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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 2

episode 2

Nora POV..

Nora stop..stop…I heard Miranda’s voice..but I just can’t stop..
Miranda is my Bestie, she is the only person that I do talk with in the whole school
no one ever talk to me, all they do is to abuse and mock me each day…and even today someone played a prank on me and humiliated me in front of the whole class..
Nora please wait and calm down…Miranda said and that moment I stopped.. my eyes were already red, I just couldn’t hold the eyes again as I let them flow…then Miranda rushed to me and hold me..
its OK dearie. she said
I looked at her and said why do my life has to be like this
is it bad to be black?
am I so ugly that everyone have to make me their everyday joke…I said as more tears rush from eyes
no, you are not ugly..
you are beautiful and also its not your fault that you are black..its your colour and not your person.. you are beautiful outside and inside trust me, those who make mockery of you are just are unique and as I always say, am so fortunate to have u as my best friend.. Miranda said and I don’t know what to do and just hug her…
she always know how to calm me down, she doesn’t view or judge me the way other people do.. sometimes I wonder why she loves me and sees me as the best even when I don’t see myself like that.
I feel so lucky having her , she has always been my friend from fifth grade when we became friends.
so are u going for mr Charles music and modelling class… Miranda asked??
of course No…I can’t, I don’t even have a good voice and not even a good shape to go for that kind class am not going..I said
common Nora… just give it a try and about the voice…you gat a great voice , have heard u sing several times…please ssss..Miranda said with a puppy face..
Mira, is not I don’t want to follow you, the problem is my skin colour.. many people hates it and they normally call me black sheep just go I don’t want to ruin your fun there…I said
OK if you are not coming then am not going…Miranda said
oh no , I know she said that because of me and I know how important is music to her, and I also know she is stubborn.. she will not go, if I did not join her…I can’t ruin her dream because of me..
OK I will join u…I said
yeppeeee….Miranda said and hugged me, within me I know people will make fun of me there and also I know mr Charles won’t allow me there but let me just follow Mira to make her happy and then she will see for herself when they will reject me…all I want is for Mira to pass the audition and join the class that will be my joy.

Nora POV**

After the whole school stuff, the humiliation, the pranks , the insult and even the stressful lectures …I finally get home hoping to find rest and later in the evening I will follow Miranda
for her audition to join mr Charles music and model class and maybe luckily for me I might also be selected because deep down my heart dream is to be a model someday..but who am I kidding skin is totally the worst , am sure mr Charles won’t look at me twice before he disqualify me..
But then immediately I got home…the person I never wish to see on my dreams appear before me..
it’s Sarah older sister… gosh her own torment is more than the ones am receiving at school ..I always try my best to avoid her, its only when my mom is around that she do behave but now my mom is at the supermarket and I thought she also will be at school..
oh god…who knows what she will say now…I said in my mind…

hey black coal… Sarah said..she usually call me that..for Christ sake its not my fault that am black..

look Sarah..I don’t like not black coal..I said not looking at her face
hahaaaaaha….Sarah laughed and said “‘why do u look so shattered and sweaty …did u meet a ghost while coming back from school… she said and started laughing again.
I just look at her and pass her and head up stairs , but I still heard her laughing and saying “” the ghost probably was scared of your complexion and ran away… Sarah said in an annoying way… I just ignore her , if not she would have said more and then I would have started crying… already when she call black coal I felt like crying but I remembered Mira words …she said I should never cry in front of those you mock me because they will see that am weak… even If I want to cry , I should cry in my hidden place.
so I just ran upstairs to my room and buried my face in my pillow… everyone just like insulting me….they said am too dark and among my family members , am the only dark person… even sometimes I ask myself if truly this is my family… I wonder if those I call parents are truly my parents… but then the way my mom show me love and care and even show me my pics when I was small and when she gave birth to me…I have no doubt that they are my true family…but why am I black?

its already evening and Mira and I have prepared going for the audition… she came over to my house…so that we will prepare together..
after we finished and we were about going I saw Sarah again at the door..still with her mischievous smile, sometimes I wonder what’s funny about me that she always have to laugh whenever she sees me…but have decided in my mind to discourage me or make me sad..

common Mira…let’s go..I said holding Mira’s hand

ummmm…Mira..where are u two going…Sarah said to Mira
I pinch Mira not to answer…but then she did…Mira is just like that…she’s always nice and jovial to people.. so she answered sarah
wow …you are going for an audition on order to join mr Charles class…wow that’s nice Charles have really trained a lot of models …like the world best model..jace..I heard he also graduated from mr Charles class before he became popular… Sarah said and I just hissed…I know she is conversant with models and celebrities updates… but who cares I know she will still say something worst..

but why are u taking black charm , I mean Nora..why are u taking her with u…Sarah said…this time I feel like punching her face..

No Nora is not a black charm or whatever.. she is beautiful and I know she will be selected too and by the way she have a great voice and nice shape too…Mira said
umm great voice…great voice indeed…anyways good luck with your audition ..Sarah said and left.
gosh that sister of mine pissed me off…I wonder why she dislikes me this much..
anyways Nora…don’t mind her , you are my lucky charm and not black charm….Mira said and smile at me..then we hug each other.
OK now..let’s go and rock that audition baby…Mira said and I laugh out loud.

Nora POV
OMG…I said as we get to the audition venue…everyone there were white , I can’t find any black American not to talk of a very dark skin like mine.
as we are approaching the entrance my legs shaking , the whole of my body started shaking, I don’t think I belong here.. no, I don’t think so…am sure mr Charles won’t look at me twice before disqualifying me..
Sarah is right, am too black to go
for all this and besides models are always attractive and sexy but I don’t think I am…I just have to go..
I started pulling my legs backward.. I then started removing my hands from Mira …I just can’t stay…is not a place meant for me

Miranda POV
I felt Nora removing her hand from mine and whenever I tried to move forward with her, she pulls back…then I noticed her body was shaking.
what wrong with her?
Nora what is it again? I asked her but she just look at me and gave a negative nod..
look Mira, you can go for the auditioning but I can’t.. look at the crowd, everyone of them are whites , no black or dark shades here, if I go in everyone will laugh at me…Nora said almost crying.. I really feel for her but she can’t come all the way from the house and receiving those insult from her sister and now she just want to go like that.?.No.. its not happening.
look Nora..I don’t care if there are only white people here, all I know is that we are going for the audition together, you have live up for yourself.. stop feeling intimidated ..there is no one like u, you are different from those people, your blackness is your strength and your unique point…stop accepting defeat..remember what Sarah told u , if u go back now that means you are truly a black charm as Sarah said and I will never forgive you…I said and left her…I turned to her and said if u really want us to be friends and you want to make yourself proud one day and achieve those dreams you’ve always wished for, then you will follow me to get on that queue , but if not you can stay there forever…I said and left.

Nora POV
what Mira said are true… the world can only change their perspective about me until I take up a challenge and do something different ..and then right there I felt a great strength and courage within me..I don’t care what people say but am going for that audition..
I look at the wall beside me and I saw Jace mike poster… the world best male everyday crush that I pray to see one day .

I rushed to the queue and join Mira, I noticed as everyone were staring at me but I don’t give a damn..then I heard a girl said behind me
“” gosh she is too black””…
I turned and just hissed…I don’t care what they say…they have been saying the same thing ever since I was a kid but then it made no changes to my skin colour even tried different creams on me but it still the same…so I don’t care again.and I will forever be grateful to my friend who has made me realize my true self…I pray we both qualify for this class


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