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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – Episode 10


Nora POV

I can’t believe my eyes as I saw jace..
almost everyone try to take a pic of him,
he looks so gorgeous and cute and that killer smile ..
when he kissed my fore head , I just couldn’t say anything
when he said he missed me…I still did not say anything, I was just speechless..
it was Mira who hits me that bring me back to life
“you know you can’t just stare at me all day and saying nothing while I came here all for you…jace said and I smiled
” am sorry…I was just surprised.. I said
“surprised to see me, remember am always with u, he said and touched the necklace on me…I smile and hugged him
before I could blink my eyes, reporter are everywhere and even students are videoing , then I began to feel nervous….jace noticed it and
held my hands
do u mind if we take a walk…jace said and I nodded

as we left the cafeteria, reporters started asking questions as they keep following us..

” Mr jace …are u dating miss new York…one of the reporter asked, jace did not answer as we keep moving , his guards tries to push them away but they ain’t giving up,
“” miss demi, posted on the social media that you ditched her for miss new York(Nora) , is that true?? another reporter asked and this time jace stop, he turned back and look at the reporter who asked that question… his guards try to push them off but he stop them and said…”I will answer all of your questions but firstly let me start with the reporter who asked about demi.
“I never ditched demi, as u said but we separated because things were not working between us…jace said
” OK Mr jace, so can answer the first question.. which is” are u dating miss new York (Nora)…another reporter asked…this time heart beat raced fast, I wonder what he might say..I saw the way everyone eyes were on me,
what if he said no..but wait are we really dating…. I just can’t handle this
“common jace, don’t mind them let’s go…I said about going but jace dragged me back and said ….” no Nora.. I will have to answer them
my eyes popped out when he said that…
“now listen everyone here, including you reporters ….you all want to know if I and miss new York are dating right?
” yes …we are dating… and in fact am going to ask her out in front of you all…jace said and I open my mouth wide…is he really going to do this in front of everyone…
“look Nora… yes you might am crazy but yes am crazily in love and guess who am in love with…its you Nora, yes you Nora William, for the past few days you left…I feel so lonely and am not going to hide my feelings anymore…
Nora William ….please will u be my girlfriend…. jace said and tears started rushing out of my eyes…
I stood there not knowing what to say then Mira whisper in my ear ” won’t you give him an answer, he ison his knees…
“then I look at him and then to my school
mates and the reporters…
I breath in and said ” of course I will be your girlfriend jace….
“omg…the whole school shouted
” are u for real..jace asked
“of course…I am..
I said and jace lift me up from the ground and later drop me and then he brought his lips closer to mine but I was too shy
” jace people are here…I said
“and so…I don’t care if the people are here..they can watch if they like…he said and brought my face closer to his s he place his lips on mine…and then everyone started clapping…
unknown POV

as I watched everything that happen between jace and Nora and jace confessing his love to Nora…I just can’t believe it..
I quickly grab my phone and call my boss..
” hello boss..I said
“hello.. what’s the new development
” boss, jace came here to Nora school and confessed his feeling to her, and also the reporters are there and now its going to go viral ….I said
” no , that can’t happen, our whole plan will be ruin and Nora might be the next miss world… no it can’t….

now listen to me…my boss said
” what boss….I asked
I want her kidnapped within 72 hours….my boss said
“OK boss….but I will need some help…
” no problem… I will send some guys to help u carry our the work and I will also be coming to new town OK…my boss said
on boss…bye..I said and cut the call.


after calling my boss, I called someone else again,
hello..I said
were you able to make up with her and now the mission start now, boss wants us to kidnap her within 72 hours…so make sure you are able to get her..I said and cut the call..

I hope all this works, I just can’t wait to get rid of Nora.

Nora POV

Nora, I have a surprise for u..jace said and I smile
“what other surprise can be more than you visiting me…I said
” ummm…guess what??..jace said
“” what?? not really good at guessing
” I signed you for the next miss world pageant …jace said…and I screamed..even Mira also scream
“wait are u for real…I asked
” of course I am and do u know this year own is for going to be mr and miss world…and we are both contesting …
“oh my god…I said as I hug jace..thank you so much
” now your training will start and this time it will at my training home(jace young model home).
“oh my god..Nora you are lucky but what about me jace..Mira asked keeping puppy face..
” of course.. I have a job for you, you are going to be I and nora manger…jace said
“oh my…god …jace are u serious…Mira asked
” of course I know you are my secret girlfriend… jace said and we all laughed
“ummm….please don’t make Nora jealous oh…Mira said and I hit her
” now your training commenced a day after tomorrow… jace said and I was so happy , I can’t wait to give my mom this great news
the rest of the day was fun with jace around and Mira, he waited for my classes to be over, and he took me home , when my mom and siblings especially Sarah saw jace they were just screaming… I called them earlier to tell them I will be bringing somebody to the house but I never told them it was jace, so when they saw him , they were all surprised and even jace was happy , he played with each of them as though they were his family. he is really cute and friendly.

it was already late in the night when Bianca came over to my house, I was so surprise, she said she heard that jace came to visit him, so I should give her the full gist…then I did not think twice before downloading everything to her.
“wow!! you are really lucky nora,I wish I could be this lucky… Bianca said and I smiled.
” Nora please I want to ask u for a favour..Bianca said
“what’s that…I asked
” please there will be a party at my house next tomorrow… please I will love you to come, I really want to show all my friends that I know miss new York and that you are my friend… Bianca said..
“oh no problem …I said but then I remembered my training will start that same day…how am I going to do this…
” Bianca what time is the party…
“its 12 noon till 3pm…bianca said
” oh no problem… I will make it training is by
4pm to 7pm…
(within me)
I will not tell Mira, she tell me not to go, and also I will not inform jace, I don’t want him to be stressed out…I will just go and return before 3…after all..Bianca is not bad..she is not like Mitchell…I said within me as I start making plans for the day.

unknown POVs

oh poor Nora…how I wish she knows that she won’t return back home…
all this is a trap…

the unknown face was revealed… a very young beautiful lady…wig the cutest smile ever ….
smiling devilishly…. then another young lady joined her…they were both laughing out loud…
it turn out to be Bianca and Mitchell..😱😱😱😱

“well done…Bianca… now our mission will soon be accomplished…
by this time tomorrow… boss will be with us.

Nora William… watch out

Nora POV
I woke up as early as I could, remembering that today is Bianca party day ,
I dressed up , and ready to go, then suddenly Mira show up..
” oh god….what will I do now…
“where are u going to, this early and already dressed… Mira asked
” emm…m..ummm… going..I was saying when Mira cut me off
“don’t even try to lie… and why are u putting on your miss new York tag…Mira asked again.
” oh god what will I say now…I started blinking my eyes…then my phone rang…I looked at it ,it was Bianca
“who is calling you?… Mira asked.
I started moving backwards… but Mira keep coming closer, and drag my phone…then check the caller..
” Bianca!!!… Mira shout and then my phone beep as a message enter, …Mira checked it and read it out loud….
“” Nora.. are u still coming for the party..that was the message Bianca sent…
“Nora.. which party are u going for Mira asked????
“oh gosh this is freeze point, I will have to tell her everything then maybe find a way to convinced her so that she can follow me to the party.


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