again and I still reply the same thing

finally it was I and Mira that are in the room
did u see how Sarah was looking at u…Mira said
yes…she was so shock..I said
that’s what I have been saying , until you stand up for yourself ,no one will believe u and people will not change their perspective about u until you give them a reason to…so dear Bestie am happy for u…Mira said and I almost cry..she is indeed the best friend anyone can have..

its another day in school and everyone was looking at me differently
not even a prank…everyone were just staring …then I heard some people saying
“” she was qualified for mr Charles class and also she was made the lead model “”
I just ignore and pass but then many girls that have not been talking to me before approach me and ask if they could be my friend
I was so surprise…
so this is what it means to be a celebrity even though am not fully one…but I will surely climb my hills

during lunch time…I and Mira were at the cafe when a guy approach me
hey beauty…he said and I turned back was Melvin , one of the celebrity in my school ..I remember in fifth grade I used to have crush on him…I can’t believe he called me beauty…that’s was the name no one ever call me..people either call me coal or black sheep or any sort of ugly name…but this is the first time a guy is approaching me…

hi Melvin, what do u want…Mira said and I was shocked, she knew i have crush on this guy
actually can I join you guys ?..Melvin asked
No can’t… Mira said sternly… for crying out loud what’s wrong with her… gosh she is going to ruin this for me..

hi Melvin …I tried to say but Mira shut me up and said ..we should go that we have something important to do…I haven’t even said anything when she dragged me up from my sit and all I could do was to turn back and look at Melvin my long crush…
I stare at him till Mira drag me away totally from his view

Nora POV
Mira stop…stop
where are u taking me to?
for crying out loud…you know I have a crush on Melvin… I said as drag my hands from Mira and stop
and that’s more reason… I have to take you away…because I see you are already falling for him..Mira said
and I know within me that’s true…
but wrong with it…I asked

Bestie… there is a lot wrong with it..
apart from being
a celebrity that everyone now wants to associate themselves with, you still have to remember you are girl…you don’t fall cheap for any guy..
lets guy know your worth..
don’t let them know you are crazy over them or you are madly in love with them
look …Melvin is a flirt..and if he sees you are this cheap , he will use you and make you as one of his slut..did u get..Mira said and that moment.. my eyes begin to open
Mira indeed a friend anyone would wished for…I never knew all this…I used to be timid and not outspoken but she change me..
now I shouldn’t give in for anyone.. because am a jewel…I said
of course you are a jewel and every girl out there are all jewel …we are all precious but some of the problem we girls have is that we fall easily and guys make use of our weakness to their advantage…trust me friend when I say…a girl is more valued when she knows she is a rare gem…Mira said and all I could do was to stare…how come she learn all these??
now I see the reason why she doesn’t beg for attention but rather people beg for her attention.
after school as Mira and I were going home …I saw Melvin again
he was standing with some of his friend , something in me wanted me to go over to where he was..but then I remembered Mira words and I just ignore him..

hey beauty…I heard him called but I pretend I did not hear him , I turn to look at Mira …she also gave me a nod saying I should ignore
hey beauty… I heard him again as he was coming closer… but I still did not pay attention

then he crossed our front…and stood right in front of me….I told Mira to excuse us and she did… this time around I don’t want her to stand for me but I want to learn how to stand for myself

hey ..girl…have been calling you…watsup he said trying to touch my face…I just wave off his hands
and what’s the meaning of that..I asked
meaning of what ?… he said and still trying to touch my face …gosh, this guy is a flirt… who does he think he is
Melvin stop…I said stop…this time I said almost aloud..then he drew back and started laughing

why is he laughing… I asked within me
what’s funny…. I manage to ask
its you that’s funny…seriously you are trying to prove hard to black as you are…am just trying to be nice to u because I wanted to use to get into mr Charles class….damn it…you are not my type… Melvin said
OMG…did Melvin just use those words…

I knew you had crush on me that’s why I came to u and you almost fell for it earlier today…so what happen now..have u also realized that you are not my type…. he said and still laughing

of course am not your type ….because you are a fool and most cheap guy I have ever since..
my type are those with smart brains and not fools and also my type are those ..who knows the uniqueness of a lady not a flirt like u…look Melvin you will never understand this..because you will forever be a fool and a flirt who is looking for a damaged slut to spend his night with and I can never be among those type of girl…I am special.. before u can get
me you have to work harder…good day….I said as I left him standing and looking like a moulded image.
wow baby girl ….that was awesome… Mira said
all thanks to you Bestie… only if all girls could have known this and stop pushing themselves to guys who just use and dump them…I said
that’s true…but anyways we have our training to go…you know mr Charles hates lateness …Mira said and I agree to it and we left.

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