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The Black Skin Girl – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]

The Black Skin Girl

The Black Skin Girl

(Am not beautiful )


Being the second child of the family and also the only one with a black skin whereas her siblings are white and their skin colour looks great though they black Americans but she has the greatest dark colour..Nora hated herself so much….
She curse destiny each day for making her this way, she is always intimidated by her siblings and always get teased and mocked at school..
She never sees as herself as being beautiful but rather she sees herself as the ugly one whom no one will want to associate with..
Sometimes she wonders if truly , the people who gave to her are her real parents..
She always say”I am not beautiful)

But what happens when she won the modelling competition in her school and also her star shines as she wins the miss world pageant..
She got to meet her life crush.., jace the world best male model and the dream of every girl .

Find out more about Nora in the amazing story..
story tells us more about appreciating ourselves and also we should never limit ourselves maybe because of your shape, complexion or even your height…
I just want you to know that you are special and unique the way you are…

Don’t miss it, am starting this weekend..
@Author mercy

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