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The Billionaire’s Secret Heartthrob – Episode 22 [Completed]

The billionaire's secret heartthrob

The billionaire’s secret heartthrob

They lay in silence for few minutes. She had never felt this free, so alive. Dean was everything to her.

‘I love you’ he moved closer to her and dropped a kiss on her lips.

‘I adore you’ she whispered with a smile.
‘You look different…’ Dean stared at her enlarged and creamy boobs and the additional flesh of her hips.

‘I…don’t know…’ Toke’s smile faded, the wave of o—-m had disappeared, she was not faced with the problem she had swept under the carpet before their lovemaking.
‘I miss you.’ He dropped a light kiss on a n—-e.

‘Me too…’ she held her breath as his lips ignited her once more, she could make love to him all night, she just could not get tired of loving him, he was the beast that conquered her desires and she was always willing to surrender.

‘I would love for us to go on a vacation, we need to spend more time together, I don’t want work to get in between us.’ Dean suggested.

‘That’s not a bad idea.’ She nodded though her mind was with him, but she was far away, when would she tell him about the pregnancy?

‘Nice, maybe after that we get married and have our own kids, live together, happily forever after.’ Dean replaced his lips with his fingers as he began to draw imaginary circles on her boobs.

Her heart jolted at the mention of kids, so he wanted kids after all?

‘That’s a beautiful dream.’ Tears stung her eyes as she realized she had misjudged him, Emma was right, Dean was a welcoming man.

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‘We have never talked about marriage deeply, what are your expectations of me?’ Dean stopped the circling; it was time to get serious.

Her brows furrowed together as she pondered on his question, what was her expectations of him?

What more did she want from this man that he had not already shown to her?

Dean Legacy was a humble man; he was hardworking and he believed in honesty; he was generous with his wealth and never for once did he look down on his employees; he was great in bed and in the kitchen too.
‘Nothing, you’re enough for me.’ She was pleased to have this man in her life.
‘Then why don’t you want us to get married, from your answer, I am perfect for you. Why do you keep running away from what was meant to be?’

She could not control the tears, gently, they spiralled down her lovely face. This was it, she could not hold unto the secret anymore. She was hurting him indirectly by blocking him out from her fears and she didn’t want him to feel that way.

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Dean had not broken her heart and he had promised never to, so why hurt him by keeping the secret to herself?

He knew she was crying, he could see the tears, but he restrained himself from comforting her.

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‘There’s something I must tell you Dean. I am sorry I kept it from you. I was just afraid you wouldn’t like the news, I totally misjudged you.’ She played with her fingers, not able to meet his gaze.

She paused, hoping he would say a word to spur her on, but he didn’t.
‘I am pregnant Dean.’

A strange quietness danced into the room, it took charge of the atmosphere.

She wondered if he had not heard her, ‘did you hear me? I am pregnant.’

He said nothing, he took a deep breath, he felt like laughing but he controlled the urge, ‘I know’, he said flatly.

‘You knew? But how?’ Toke could see why he was not thrilled by the news.

‘Emma!’ She rolled her eyes, her sister had been up to something. She blushed as she remembered Emma’s last statement before she drove away in the car. She had ended up making love to Dean another time, which was more pleasurable than the best. It seemed their sex life was getting better each day.

‘Why on earth would you think I’d reject this baby? You underestimate my love for you Toke…you don’t know what you mean to me.’ He shook his head in disappointment.
‘I am so sorry honey, I was just confused and scared, this is my first time you know…’ She quickly grabbed his hands, hoping he’d forgive her.

‘I was an only child and I felt the vacuum of not having siblings, I love children Toke, I love them very much. Children are a blessing from God.’ He planted a kiss on her cheeks, feeling proud to have her as the mother of his firstborn.

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She was suddenly excited about the child that was growing inside of her.
‘What if it is a girl? I love baby girls’
‘If she is a girl, she would be as beautiful and smart as you and we would call her Deana’ he reached for her belly and began to caress it.

‘And a boy?’ Toke asked smiling, loving the feel of his angelic hands on her tummy, they had soothing effect. An indescribable but sweet feeling came from the work of his hands.

‘Dean’ he stopped rubbing her belly.
‘Are you still mad at me?’ She noticed he was not smiling. His facial muscles were pulled together constricting all his features.
‘Yes, but you can pacify me by making love to me all night.’ He winked.

‘You just offered a challenge, I would accept it.’ Toke licked her lips seductively, she pressed her hands firmly on his laps, then they travelled slowly till she found his c–k.
‘I can hardly wait.’ Dean groaned as her fingers tickled his male member.

‘Me too…’ she laughed.
‘Hahaha,’ she laughed, it was the laughter of a woman in love and he loved the sound of her voice, it brought fire to his bones.
‘I love you Toke Melaye.’ He stared deeply into her eyes.

‘I love you too…Mr. Billionaire.’

The End

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