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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

Nora POV

look Mira..let me explain.. I said
“explain what?? that you are going to a party without telling and for crying out loud, its Bianca party and you know that girl never liked you…Mira said
” but Mira ,she have changed, you are the one who usually tell me to give people a chance if truly they changed..I said
“yes I know but I don’t trust that Bianca girl..Mira said
” but you trust me, so please why not follow me..I said
“follow you?.. why , I mean why..Mira said
” I heard Mira shoulder and sat her on the bed…common Mira please just follow me and if u notice anything fishy about her , then we will leave I promised… I said and she look at me for a while and nodded..
“wow…thanks Mira, OK let’s get going its almost time…I said

jace POV

I was so surprised this morning when Kim called me that the world pageant is within a week .
now I really
have to inform Nora, she really need rehearsal and training , its very important.
I quickly grabbed my car key and left …in order to pick Nora, though have been trying her line but its not going through… so I decided to go and check her at home, I know am supposed to go by three by I really need to tell her this new development.

on my way to Nora house, while waiting for the traffic light… my eyes glance through a car across and I think I saw demi , though not too clear but I think the Lady I saw is demi…
what is she doing here?
or is it my imagination?
I look at the car again but I didn’t see her, maybe she is not the one..

Nora POV

we finally got to the party venue, everything was really lit, immediately I saw Bianca and I wave at her.
she looks so happy and she came to me , but when she saw Mira she was kinda shock but I think maybe because they don’t flow together.
” hi..Bianca
hi…Mira..Bianca said but Mira did not really respond, she just wave her hands and went to sit on a chair.
I look at Bianca , her expression wasn’t really good but I think she felt bad…
” don’t worry dear..I think Mira is not in a good mood..I said to Bianca and patting her shoulder
“no problem… maybe she doesn’t like me..Bianca said
” no …its not like that..just forget it …I said
as the party was going on..Bianca introduced me to everyone and they all began to rush to me, asking for a pic and autograph and with joy in my heart, I did as they all said…its really a great thing to be a celebrity.

jace POV

I got to Nora’s house…they said she is not around… I wonder where she might be..
am really feeling nervous… like am having this weird feeling that something will happen, I just pray Nora is fine…
I grab my phone and called Mira, her phone was ringing but she wasn’t picking, I wonder where they went….
“the thought of the lady I saw the other time came flashing in my mind
could she really be demi?
oh god….please save Nora..
I tried her line again…this time its
rang but no response, then I called Mira again…this time she picked but I can’t hear her clearly, its seems the place she is was too noisy…I called her again and still the same thing… i just don’t know where to go.
Mira POV

am really feeling too good about this party stuff…
am feeling kind of weird
finally I think the party is almost over…..and am glad
everyone has started going and it also time for I and nora to go but then Bianca called Nora that she want to show her something…
she took her and enter inside.but I wonder what she wants to show her.
I was still sitting outside waiting for Nora, it’s been over 20 minutes since she left with Bianca….. and I don’t even know the room she entered ….then I stood up and started searching …I was so worried….this is what I was telling Nora but she wouldn’t listen….
as I was still searching… I saw jace call and I quickly picked it and as I was trying to pick it….someone hits me from the back and I fell…..I turn to see the person, though my vision was blurr but I can still see…its was Mitchell
!MIT…..chelll….I said and fell to the ground

jace POV
the moment Mira scream… I became freeze..
all I could say was “Mira…are u there, can u hear me
” but I can hear a name From the background
who is Mitchell and where could Nora be??

(Abstract by author).
Nora was shown tied and unconscious after being drugged….
she was carried by some men into a car and also Mira too was put in the car.

Demi POV

good jobs guys…but do u know, jace almost saw me today but I quickly end down.
“oh no..poor Mira…she wasn’t supposed to be dragged in this but she is too nosey…

and our Darling Nora…just wait ask replace you in the miss world miss….then kill u and give your body to your darling boyfriend

” you guys should make sure , you keep an eye on them, do not allow them to wake up especially Nora, keep injecting her….
she will remain here until the pageant program its over…
“but boss…how will get signed in…Mitchell asked
“. I already have my plans, am going to call jace three days to the pageant programme and send a video of his darling Nora, and then tell him if he wants to see his girlfriend again, he should signed me up for the programme instead and I will release his girlfriend but if he fails then I will kill her, but trust me, I know he will obey…after that I will go for training for two days and contest for the show…and then the winner….I said as I Cork the gun .


as I was driving home, I saw a car driving so fast that everyone started clearing from the road, I wonder how someone will drive so fast, what if he caused an accident…

the car was speeding towards my direction…I wonder what will happen.

Bianca POV

while in the car we put Nora and Mira…Mira started moving her body , like she wants to wake up,
I turned to Mitchell to give the sleeping dose, but she look for it she couldn’t find it, she searched and searched but she still can’t find
“oh my gosh, be fast Mira will soon open her eyes.. I said
” am trying but I can’t find it..Mitchell said
“oh no demi must not find out,else she will have us killed… I said
” you what, driver please speed fast ,I mean very fast, we can’t risk these fools escaping, please be fast.. Mitchell said to the driver.
then the driver started driving very fast… I heard people shouting what kind of mad driver is this.
all of a sudden Mira woke up , as she open her, our eyes met…then she started dragging.. I tried to hold her hands
“Mitchell hit her…I Saida’s Mitchell tries to find the gun.
jace POV

as the driver was driving so fast towards me, I dive to the other side …

Mira POV
has I was dragging with Bianca, I saw jace car ahead, I kept on dragging her and I saw my best friend being tied together and unconscious..
” the moment the car was about to get to jace side… I tried my possible best to scream jace ….
I scream as loud as I can hear…hoping he will hear me…suddenly I felt a sharp object on my neck , immediately I was weak

moment the strange car drove past me, I heard someone called my name so loud…
its sound like a voice have known but it also sound weak.
I quickly geared my car but then car stops working,
“what’s happening?
I hit the car several times but it didn’t work..
all I need is to follow that car, who is that person, I hope Nora is OK…
I came down from the car and luckily I found a car…
” please stop, I need your help, I need to use your car…I said to the cab man…
“oh my..jace its you…no problem you can have it..the can man said
” look that’s my car over there…all the particulars are complete and they are all there…you can take it…I said and the cab man was so happy…
I quickly jump into the car and drove off, I hope I can still catch them.

Bianca POV
I look at the back several times to make sure jace isn’t following us, maybe he did not hear Mira’s voice the other time.
the only car I noticed was a cab car but isn’t jace car, so I doubt if it following us.
I have called demi and explain the situation to her and she said she will meet us at the site…
thank goodness we were able to keep Mira shut else she would have prove difficult.
jace POV
luckily for me, I was able to found them and started following, sometimes I will be fast and sometimes I pretended am driving the other way but will turn again to follow them.
finally they got to a place looking like a site….
I parked at a side and watch as they stop and started coming out…
“then suddenly I saw two girls, have seen one of them before…I think I remember now..
she came with Nora to the new York beauty pageantry..
oh my gosh…I said immediately I saw them carrying Nora… she was tied and unconscious… and then I saw Mira…oh my god…so it was Mira who called my name…
I quickly grab my phone and call the cops .

I came down from the car and started moving toward the building…then I started hearing noises…
I peeped and I was shock with the person an seeing
” DEMI!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god…she is the one behind all these… then suddenly the police siren was heard….
thank god they are finally here…no how will they escape.

I could feel my eyes gradually opening… I could hear people voice’s in my head….but my eyes wasn’t opened…
I was so weak in the within…I tried to shake my self but I think something held me down …like I was tied…
finally I manage to open my eyes… everything looks blur and strange …but then I struggle to move my body..
“she ‘s waking up…a voice said
that’s when I open my eyes clearly… oh my gosh…
what am I doing here…then I remembered that Bianca had called me inside a room and gave ma a drink , from then I became unconscious…
I opened my eyes very well…and looked around …I saw Bianca, Mitchell and demi…god!!
I am bing kidnap… then the police siren made me more conscious of the situation
” look… demi, the police are here… let’s run..Mitchell said
“no…not until I erased this bitch of a girl from the earth planet…demi said pointing at me…
“” oh my God…is she going to kill me?.. please let the police
come fast…
Bianca and demi were already anxious to run but demi was determined, she brought out her gun , cork it and point it straight to me…
“could this be the end of me…
I close my eyes as I await the shot..
suddenly I heard three different shot…
still with my eyes closed…
I wonder if am dead but I can still breath…with much anxiety I opened my eyes and saw jace on the floor, in poool of blood…demi is also down in pool of blood with Mitchell but Bianca was held captive by the police and Miranda was at my front losing the rope they tied me
I scream… please you have to wake up…I said immediately I ran to him
” you can’t leave me
“Nora…I can’t… am already weak, just know that I will always love you…no matter what , even if it means for me to die for me…he said as his blood was shaking , then it became dawn on me that he took the bullet for me.
the ambulance …arrived and carried him, I was with him in the car with Mira as the moments we spent together came flashing right in front of my eyes…
” please you have to fight for us….you are a fighter, remember you are my encourager, the world also needs you, you can’t give up now…I said to him…as I held his hands…
“he gave me a smile and nod…of course I will always be there for you…he said then he started closing his eyes…
” jace, jace,jace!!!!!!!!!

**********************************************************************************************”*****************************************There I was standing in front of great multitudes, as the most beautiful lady in the world with the award of miss world handed over to me…
tears of joy rushed down from my eyes…everyone taking my pic and different reporters coming to ask me different question.

then my heart skipped when I couldn’t find him in the crowd…
Mira came to the stage to meet, she hugged me so tight, my mom also was there, Sarah, Jessica my little sister, my dad and everyone was present… my joy knew no bound…
but I still feel bad , that he isn’t eyes became teary…then I saw him through the cloud, with a bouquet.. he looks so cute that ever…
yes he is my world…even death could separate us, even our enemies tried but they failed… he fought them back by all means…and he came back for me…
“I thought have lost him but he opened his eyes and said am back for you.
he can close to me and whisper in my ear I love you….
he called the attention of everyone and I wonder what he want to say… then suddenly he went on his knee and dip his hands in his pocket and brought out the most beautiful gold ring have ever seen , cave with my name in it…
then he said..” Nora William , my crazy beautiful black skin girl…. will I be my wife by saying to me….
oh my god….if someone had told me , this day will ever come , I will doubt it, but yes it was real , not my dream…
“I look a him and smile..then I scream….” YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….the loudest I can.
as I watch him slide the ring into my finger.

And to forget, I will always thank my Bestie friend Mira…she has been my back bone, she made all this possible, her words of advice made me what I am today.
yes also ….her own love story with James harry was greatly superb, don’t want to talk about it…let’s just end here.
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